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Audio - The Sirens of Time
The Sirens of Time
(Nicholas Briggs)
Audio - Phantasmagoria
(Mark Gatiss)
Audio - Whispers of Terror
Whispers of Terror
(Justin Richards)
Audio - Land of the Dead
Land of the Dead
(Stephen Cole)
JUL 99
OCT 99
NOV 99
JAN 00

Audio - The Fearmonger
The Fearmonger
(Jonathan Blum)
Audio - The Marian Conspiracy
The Marian Conspiracy
(Jacqueline Rayner)
Audio - Dalek Empire: The Genocide Machine
The Genocide Machine
(Mike Tucker)
Audio - Red Dawn
Red Dawn
(Justin Richards)
FEB 00
MAR 00
APR 00
MAY 00

Audio - The Spectre of Lanyon Moor
The Spectre of Lanyon Moor
(Nicholas Pegg)
Audio - Winter for the Adept
Winter for the Adept
(Andrew Cartmel)
Audio - Dalek Empire: The Apocalypse Element
The Apocalypse Element
(Stephen Cole)
Audio - The Fires of Vulcan
The Fires of Vulcan
(Steve Lyons)
JUN 00
JUL 00
AUG 00
SEP 00

Audio - The Shadow of the Scourge
The Shadow of the Scourge
(Paul Cornell)
Audio - The Holy Terror
The Holy Terror
(Rob Shearman)
Audio - The Mutant Phase
The Mutant Phase
(Nicholas Briggs)
Audio - Storm Warning
Storm Warning
(Alan Barnes)
OCT 00
NOV 00
DEC 00
JAN 01

Audio - Sword of Orion
Sword of Orion
(Nicholas Briggs)
Audio - The Stones of Venice
The Stones of Venice
(Paul Magrs)
Audio - Minuet in Hell
Minuet in Hell
(Alan W Lear
and Gary Russell)
Audio - Loups-Garoux
(Marc Platt)
FEB 01
MAR 01
APR 01
MAY 01

Audio - Dust Breeding
Dust Breeding
(Mike Tucker)
Audio - Bloodtide
(Jonathan Morris)
Audio - Project: Twilight
Project: Twilight
(Cavan Scott & Mark Wright)
Audio - The Eye of the Scorpion
The Eye of the Scorpion
(Iain McLaughlin)
JUN 01
JUL 01
AUG 01
SEP 01

Audio - Colditz
(Steve Lyons)
Audio - Primeval
(Lance Parkin)
Audio - The One Doctor
The One Doctor
(Gareth Roberts & Clayton Hickman)
Audio - Invaders from Mars
Invaders from Mars
(Mark Gatiss)
OCT 01
NOV 01
DEC 01
JAN 02

Audio - The Chimes of Midnight
The Chimes of Midnight
(Robert Shearman)
Audio - Seasons of Fear
Seasons of Fear
(Paul Cornell and Caroline Symcox)
Audio - Embrace the Darkness
Embrace the Darkness
(Nicholas Briggs)
Audio - The Time of the Daleks
The Time of the Daleks
(Justin Richards)
FEB 02
MAR 02
APR 02
MAY 02

Audio - Neverland
(Alan Barnes)
Audio - Spare Parts
Spare Parts
(Marc Platt)
Audio - …ish
(Phil Pascoe)
Audio - The Rapture
The Rapture
(Iain McLaughlin)
JUL 02
AUG 02
AUG 02
SEP 02

Audio - The Sandman
The Sandman
(Simon A Forward)
Audio - The Church and the Crown
The Church and the Crown
(Cavan Scott and Mark Wright)
Audio - Bang-Bang-A-Boom!
(Gareth Roberts & Clayton Hickman)
Audio - Jubilee
(Robert Shearman)
OCT 02
NOV 02
DEC 02
JAN 03

