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Audio - Unregenerate!
(David A. McIntee)

 The release for June 2005 was originally going to be filled by a story called "Dead Man's Hand". Written by John Ostrander this was to be a Seventh Doctor, Ace and Hex story set in the American Wild West and featuring Wild Bill Hickok.

 "Dead Man's Hand" was initially planed to be released in September 2004 but the revamped schedule for 2004, due to the impending new television season, meant that this story was postponed until June 2005. However, this story has now had to be postponed again and is now not due to be released until 2006.

Taking its place is another Seventh Doctor story titled "Unregenerate!" that has been written by David A. McIntee – making this his second Doctor Who audio script for Big Finish Productions – the first being the 2002's "Excelis Rising". Joining Sylvester McCoy is Bonnie Langford, as companion Melanie Bush. This will be Bonnie Langford’s third story released in 2005 as she is also stared in January's "The Juggernauts" and April's "Catch-1782".

 "Unregenerate!", which was recorded 16th and 17th November 2004, is directed by John Ainsworth. This is John’s second Big Finish Productions Doctor Who Audio story. His first being the Fifth Doctor story "Nekromanteia" that was released in February 2003.

 This story guest stars Jennie Linden who played the part of Barbara in the first Peter Cushing Doctor Who film "Dr Who and the Daleks" in 1965. Also starring in "Unregenerate!" are: John Aston, Gail Clayton, Hugh Hemmings, Sam Peter Jackson, Toby Longworth and Jamie Sandford.

Seventh Doctor
Seventh Doctor
 When is an asylum not an asylum? Maybe when it needs to be under armed guard?

 In 1957, as Russia launches Sputnik, a man named Johannes Raush is approached by a mysterious figure, calling himself Louis, who offers him a deal - his dream life, in exchange for going off with Louis the day before he dies.

Investigating some kind of anomaly, The Doctor has gone on ahead – sending the TARDIS back to 2005 with instructions for his companion Melanie to follow a mysterious emissary, Louis who has returned, apparently unchanged, to claim his part of the deal from Rausch, now a successful sculptor.

The car that Louis takes Rausch away in is being followed, albeit inexpertly, by Melanie. That trail takes Melanie to what proves to be an impossible building: the Klyst Institute, formerly Hetchell House. But where is The Doctor and what does Louis want with an old man?

 Melanie knows that The Doctor is the best person to find the answers – but she is stranded on Earth, and the TARDIS has returned without him...

Melanie Bush


On her own, except for the taxi driver, Melanie is convinced that the answers, and maybe even The Doctor himself, lie within the building. But even with all her experience of travelling with The Doctor she is unprepared for the ghastly events that are going on inside when she becomes embroiled in this run-down medical facility where screams echo in the halls and mysterious creatures roam, terrorising the staff. Where patients complain of betrayal rather than illness, and no-one is quite what they seem. What obscene experiments are the staff carrying out, and to what purpose? What is the price that must be paid for making an agreement with those who run the asylum?

What forms of creatures really live inside this run-down building? Who are Louis and Professor Klyst working for? And if Melanie finds The Doctor inside… will he be himself at all?

As the answers begin to be uncovered inside the secret Klyst institute, with The Doctor in the middle of an identity crisis and sudden appearance of the Time Lords, The D
octor finds that the past may yet come back to haunt him especially when he discovers that someone is planting the minds of TARDISes inside people’s heads...

Could it be that the Time Lords are behind everything so that they can keep track on time travelling races or are they dealing with just three rogue Gallifreyans whose agenda is something more sinister?

The Doctor, with M
elanie’s assistance, must learn the truth and so prevent those who have signed Faustian pacts to give their bodies up on the day before they would have died naturally in return for the life of their dreams - which may just turn out to be a fate worse then death or life…
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  • Featuring the Seventh Doctor and Melanie Bush.
  • Serial Number: 7E/C
  • Number of Episodes: 4
  • Cover Length: 100 minutes
  • Episode Lengths: 1 = 26'12", 2 = 24'31", 3 = 27'44", 4 = 29'23"
  • Total Story Length: 107'50"
  • This story takes place between "Paradise Towers" and "Delta and the Bannermen", and takes place after "Flip-Flop".
  • Early Title: "Mark Four".
  • Cover Illustration: Lee Binding
  • Recorded: 16th and 17th November 2004
  • Recording Location: The Moat Studios
  • Released: June 2005
  • ISBN: 1-84435-158-0

On the Back Cover:

In a run-down asylum, screams echo in the halls as mysterious creatures roam, terrorising the staff. Patients complain of betrayal rather than illness, and no-one is quite what they seem.

