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Audio - The Rapture  
 September 2002's release is a Seventh Doctor and Ace story titled "The Rapture" (formerly titled "The Priory"). It has been written by Joseph Lidster who, for the second month in a row, is another newcomer to Big Finish Productions. This story is also the first Doctor Who title to be directed by Big Finish producer Jason Haigh-Ellery. It was recorded on the 20th and 21st April 2002.

 Alongside Sylvester McCoy, as the Seventh Doctor, and Sophie Aldred, as Ace, there is a surprise guest-star has been announced - none other than the real DJ Tony Blackburn! As announced by Big Finish Productions "The script originally called for a fictional DJ by the name of Chris Taylor but director Jason Haigh-Ellery decided to go for the genuine article. When approached, the legendary Tony Blackburn agreed to join the cast but it was decided that he should play himself - one of the very few times that this has happened in Doctor Who's history". This story also has a unique premise to the story teasing the listener with a pre-theme music introduction by Tony Blackburn that explains the initial set-up and mood for the rest of the story.

Audio - The Rapture
The Rapture
(Joseph Lidster)

 As well as Tony Blackburn this story also stars David John who previously appeared in Doctor Who as Derek in the 1989 and final television story "Survival". Also starring are Anne Bird, Daniel Wilson, Carlos Riera, Matthew Brehner, Neil Henry and Jeremy James.

 This story has The Doctor and Ace visiting a contemporary nightclub and is set on the island of Ibiza in 1997, at a time when thousands of young people are acting like mindless zombies. There they also find angels who have come to save the revellers from their hedonistic paradise. But if that wasn't enough, Ace has to confront her own past in a way she could never have dreamed imaginable.

 After being traumatised by the events that took place in "Colditz", where she witnessed the horrific death of a German guard, Ace has resolved that it is time to 'grow up' and from now on she will from now on be called McShane. Although, as The Doctor shows throughout this story, thinking and treating her as anything but Ace is going to prove very difficult for him.

 Because Ace is looking for is a respite and 'one normal night' to relax and unwind The Doctor takes her to Ibiza a decade after she left Perivale. However, Ace gets more than she bargained for when they meet an alien time-traveller who just happens to work in a bar, an Irish girl who doesn't even know who she is anymore and a young man carrying a photograph of a girl he's never met but who he knows goes by the name of Ace...

Seventh Doctor
Seventh Doctor
 While The Doctor catches up with an old friend, and bar owner Gustavo, Ace heads off, at the local's suggestion, to a new club that has opened nearby called The Rapture. There, in the packed club, Ace meets holidaymakers Liam, Caitriona and holiday rep Brian who have been attracted there by the club's reputation.

 While Ace is beginning to enjoy herself she is completely unaware, like everyone else in the club, that they are in real danger from the club-managers and brothers Jude and Gabriel who curiously claim to be angels. But are they just performing an act for the young people thronging to Ibiza? With their Biblical references are Jude and Gabriel really on a mission from Heaven to save its sinners, through the power of their music, or is there something more sinister going on? The Doctor is about to find out…

 The Doctor, on visiting the nightclub, is alarmed to find that the frenzied atmosphere of the club has caused the revellers to become entranced by the music in a kind of crescendo which nearly reaches breaking point. But it seems that this is only a test run for the events planned for the following night. Completely unaware of the situation the revellers continue to party on. Ace however, has other plans and on returning with Liam to stay the night she has a nasty shock in store when it is revealed that Liam is in fact Ace's brother - one that she never thought she had!



 But more importantly why is Liam so intent to find his long lost sister and now that he has found her so anxious not to lose her again? Why is Caitriona, the manic-depressive who finds release from her troubles in a combination of drugs and music, in such a state and so willing to accept that Jude and Gabriel are angels and can actually fly. Or is she really in a drug-fuelled stupor and so willing to believe anything including the existence of "Angel Dust"?

 Why is Gustavo's presence on Ibiza so important to the events that are now occurring in the club? What is the old secret of the nearby island of Es Vedra and what is really in the cave that Gabriel visits when he takes a boat trip to the island and who does he go there to talk to? Could it really be an Inter-dimensional Port and that Jude and Gabriel are really aliens who are on Earth so as to obtain new recruits for an ongoing war? And could The Doctor's interference be responsible for Jude and Gabriel's actions which threaten to spill over and so destroy thousands of lives?

Tony Blackburn
Tony Blackburn
 Has Ace's need to travel within the TARDIS, as a way of escaping her humdrum life, finally caught up with her and has her attempts to grow-up backfired? Will anything ever be the same again for her and could this be the end of Ace's time travelling with The Doctor in his TARDIS? Could her enthusiasm to join the revellers at The Rapture be her undoing and is there anything The Doctor can do to prevent a catastrophe?