Audio - Nekromanteia
(Austen Atkinson)
Audio - The Dark Flame
The Dark Flame
(Trevor Baxendale)
Audio - Doctor Who and the Pirates
Doctor Who and the Pirates
(Jaqueline Rayner)
Audio - Creatures of Beauty
Creatures of Beauty
(Nicholas Briggs)
FEB 03
MAR 03
APR 03
MAY 03

Audio - Project: Lazarus
Project: Lazarus
(Cavan Scott Wright and Mark Wright)
Audio - Project: Lazarus
Project: Lazarus
(Cavan Scott Wright and Mark Wright)
Audio - Flip-Flop
(Jonathan Morris)
Audio - Omega
(Nev Fountain)
JUN 03
JUN 03
JUL 03
AUG 03

Audio - Davros
(Lance Parkin)
Audio - Master
(Joseph Lidster)
Audio - Zagreus
(Alan Barnes and Gary Russell)
Audio - The Wormery
The Wormery
(Stephen Cole and Paul Magrs)
SEP 03
OCT 03
NOV 03
NOV 03

Audio - Scherzo
(Robert Shearman)
Audio - The Creed of the Kromon
The Creed of the Kromon
(Philip Martin)
Audio - The Natural History of Fear
The Natural History of Fear
(Jim Mortimore)
Audio - The Twilight Kingdom
The Twilight Kingdom
(Will Shindler)
DEC 03
JAN 04
FEB 04
MAR 04

Audio - The Axis of Insanity
The Axis of Insanity
(Simon Furman)
Audio - Arrangements for War
Arrangements for War
(Paul Sutton)
Audio - The Harvest
The Harvest
(Dan Abnett)
Audio - The Roof of the World
The Roof of the World
(Adrian Rigelsford)
APR 04
MAY 04
JUN 04
JUL 04

Audio - Medicinal Purposes
Medicinal Purposes
(Robert Ross)
Audio - Faith Stealer
Faith Stealer
(Graham Duff)
Audio - The Last
The Last
(Gary Hopkins)
Audio - Caerdroia
(Lloyd Rose)
AUG 04
SEP 04
OCT 04
NOV 04

Audio - Caerdroia
(10th Planet Cover)
(Lloyd Rose)
Audio - The Next Life
The Next Life
(Alan Barnes & Gary Russell)
Audio - The Juggernauts
The Juggernauts
(Scott Alan Woodard)
Audio - The Game
The Game
(Darin Henry)
NOV 04
DEC 04
JAN 05
FEB 05

Audio - Dreamtime
(Simon A. Forward)
Audio - Catch-1782
(Alison Lawson)
Audio - Three’s a Crowd
Three’s a Crowd
(Colin Brake)
Audio - Unregenerate!
(David A. McIntee)
MAR 05
APR 05
MAY 05
JUN 05

Audio - The Council of Nicaea
The Council of Nicaea
(Caroline Symcox)
Audio - Terror Firma
Terror Firma
(Joseph Lidster)
Audio - Thicker Than Water
Thicker Than Water
(Paul Sutton)
Audio - LIVE 34
(James Parsons & Andrew Stirling-Brown)
JUL 05
AUG 05
SEP 05
SEP 05

Audio - Scaredy Cat
Scaredy Cat
(Will Shindler)
Audio - Singularity
(James Swallow)
Audio - Singularity
(10th Planet Cover)
(James Swallow)
Audio - Other Lives
Other Lives
(Gary Hopkins)
OCT 05
NOV 05
NOV 05
DEC 05

Audio - Pier Pressure
Pier Pressure
(Robert Ross)
Audio - Night Thoughts
Night Thoughts
(Ed Young)
Audio - Time Works
Time Works
(Steve Lyons)
Audio - The Kingmaker
The Kingmaker
(Nev Fountain)
JAN 06
FEB 06
MAR 06
APR 06

Audio - The Settling
The Settling
(Simon Guerrier)
Audio - Something Inside
Something Inside
(Trevor Baxendale)
Audio - The Nowhere Place
The Nowhere Place
(Nicholas Briggs)
Audio - Red
(Stewart Sheargold)
MAY 06
JUN 06
JUL 06
AUG 06