 Mel knows that The Doctor is the best person to find the answers – but she is stranded on Earth, and the TARDIS has returned without him...

 Why does a medical facility need to be under armed guard? What procedures are the staff carrying out, and to what purpose? What is the price that must be paid for making an agreement with those who run the asylum?

 As the answers begin to be uncovered, The Doctor finds that the past may yet come back to haunt him...


On the Inside Cover:

 IT’S VERY STRANGE - WHEN I FIRST pitched Unregenerate! (as a Dalek story called Mark Four, would you believe?) the new TV series had only just been announced. By the time you read this and listen to the two shiny discs, the series will have been transmitted!

 But I’m here with a new audio that has something very important to my memories of Doctor Who and that no story in the new TV series will have: four episodes, with a cliffhanger at the end of three of them.

 My wife calls the cliffhangers in Doctor Who (she’s a fan too) ‘diddly-dums’. We both love them. Bizarre as it seems, my main ambition in terms of Doctor Who, sadly not fulfilled before now, was to write something with proper diddly-dums. It’s a small ambition to have, yet a strangely satisfying one to fulfill. Declaring myself Emperor of the World someday will probably have a bigger impact, but, well, it’s Docter Who, with diddly-dums!

David A. McIntee,
January 2005

 David A. McIntee has written more Doctor Who novels than he can count these days, as well as a previous Big Finish audio, Excelis Rising. When not writing books, he explores historical sites, researches Fortean subjects, teaches stage-fighting workshops and collects science-fiction weaponry. His role models in life are the Fourth Doctor, Kerr Avon, Graeme Garden and Eddie Hitler, so members of the public should be wary of approaching him.

Production Notes:

David Mclntee originally submitted the synopsis of Mark Four back in November 2003. However, as it featured Daleks, who were scheduled to appear elsewhere in the range, producer Gary Russell passed on the story. Liking the central idea, he asked for a reworking of it without the Daleks. Or indeed the Cybermen, as Mclntee flippantly suggested later. Submitted with the Fifth Doctor in mind, Russell asked for it to become an Ace and Hex adventure with the Seventh. After a few ideas concerning Hex’s parentage, Mclntee decided instead to go for Mel, especially as Sylvester McCoy had pointed out how few stories he’d done with Bonnie Langford for Big Finish.

 The final version of the script was somewhat over-long, and quite a few sequences involving exploding motor cars and extremely unpleasant torture devices were cropped, as was a split personality for Louis, who was also known as Meles (based, rather Faustianly, on Lucifer and Memephistopheles).

 The writer made a few demands, such as begging for certain actors, none of whom he got because they worked in Hollywood and/or would cost millions of dollars!


Who's Who?

The Seventh Doctor

First television appearance: "Time and the Rani"
First chronological Big Finish audio appearance: "Unregenerate!"

 He has been exploring the universe for hundreds of years. He fights injus¬tice. He defeats evil. He helps people. Since his regeneration, The Doctor - now travelling with his friend, Mel - has been a little unpredictable. One moment he can be frivolous and fun, the other he’s thoughtful and serious. How will this affect his friendship with Mel?

Melanie Bush

First television appearance: "The Trial of a Time Lord"
First chronological Big Finish audio appearance: "The One Doctor".

 A computer expert from twentieth-century Earth - Pease Pottage, East Sussex, to be specific - Melanie Jane Bush is young, bright and enthusi¬astic. She enjoys her time with The Doctor and the adventures they have. They met for the first time from Mel’s point of view in 1989 - however, The Doctor had by this point seen his future and had already met Miss Bush! However, The Doctor has recently regenerated... Can Mel still trust her friend?

Full Cast List:

The Doctor Sylvester McCoy
Melanie Bonnie Langford
Louis #2 John Aston
Rigan Gail Clayton
Johannes Rausch Hugh Hemmings
Shokhra Sam Peter Jackson
Professor Klyst Jennie Linden
The Cabbie Toby Longworth
Louis Jamie Sandford

The Production Team:

Writer David A. McIntee
Director John Ainsworth
Sound/Music Ian Potter
Theme Music David Darlington
Producers Gary Russell and
Jason Haigh-Ellery
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