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"Others may have greater intelligence; stronger, more adaptable forms,
but none has a greater will to survive..."

Audio - The Creed of the Kromon
The Creed of the Kromon
(Philip Martin)

 The second story, in this four part audio season for the Eighth Doctor, is "The Creed of the Kromon". Written by Philip Martin, who wrote the two Sixth Doctor television stories “Vengeance on Varos” and “Mindwarp”, this is his first Big Finish Doctor Who Audio story. It is directed by Gary Russell and was recorded 13th and 14th May 2003.

 It stars Paul McGann, as the Eighth Doctor, India Fisher, as his companion Charley Pollard, and introduces new companion C’rizz, played by Conrad Westmaas. C'rizz has been billed as the first truly alien companion to The Doctor.

 Making a welcome return is Stephen Perring whose last significant part in an Eighth Doctor production was as the memorable Sebastian Grayle from “Seasons of Fear”. Also starring are: Brian Cobby, Jane Hills and Daniel Hogarth.

 According to Producer/Director Gary Russell:

"Philip Martin is a writer I have greatly admired since his ground-breaking 1970s TV series Gangsters. I asked him for a straightforward, four-part Doctor Who romp with insectoid aliens. My only other criteria was that I didn't want it to feature Sil. Philip was overjoyed - so he told me at the start of his writing - to be back working with Doctor. Hopefully by the end of the writing process, I hadn't put him off for life!

"It was good fun recording this one - we were joined by Brian Cobby, who for the last fifteen or more years has been the voice you hear when dialling the Speaking Clock here in Britain. We thought getting in the man who talks about time ("sponsored by Accurist", obviously) into Doctor Who was a great idea. We then learned that Brian also went "5-4-3-2-1 - Thunderbirds Are Go!" for however many episodes of Thunderbirds there were. The man's a cultural icon!

"On top of this, it gave me the chance (like I really needed one) to be thoroughly evil to Steve Perring and Dan Hogarth whilst they were being the Kromon characters. The Kromon drink a lot of water, so we thought it'd be a good idea to get a wildtrack of them slurping, burping, and generally drinking water in the most unattractive ways possible. They thought I wanted about fifteen seconds' worth (which indeed I did). We kept them doing it for at least four minutes.

They were both very wet and very fed up of water by the end. But we got our wildtracks. Well, all right, you had to be there, I suppose. But at least neither of them wore eyepatches!"

 Finding themselves within a new Universe, and without the TARDIS, The Doctor and his companion enter the Interzone - a fearsome nether-world protecting a zone ruled by the Kromon who are insect-like creatures that are so adaptable that they can thrive wherever there is the water to sustain them.

Eighth Doctor
Eighth Doctor
 There they find a landscape covered in spheres that look like giant anthills. In there search for the lost TARDIS The Doctor believes that within one of these structures lie the clues that will lead him to his lost time machine.

 However, they soon come across, and help, an alien creature called C'rizz who turns out to be a chameleon. C'rizz though turns out to be an escaped prisoner which could explain why he is being fired upon by the Kromon. In playing the good Samaritan our travelling companions find themselves being captured, along with C’rizz, and taken inside Alphasphere – one of the Kromon’s biospheres.

 Who created the Interzone structure and why, who are the Kro'ka working for, and who were behind the Company that the Kromon based their creed upon? The Kromon control everything and everyone. Worse than that they are everyones nightmare – these insect like creatures have big heads with antennae and mouths that could tear you apart. More than that as The Doctor and especially Charlie are about to find out. Who will be turned into fertiliser, and who will suffer a far worse fate?

India Fisher
India Fisher

 Within the Kromon’s biosphere The Doctor, Charlie and their new found companion C’rizz are interrogated and it is then when they are classified as being of no threat, and maybe with The Doctor’s influence, they will be able to track down the TARDIS and make their escape. Kro'ka, the leading Kromon, then begins torturing the intruders to discover their knowledge which it seems even The Doctor cannot escape his malign influence.

 Then C'rizz, who has been separated from his female companion L'da, discovers that she has been transformed into Kromon breeding stock. This shocking discovery results in not only C'rizz carrying out L'da's plea to kill her but also the retribution of the Kromon which ends in Charley taking L'da's place and being impregnated with Kromon eggs and larvae and so turned into a hybrid-insect breeding Queen herself.

 The Doctor tries to play along with the Kromon until he can find a means of escape but time is running out for all of them and especially for Charley whose transformation is well underway. To save his companion, The Doctor must barter his knowledge of space-travel technology, all the while knowing that he risks opening up all the realms of space to a rapacious race whose creed is not to create, only to plunder.

India Fisher and Conrad Westmaas
India Fisher and
Conrad Westmaas

 Charlie meanwhile loses all control over her own body, and her own destiny, as her grotesque transformation takes full hold. Surely The Doctor has not allowed things to go so far and that he is not too late to rescue her?

 But The Doctor may be in no fit state to help her as it looks as if he has been conditioned into acting against his nature and seemingly heading for the same fate as the other Kromon slaves. Put to work in whatever capacity they are most suited to or if they have no useful function then converted into fertiliser to assist the growing conditions of the Kromon's food.

 With Charlie in deep trouble and The Doctor preoccupied the true nature of C’rizz’s actions may have been overlooked as there may be more to The Doctor’s new companion than meets the eye. Something that maybe The Doctor and Charlie will deduce for themselves if all three of them can escape the wrath of the Kromon.