Audio - The Reaping
The Reaping
(Joseph Lidster)
Audio - The Gathering
The Gathering
(Joseph Lidster)
Audio - Memory Lane
Memory Lane
(Eddie Robson)
Audio - No Man's Land
No Man's Land
(Martin Day)
SEP 06
SEP 06
OCT 06
NOV 06

Audio - The Year of the Pig
The Year of the Pig
(Matthew Sweet)
Audio - Circular Time
Circular Time
(Paul Cornell & Mike Maddox)
Audio - Nocturne
(John Ainsworth)
Audio - Renaissance of the Daleks
Renaissance of the Daleks
(Stephen Hawking)
DEC 06
JAN 07
FEB 07
MAR 07

Audio - I.D. and Urgent Calls
I.D. and Urgent Calls
(Eddie Robson)
Audio - Exotron and Urban Myths
Exotron and Urban Myths
(Paul Sutton)
Audio - Valhalla
(Marc Platt)
Audio - The Wishing Beast and The Vanity Box
The Wishing Beast and The Vanity Box
(Paul Magrs)
APR 07
MAY 07
JUN 07
JUL 07

Audio - Frozen Time
Frozen Time
(Nicholas Briggs)
Audio - Son of the Dragon
Son of the Dragon
(Steve Lyons)
Audio - 100
(Robert Shearman, Joseph Lidster, Jacqueline Rayner and Paul Cornell)
Audio - Absolution
(Scott Alan Woodard)
AUG 07
SEP 07
SEP 07
OCT 07

Audio - The Mind's Eye and Mission of the Viyrans
Mind's Eye and Mission of the Viyrans

(Colin Brake & Nicholas Briggs)
Audio - The Girl Who Never Was
The Girl Who Never Was
(Alan Barnes)
Audio - The Bride of Peladon
The Bride of Peladon
(Barnaby Edwards)
Audio - The Condemned
The Condemned
(Eddie Robson)
NOV 07
DEC 07
JAN 08
FEB 08

Audio - The Dark Husband
The Dark Husband
(David Quantick)
Audio - The Haunting of Thomas Brewster
The Haunting of Thomas Brewster
(Jonathan Morris)
Audio - Assassin in the Limelight
Assassin in the Limelight
(Robert Ross)
Audio - The Death Collectors and Spider's Shadow
The Death Collectors and Spider's Shadow
(Robert Ross)
MAR 08
APR 08
MAY 08
JUN 08

Audio - The Boy That Time Forgot
The Boy That Time Forgot
(Paul Magrs)
Audio - The Doomwood Curse
The Doomwood Curse
(Jacqueline Rayner)
Audio - Kingdom of Silver and Keepsake
Kingdom of Silver and Keepsake
(James Swallow)
Audio - Time Reef and A Perfect World
Time Reef and A Perfect World
(Marc Platt & Jonathan Morris)
JUL 08
AUG 08
SEP 08
SEP 08

Audio - Brotherhood of the Daleks
Brotherhood of the Daleks
(Alan Barnes)
Audio - Forty-Five
(Mark Morris, Nick Scovell, Mark Michalowski & Steven Hall)
Audio - The Raincloud Man
The Raincloud Man
(Eddie Robson)
Audio - The Judgement of Isskar
The Judgement of Isskar
(Simon Guerrier)
OCT 08
NOV 08
DEC 08
JAN 09

Audio - The Destroyer of Delights
The Destroyer of Delights
(Jonathan Clements)
Audio - The Chaos Pool
The Chaos Pool
(Peter Anghelides)
Audio - The Magic Mousetrap
The Magic Mousetrap
(Matthew Sweet)
Audio - Enemy of the Daleks
Enemy of the Daleks
(David Bishop)
FEB 09
MAR 09
APR 09
MAY 09

