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Audio - The Monsters of Gokroth
The Monsters of Gokroth
(Matt Fitton)
The people of Gokroth live in fear of the monsters in the forest. Creatures with scales and fur, teeth and claws. But worse than these, perhaps, is the strange doctor who does unspeakable, unholy work in the high castle on the mountain…

A doctor who’s about to receive a visit from an off-worlder. Mags, formerly of the Psychic Circus. A native of the planet Vulpana… with a monstrous secret of her own.


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  • Featuring the Seventh Doctor
  • Number of Episodes: 4
  • Cover Length: 120 minutes
  • Episode Lengths: 1 = 28'05", 2 = 30'39", 3 = 29'57", 4 = 30'38"
  • Total Length: 119'19"
  • Also features 26 minutes of credits, trailers, music and special behind-the-scenes interviews with the cast and producers.
  • Cover Illustration: Tom Webster
  • Recorded: 23rd and 24th October 2018
  • Recording Location: The Moat Studios
  • Released: April 2019
  • ISBN: 978-1-78178-849-3


Full Cast List:

The Doctor Sylvester McCoy
Mags Jessica Martin
Dr Maleeva Victoria Yeates
Varron Jeremy Hitchen
Trella/Lizard-Monster Abi Harris
Wilric Dominic Vulliamy
Gor/Bear-Monster/Porrow Andrew Fettes

The Production Team:

Writer Matt Fitton
Director Samuel Clemens
Sound Andy Hardwick
Music Andy Hardwick
Theme Music Keff McCulloch
Script Editor Alan Barnes
Producer Emma Haigh
Senior Producer David Richardson
Executive Producers Nicholas Briggs and Jason Haigh-Ellery
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Big Finish Magazine - Vortex: Issue 122 (April 2019)

Audio - Big Finish Magazine - Vortex: Issue 122
Vortex: Issue 122
  Issue 122 of 'Vortex - The Big Finish Magazine' was also sent out to subscribers with this release.

In this issue...

    1. Editorial

    2. Coming Soon - Dorian Gray The Lost Confessions

    3. Article - Doctor Who The Tenth Doctor - Partners In Time

    4. Vortex Mail

    5. Article - Doctor Who The Third Doctor - Voice Recognition

    6. Big Finish Book Club - Dark Shadows - Dreams of Long Ago

    7. Article - Dark Shadows Bloodline - Blood Line of Duty

    8. Article - Doctor Who Mags - Mags-nificent Seven

    9. Article - UNIT: The New Series Incursions - A Song of UNIT-Y

    10. Coming Soon - The Big Finish Release Schedule: April - September 2019

Published By: Big Finish Productions Ltd
Managing Editor: Jason Haigh-Ellery
Editor: Kenny Smith
Executive Producer: Nicholas Briggs
Senior Producer: David Richardson
Design: Mark Plastow
Published: April 2019
Page Count: 24


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