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  • Featuring the Eighth Doctor, Charley Pollard and introduces new companion C’rizz.
  • Serial Number: 8P
  • Number of Episodes: 4
  • Cover Length: 130 minutes
  • Episode Lengths: 1 = 29'04", 2 = 27'22", 3 = 36'46", 4 = 32'53"
  • Total Story Length: 126'05"
  • This story takes place after "Doctor Who: The Movie" and follows on from last month's "Scherzo”.
  • Early Titles: "Creed of the Kromon".
  • Cover Illustration: Steve Johnson
  • Recorded: 13th and 14th May 2003
  • Recording Location: Christchurch Studios
  • Released: January 2004
  • ISBN: 1-84435-036-3

On the Back Cover:

 The Interzone is a fearsome nether-world protecting a zone ruled by the Kromon. Theirs is an arid land of dust and dying trees. Across the landscape are spheres that look like giant anthills. The Doctor believes that within one of these structures lie the clues that will lead him to his lost TARDIS.

 The spheres are ruled by the insect-like Kromon who covet the TARDIS. When Charley is captured she is forced to metamorphose into a hybrid-insect Queen and so to save her, The Doctor must barter his knowledge of space-travel technology, all the while knowing that he risks opening up all the realms of space to a rapacious race whose creed is not to create, only to plunder.

On the Inside Cover:

 I’D MISSED WRITING FOR DOCTOR WHO and had said so at a convention where my Vengeance on Varos and Mindwarp scripts had been discussed. That was on a Saturday; on the Monday I heard from Gaiy Russell that he liked my outline of a proposed audio adventure. Just one thing: he’d like an alternative to the dinosaur-like creatures who had evolved into a reptoid form of higher management and descended onto new worlds, managing their resources into oblivion, so could I make the Kromon belong to the insect kingdom? Yeah, sure, Gary, sure. So this meteoric request consigned the race of Dilworth-dinosaurs to the Sargasso Sea of the Martin brainbox.

 A few mornings later I began to recall a Penguin paperback I’d read aeons ago - The Soul of the White Ant - that concerned the way insect societies evolve and how each member of the ant colony is linked to the mind of the Queen - what she thinks, they do. Any regret for the loss of my first concept of the race of Kromon vanished. After more reading about ants and creepy-crawlies, I was ready to renew my acquaintance with the good Doctor and his newest companions.

 I’d forgotten how intensive and demanding audio writing is, it gobbles up stoly like an army of ants on speed. Then the freedom that Doctor Who gives us all to imagine and create kicked in. Soon I was shaking the furry paw of exotic creatures like the Oroog and exploring the soul of a truly alien race whose resilience and organisation make them firm favourites to outlast us all. On that cheery note I invite you to listen to the story and ponder on the fact that there’s a lot of us, but there’s even more of them!

Philip Martin,
October 2003

 Philip Martin wrote two highly-regarded entries into the Eighties Doctor Who canon – Vengeance on Varos in 1985 and Mindwarp, the second segment of the Trial of a Time Lord, a year later. He subsequently novelised both of them for Target Books, and added Mission to Magnus, based on an unmade script. All three of these adventures featured the evil Sil, an elite member of the devious Mentor race. The Creed of the Kromon is Philip’s first Doctor Who script for Big Finish. Oddly enough, this one doesn’t feature Sil…

Production Notes:

 After the wringer that we’d put The Doctor and Charley through in both Neverland and Zagreus, plus the unusual circumstances of Scherzo, we decided right from the word go that the next play in sequence would need to be a bit of a breather A good old-fashioned traditional Doctor Who monster romp that reflected the TV series of old rather than the more arc-based recent adventures. Enter Philip Martin, whom producer Gary Russell had met and interviewed at a convention donkey’s years ago. Philip was responsible for Gangsters, one of the BEC’s finest ever dramas and also amongst Gary’s favourite TV series. Thus, when the opportunity arose to work with Philip, the producer jumped at the chance. For The Creed of the Kromon, the only things Gary requested was the setting of the Divergent Universe (in Philip’s original submission, the story was set on the planet Zoden) and the inclusion of a new male companion the producer had created, called C’rizz.

Who’s Who?

The Eighth Doctor

First television appearance: Doctor Who
First Big Finish audio appearance: “Storm Warning

 The Eighth Doctor has gone through an extraordinary battle. In order to save the life of his companion and friend Charley Pollard, he and his TARDIS absorbed a destructive energy force referred to as anti-time, which created within him the personality known as Zagreus. Whilst the TARDIS is now freed of the Zagreus energies, The Doctor still has them, but subdued beneath his own, far more likable persona. However, the Zagreus energy means The Doctor can no longer live in our universe and so has recently exiled himself into a universe ruled by the unseen Divergence, which cannot be destroyed by anti-time. Therefore, he can never return home...

Charley Pollard

First Big Finish audio appearance: “Storm Warning

 Fiercely loyal, dependable and brave, Charlotte Elspeth Pollard met The Doctor aboard the ill-fated R101 airship in 1930. He rescued her shortly before its destruction and since then, they have travelled the universe together. Recent events however have had a terrible price for them both and now Chancy, much against The Doctor’s wishes, has gone with him into the Divergent universe, knowing that she will never see Earth or anyone she has known and loved ever again. However, Charley does not seem too concerned about that and believes it was a price worth paying to remain at the side of hen friend and mentor. Charley was witness recently to the loss of the TARDIS when they landed on the first planet of this new universe...

Full Cast List:

The Doctor Paul McGann
Charley Pollard India Fisher
C'rizz Conrad Westmaas
The Kro'ka Stephen Perring
The Oroog Brian Cobby
L'da Jane Hills
The Kromon Daniel Hogarth and
Stephen Perring

The Production Team:

Writer Philip Martin
Director Gary Russell
Sound/Music David Darlington
Theme Music David Darlington
Producers Gary Russell and
Jason Haigh-Ellery
Executive Producer for the BBC Jaqueline Rayner
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