Audio - The Angel of Scutari
The Angel of Scutari
(Paul Sutton)
Audio - The Company of Friends
The Company of Friends
(Lance Parkin, Stephen Cole, Alan Barnes & Jonathan Morris)
Audio - Patient Zero
Patient Zero
(Nicholas Briggs)
Audio - Paper Cuts
Paper Cuts
(Marc Platt)
JUN 09
JUL 09
AUG 09
SEP 09

Audio - Blue Forgotten Planet
Blue Forgotten Planet
(Nicholas Briggs)
Audio - Castle of Fear
Castle of Fear
(Alan Barnes)
Audio - The Eternal Summer
The Eternal Summer
(Jonathan Morris)
Audio - Plague of the Daleks
Plague of the Daleks
(Mark Morris)
SEP 09
OCT 09
NOV 09
DEC 09

Audio - A Thousand Tiny Wings
A Thousand Tiny Wings
(Andy Lane)
Audio - Survival of the Fittest and Klein’s Story
Survival of the Fittest and Klein’s Story
(Jonathan Clements)
Audio - The Architects of History
The Architects of History
(Steve Lyons)
Audio - City of Spires
City of Spires
(Simon Bovey)
JAN 10
FEB 10
MAR 10
APR 10

Audio - The Wreck of the Titan
The Wreck of the Titan
(Barnaby Edwards)
Audio - Legend of the Cybermen
Legend of the Cybermen
(Mike Maddox)
Audio - Cobwebs
(Jonathan Morris)
Audio - The Whispering Forest
The Whispering Forest
(Stephen Cole)
MAY 10
JUN 10
JUL 10
AUG 10

Audio - The Cradle of the Snake
The Cradle of the Snake
(Marc Platt)
Audio - Project: Destiny
Project: Destiny
(Cavan Scott and Mark Wright)
Audio - A Death in the Family
A Death in the Family
(Steven Hall)
Audio - Lurkers at Sunlight's Edge
Lurkers at Sunlight's Edge
(Marty Ross)
SEP 10
SEP 10
OCT 10
NOV 10

Audio - The Demons of Red Lodge and Other Stories
The Demons of Red Lodge and Other Stories
(Jason Arnopp, Rick Briggs, William Gallagher and John Dorney)
Audio - The Crimes of Thomas Brewster
The Crimes of Thomas Brewster
(Jonathan Morris)
Audio - The Feast of Axos
The Feast of Axos
(Mike Maddox)
Audio - Industrial Evolution
Industrial Evolution
(Eddie Robson)
DEC 10
JAN 11
FEB 11
MAR 11

Audio - Heroes of Sontar
Heroes of Sontar
(Alan Barnes)
Audio - Kiss of Death
Kiss of Death
(Stephen Cole)
Audio - Rat Trap
Rat Trap
(Tony Lee)
Audio - Robophobia
(Nicholas Briggs)
APR 11
MAY 11
JUN 11
JUL 11

Audio - Recorded Time and Other Stories
Recorded Time and Other Stories
(Catherine Harvey, Richard Dinnick, Matt Fitton and Philip Lawrence)
Audio - The Doomsday Quatrain
The Doomsday Quatrain
(Emma Beeby and Gordon Rennie)
Audio - House of Blue Fire
House of Blue Fire
(Mark Morris)
Audio - The Silver Turk
The Silver Turk
(Marc Platt)
AUG 11
SEP 11
SEP 11
OCT 11

Audio - The Witch From the Well
The Witch From the Well
(Rick Briggs)
Audio - Army of Death
Army of Death
(Jason Arnopp)
Audio - The Curse of Davros
The Curse of Davros
(Jonathan Morris)
Audio - The Fourth Wall
The Fourth Wall
(John Dorney)
NOV 11
DEC 11
JAN 12
FEB 12

Audio - Wirrn Isle
Wirrn Isle
(William Gallagher)
Audio - The Emerald Tiger
The Emerald Tiger
(Barnaby Edwards)
Audio - The Jupiter Conjunction
The Jupiter Conjunction
(Eddie Robson)
Audio - The Butcher of Brisbane
The Butcher of Brisbane
(Marc Platt)
MAR 12
APR 12
MAY 12
JUN 12