 As The Doctor's investigation into what is happening becomes clearer it soon becomes obvious that there are no real baddies, only terribly misguided people, whose actions mean that things may never be the same again and not just for Ace and her new found brother but for the whole planet especially if Gabriel's music is released beyond the dance floor and into the airwaves...

 Unless The Doctor takes the correct action it could be too late for him to stop The Rapture, to save the planet and the future of his companion!

Important Information
 Immediately after the trailers in track 9 at the end of the second disc carry on listening because you find will some music from the recording of this story.
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  • Featuring the Seventh Doctor and Ace.
  • Serial Number: 7V
  • Number of Episodes: 4
  • Cover Length: 115 minutes
  • Episode Lengths: 1 = 23'03", 2 = 27'17", 3 = 26'39", 4 = 30'22"
  • Total Story Length: 107'21"
  • This story takes place between "Survival" and "Doctor Who: The Movie" and follows "Colditz".
  • Early Titles: "The Priory Experience" and "The Priory".
  • Cover Illustration: Clayton Hickman
  • Recorded: 20th and 21st April 2002
  • Recording Location: The Moat Studios
  • Released: September 2002
  • ISBN: 1-903654-74-2

On the Back Cover:

 Ibiza, 1997, and thousands of young people are acting like mindless zombies.

 Which is to be expected. Ibiza, the island of dance music, sex, drugs and alcohol, is the ultimate hedonistic paradise.

 God has sent help from on high to save the sinners of Ibiza. He has sent His angels to save their souls.

 Which would be simple enough if these souls didn't include an alien time-traveller working in a bar, a woman who disappeared in 1987, a young man carrying a photograph of a girl he's never met and an Irish girl who doesn't even know who she is anymore.

On the Inside Cover:

 EVER HAD ONE OF THOSE mornings when you've woken up and not been sure what happened the night before? You remember the first few drinks and the people you met, but after that it all gets a bit hazy. There was definitely some singing... some dancing... possibly an argument… but you certainly can't remember how you got home. Ever wondered what happened in those missing hours?

 The idea for The Rapture came about when, a few years ago, I started to go clubbing. For just a few short hours the music would take me out of my mundane life of university lectures, dissertations and cash-flow problems. For a few short hours the music would make me forget about my life and I'd be drawn into a world that seemed extraordinary and unearthly - a bit like Doctor Who really. So why not combine the two?

 What if dance music really does make you enter a higher state of consciousness? What fit's called trance music for a very good reason? And what would happen if someone took Faithless seriously when they chanted "God Is A DJ"?

 What if the Daily Mail has been right all along?

 As you immerse yourself in this (hopefully!) twenty-first century version of Doctor Who, please enjoy the ride because one thing's for certain - in the immortal words of Sophie Ellis-Bextor - there's gonna be "Murder on the Dancefloor!"
Joseph Lidster,
April 2002

Joseph Lidster is an Englishman living in Dublin where he sells cars for a living. Or something. No one really knows, including Joe. He submitted The Rapture on spec and producer Gary Russell liked the idea of a play about Angels and club music. This is Joe’s first Doctor Who audio drama, but wont he his last as he’s currently writing a play for release in 2003 about The Master.

Production Notes:

 The Rapture started life set in a trendy club outside London, originally the old UNIT HQ. There the Sixth Doctor and Peri met up with two young clubbers Kieran and Katrina and got caught up in the plan of three aliens, Jude, Angel and the DJ to wipe the minds of humanity with specially composed dance music. The first change was to make it a Seventh Doctor and Ace story, and gradually further refinements worked in - Jude and his brother became Angels, the DJ became Tony Blackburn and the old UNIT HQ setting became Ibiza. At one point there was a Richard Branson-style figure financing the club who, it was suggested to Joe, turn out to be The Master but he rightly thought that was taking things just one step too far...

Full Cast List:

The Doctor Sylvester McCoy
Ace Sophie Aldred
DJ Tony Blackburn
Liam David John
Caitriona Anne Bird
Brian Daniel Wilson
Gustavo Carlos Riera
Jude Matthew Brehner
Gabriel Neil Henry
Bouncer Jeremy James

The Production Team:

Writer Joseph Lidster
Director Jason Haigh-Ellery
Sound/Music Jim Mortimore and Jane Elphinston
Theme Music Mark Ayres
Producers Gary Russell and
Jason Haigh-Ellery
Executive Producer for the BBC Jaqueline Rayner
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