Audio - Protect and Survive
Protect and Survive
(Jonathan Morris)
Audio - Black and White
Black and White
(Matt Fitton)
Audio - Gods and Monsters
Gods and Monsters
(Mike Maddox and Alan Barnes)
Audio - The Burning Prince
The Burning Prince
(John Dorney)
JUL 12
AUG 12
SEP 12
SEP 12

Audio - The Acheron Pulse
The Acheron Pulse
(Rick Briggs)
Audio - The Shadow Heart
The Shadow Heart
(Jonathan Morris)
Audio - 1001 Nights
1001 Nights
(Emma Beeby, Gordon Rennie, Jonathan Barnes and Catherine Harvey)
Audio - The Wrong Doctors
The Wrong Doctors
(Matt Fitton)
OCT 12
NOV 12
DEC 12
JAN 13

Audio - Spaceport Fear
Spaceport Fear
(William Gallagher)
Audio - The Seeds of War
The Seeds of War
(Matt Fitton and Nicholas Briggs)
Audio - Eldrad Must Die!
Eldrad Must Die!
(Marc Platt)
Audio - The Lady of Mercia
The Lady of Mercia
(Paul Magrs)
FEB 13
MAR 13
APR 13
MAY 13

Audio - Prisoners of Fate
Prisoners of Fate
(Jonathan Morris)
Audio - Persuasion
(Jonathan Barnes)
Audio - Starlight Robbery
Starlight Robbery
(Matt Fitton)
Audio - Daleks Among Us
Daleks Among Us
(Alan Barnes)
JUN 13
JUL 13
AUG 13
SEP 13

Audio - 1963: Fanfare for the Common Men
1963: Fanfare for the Common Men
(Eddie Robson)
Audio - 1963: The Space Race
1963: The Space Race
(Jonathan Morris)
Audio - 1963: The Assassination Games
1963: The Assassination Games
(John Dorney)
Audio - Afterlife
(Matt Fitton)
SEP 13
OCT 13
NOV 13
DEC 13

Audio - Antidote to Oblivion
Antidote to Oblivion
(Philip Martin)
Audio - The Brood of Erys
The Brood of Erys
(Andrew Smith)
Audio - Scavenger
(William Gallagher)
Audio - Moonflesh
(Mark Morris)
JAN 14
FEB 14
MAR 14
APR 14

Audio - Tomb Ship
Tomb Ship
(Gordon Rennie and Emma Beeby)
Audio - Masquerade
(Stephen Cole)
Audio - Breaking Bubbles and Other Stories
Breaking Bubbles and Other Stories
(LM Myles, Mark Ravenhill, Una McCormack & Nev Fountain)
Audio - Revenge of the Swarm
Revenge of the Swarm
(Jonathan Morris)
MAY 14
JUN 14
JUL 14
AUG 14

Audio - Mask of Tragedy
Mask of Tragedy
(James Goss)
Audio - Signs and Wonders
Signs and Wonders
(Matt Fitton)
Audio - The Widow's Assassin
The Widow's Assassin
(Nev Fountain)
Audio - Masters of Earth
Masters of Earth
(Mark Wright and Cavan Scott)
SEP 14
SEP 14
OCT 14
NOV 14

Audio - The Rani Elite
The Rani Elite
(Justin Richards)
Audio - Mistfall
(Andrew Smith)
Audio - Equilibrium
(Matt Fitton)
Audio - The Entropy Plague
The Entropy Plague
(Jonathan Morris)
DEC 14
JAN 15
FEB 15
MAR 15

Audio - The Defectors
The Defectors
(Nicholas Briggs)
Audio - Last of the Cybermen
Last of the Cybermen
(Alan Barnes)
Audio - The Secret History
The Secret History
(Eddie Robson)
Audio - We Are the Daleks
We Are the Daleks
(Jonathan Morris)
APR 15
MAY 15
JUN 15
JUL 15

Audio - The Warehouse
The Warehouse
(Mike Tucker)
Audio - Terror of the Sontarans
Terror of the Sontarans
(John Dorney and Dan Starkey)
Audio - Criss-Cross
(Matt Fitton)
Audio - Planet of the Rani
Planet of The Rani
(Marc Platt)
AUG 15
SEP 15
SEP 15
OCT 15

Audio - Shield of the Jötunn
Shield of the Jötunn
(Ian Edginton)
Audio - You Are the Doctor and Other Stories
You Are the Doctor and Other Stories
(John Dorney, Jamie Anderson, Christopher Cooper and Matthew Elliott)
Audio - The Waters of Amsterdam
The Waters of Amsterdam
(Jonathan Morris)
Audio - Aquitaine
(Simon Barnard and Paul Morris)
NOV 15
DEC 15
JAN 16
FEB 16

Audio - The Peterloo Massacre
The Peterloo Massacre
(Paul Magrs)
Audio - And You Will Obey Me
And You Will Obey Me
(Alan Barnes)
Audio - Vampire of the Mind
Vampire of the Mind
(Justin Richards)
Audio - The Two Masters
The Two Masters
(John Dorney)
MAR 16
APR 16
MAY 16
JUN 16

Audio - A Life of Crime
A Life of Crime
(Matt Fitton)
Audio - Fiesta of the Damned
Fiesta of the Damned
(Guy Adams)
Audio - Maker of Demons
Maker of Demons
(Matthew J Elliott)
Audio - The Memory Bank and Other Stories
The Memory Bank and Other Stories
(Chris Chapman, Paul Magrs, Eddie Robson and Ian Potter)
JUL 16
AUG 16
SEP 16
OCT 16

Audio - Order of the Daleks
Order of the Daleks
(Mike Tucker)
Audio - Absolute Power
Absolute Power
(Jamie Anderson)
Audio - Quicksilver
(Matt Fitton)
Audio - The Star Men
The Star Men
(Andrew Smith)
NOV 16
DEC 16
DEC 16
JAN 17

Audio - The Contingency Club
The Contingency Club
(Phil Mulryne)
Audio - Zaltys
(Matthew J Elliott)
Audio - Alien Heart/Dalek Soul
Alien Heart/Dalek Soul
(Stephen Cole and Guy Adams)
Audio - Vortex Ice/Cortex Fire
Vortex Ice/Cortex Fire
(Jonathan Morris and Ian Potter)
FEB 17
MAR 17
APR 17
MAY 17

Audio - Shadow Planet/World Apart
Shadow Planet/World Apart
(AK Benedict and Scott Handcock)
Audio - The High Price of Parking
The High Price of Parking
(John Dorney)
Audio - The Blood Furnace
The Blood Furnace
(Eddie Robson)
Audio - The Silurian Candidate
The Silurian Candidate
(Matthew J Elliott)
JUN 17
JUL 17
AUG 17
SEP 17

Audio - Time in Office
Time in Office
(Eddie Robson)
Audio - The Behemoth
The Behemoth
(Marc Platt)
Audio - The Middle
The Middle
(Chris Chapman)
Audio - Static
(Jonathan Morris)
SEP 17
OCT 17
NOV 17
DEC 17

Audio - Kingdom of Lies
Kingdom of Lies
(Robert Khan and Tom Salinsky)
Audio - Ghost Walk
Ghost Walk
(James Goss)
Audio - Serpent in the Silver Mask
Serpent in the Silver Mask
(David Llewellyn)
Audio - The Helliax Rift
The Helliax Rift
(Scott Handcock)
JAN 18
FEB 18
MAR 18
APR 18

Audio - The Lure of the Nomad
The Lure of the Nomad
(Matthew J Elliott)
Audio - Iron Bright
Iron Bright
(Chris Chapman)
Audio - Hour of the Cybermen
Hour of the Cybermen
(Andrew Smith)
Audio - Red Planets
Red Planets
(Una McCormack)
MAY 18
JUN 18
JUL 18
AUG 18

Audio - The Dispossessed
The Dispossessed
(Mark Morris)
Audio - The Quantum Possibility Engine
The Quantum Possibility Engine
(Guy Adams)
Audio - Warlock's Cross
Warlock's Cross
(Steve Lyons)
Audio - Muse of Fire
Muse of Fire
(Paul Magrs)
SEP 18
OCT 18
NOV 18
DEC 18

Audio - The Hunting Ground
The Hunting Ground
(AK Benedict)
Audio - Devil in the Mist
Devil in the Mist
(Cavan Scott)
Audio - Black Thursday/Power Game
Black Thursday/Power Game
(Jamie Anderson and Eddie Robson)
Audio - The Kamelion Empire
The Kamelion Empire
(Jonathan Morris)
DEC 18
JAN 19
FEB 19
MAR 19

Audio - The Monsters of Gokroth
The Monsters of Gokroth
(Matt Fitton)
Audio - The Moons of Vulpana
The Moons of Vulpana
(Emma Reeves)
Audio - An Alien Werewolf in London
An Alien Werewolf in London
(Alan Barnes)
Audio - Memories of a Tyrant
Memories of a Tyrant
(Roland Moore)
APR 19
MAY 19
JUN 19
JUL 19

Audio - Emissary of the Daleks
Emissary of the Daleks
(Andrew Smith)
Audio - Harry Houdini's War
Harry Houdini's War
(Steve Lyons)
Audio - Tartarus
(David Llewellyn)
Audio - Interstitial/Feast of Fear
Interstitial/Feast of Fear
(Martyn Waites and Carl Rowens)
AUG 19
SEP 19
SEP 19
OCT 19

Audio - Warzone/Conversion
(Guy Adams and Chris Chapman)
Audio - Blood on Santa's Claw and Other Stories
Blood on Santa's Claw and Other Stories
(Alan Terigo, Susan Dennom, Andrew Lias and Nev Fountain)
Audio - Dark Universe
Dark Universe
(Guy Adams)
Audio - The Psychic Circus
The Psychic Circus
(Stephen Wyatt)
NOV 19
DEC 19
JAN 20
FEB 20

Audio - Subterfuge
(Helen Goldwyn)
Audio - Cry of the Vultriss
Cry of the Vultriss
(Darren Jones)
Audio - Scorched Earth

Scorched Earth
(Chris Chapman)

Audio - The Lovecraft Invasion

The Lovecraft Invasion
(Robert Valentine)

MAR 20
APR 20
MAY 20
JUL 20

Audio - Time Apart

Time Apart
(Jacqueline Rayner, Kate Thorman, Tommy Donbav and Steve Lyons)

Audio - Thin Time/Madquake

Thin Time/Madquake
(Dan Abnett and Guy Adams)

Audio - The Flying Dutchman/Displaced
The Flying Dutchman/Displaced
(Katharine Armitage and Gemma Arrowsmith)
Audio - Shadow of the Daleks 1
Shadow of the Daleks 1
(James Kettle, Jonathan Morris, Simon Guerrier and Dan Starkey)
JUL 20
AUG 20
SEP 20
OCT 20

Audio - Shadow of the Daleks 2
Shadow of the Daleks 2
(Jonathan Barnes, Roland Moore, Lizzie Hopley and John Dorney)
Audio - Plight of the Pimpernel
Plight of the Pimpernel
(Chris Chapman)
Audio - The Grey Man of the Mountain
The Grey Man of the Mountain
(Lizbeth Myles)
Audio - Colony of Fear
Colony of Fear
(Roland Moore)
NOV 20
DEC 20
DEC 20
JAN 21

Audio - The Blazing Hour
The Blazing Hour
(James Kettle)
Audio - The End of the Beginning
The End of the Beginning
(Robert Valentine)
FEB 21
MAR 21

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