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Audio - The Dark Husband
The Dark Husband
(David Quantick)

 The release for March 2008 is "The Dark Husband" which has been written by David Quantick. Quantick is chiefly known as a comedy writer having contributed to shows as The Day Today, Brass Eye, Smack the Pony and Spitting Image. This is the first time, however, that he's written for Doctor Who. This four-part story is directed by Nicholas Briggs and was recorded on 18th and 21st December 2007.

 It has been described by Executive Producer Nicholas Briggs as: 'A four-parter written by the esteemed David Quantick - you may remember his name from the credits of Brass Eye, The Day Today, That Mitchell and Webb Sound... and any number of great comedies. No surprise then that David's story features some brilliant comic dialogue, as well as a very intriguing storyline in which The Doctor plans to do something that he has never, ever contemplated before... '

Seventh Doctor
Seventh Doctor
"The Dark Husband", which features the Seventh Doctor and his companions Ace and Hex, will therefore have quite a humorous streak running through it. But it’s not all laughs for the TARDIS crew.

Leading the guest cast for this story is Danny Webb, who recently starred in ITV's primetime drama Honest, and whose Doctor Who credits include "The Impossible Planet/The Satan Pit" on television, and "The Girl Who Never Was" on audio. Also starring are: Katarina Olsson and Sean Connolly. The cast list also includes Andy B Newb and Benny Dawb – these are anagrams of Danny Webb.

Writer David Quantick's has revealed the scope of his adventure. 'Because it's audio we can do anything if we want to... a war involving millions of people on a battlefield the size of a moon! That's something that would never look half as good on television...'

After Hex comes across some holiday brochures in the TARDIS The Doctor and his companions decide to go on holiday to the planet Tuin - the ultimate holiday destination. When there is a week-long respite from a prolonged and bloody war – the Festival of the Twin Moons of Tuin that makes Glastonbury look like a church fete... or so the brochure says.



The Doctor and Ace are looking for rest and recreation. Hex is looking for the beer tent. But eternal enemies the ginger-haired Ri and the coot-bald Ir are plotting to turn their Festival truce to their own advantage.

But it soon all goes wrong when the Ri observe the arrival of the TARDIS and come to the conclusion that The Doctor and his companions are Ir spies. And then just when The Doctor is getting close to convincing the Ri that they are not their enemies they find themselves transported to the Ir’s battle craft and about to be executed.

However, the Festival starts, all hostilities cease, and the fun begins but The Doctor and his two companions soon discover that the festival has been devastated by a Millennia long war by the two warring tribes, who seem to have something in common that they shouldn't have.

The Doctor though has a plan to stop the war forever. A radical plan that shocks both of his companions. Because he is about to get married when it is revealed that only the Dark Husband might stop the celebrations turning to horror - and his bride could be his companion Ace...

What has processed The Doctor to put himself forward to get married? What is really behind the planets opposing races and why can the war only be resolved and Ri and Ir be saved by the marriage between the Dark Husband and the Shining Wife? But who is the Dark Husband and who is the Shining Wife? What terror awaits them on their wedding night? And how do the lives of billions depend on it?

The Doctor’s two companions, Hex and Ace, soon become more involved in the planets affairs when they become processed by the planet itself and it is revealed that Ace is the Shining Wife and Hex the Dark Husband. The Doctor though deduces that the Ri and the Ir are one of the same race and are all part of the planet.

How is he going to save the Ri and the Ir and also save his two companions from the planets hold on them?

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  • Featuring the Seventh Doctor, Ace and Hex.
  • Serial Number: 7W/G
  • Number of Episodes: 4
  • Cover Length: 120 minutes
  • Episode Lengths: 1 = 27'07", 2 = 28'03", 3 = 28'28", 4 = 30'21"
  • Total Story Length: 113'59"
  • Also features 37 minutes of trailers, music and special behind-the-scenes interviews with the cast and producers.
  • This story takes place after "Survival" and follows on from "Nocturne".
  • Cover Illustration: Grant Kempster
  • Recorded: 18th and 21st December 2007
  • Recording Location: Moat Studios
  • Released: March 2008
  • ISBN: 978-1-84435-315-6

On the Back Cover:

A week-long respite from a prolonged and bloody war, the Festival of the Twin Moons of Tuin makes Glastonbury look like a church fete... or so the brochure says. The Doctor and Ace are looking for rest and recreation. Hex is looking for the beer tent. But eternal enemies the ginger-haired Ri and the coot-bald Ir are plotting to turn their Festival truce to their own advantage. Only the Dark Husband might stop the celebrations turning to horror... but who is the Dark Husband? And what terror awaits him on his wedding night?

If anyone knows any just cause or impediment... speak now. The lives of billions depend on it.


On the Inside Cover:

Writer’s Notes: David Quantick

In my life, two things have haunted me. The first is to do with the nature of identity; what makes a person a person? How do good and evil balance each other out? What happens when they don’t?

The second thing is Doctor Who. Which brings us to The Dark Husband, which not only deals with the nature of identity but also looks at one of my favourite aspects of The Doctor’s personality; his apparent inability to go on holiday without everything going really, really wrong…

Director’s Notes: Nicholas Briggs

Comedy in Doctor Who is controversial. That message sings out loud and clear every time I visit a Doctor Who convention or attend a signing. If I ask a group of fans what their favourite kind of story is, they’re more than likely going to tell me that they don’t like Doctor Who when it is ‘trying to be funny’.

So when I took over this Big Finish job and found that Gary Russell had commissioned one of the UK’s foremost comedy writers to write a script for us, I was worried. I needn’t have been. David Quantick is a big Doctor Who fan. He loves the programme – Sylvester McCoy’s era in particular – and he knows that comedy in the show can most effectively come from the inherent oddness of an alien situation. But the key strength of his script was that no matter how good the jokes were, the threat was still there. And in turning a universally acknowledged celebration of love and devotion into something disturbing and dangerous, he is, perhaps, tapping into many people’s deepest fears!


Who's Who?

The Seventh Doctor

First television appearance: "Time and the Rani"
First chronological Big Finish audio appearance: "Unregenerate!"

 He has been exploring the universe for hundreds of years. He fights injustice. He defeats evil. He helps people. The Doctor and Ace have had many adventures – and they’re now joined by Hex, a youthful former nurse from the twenty-first century. In this regeneration, The Doctor can be impish, devious even, but also greatly compassionate; whimsy and melancholy do battle inside this persona, but his friends know they can always rely on him...


First television appearance: "Dragonfire"
First chronological Big Finish audio appearance: "The Fearmonger"

 Dorothy McShane, who likes to be known as Ace, was a schoolgirl living in Perivale West London when she was transported far across time and space to the Iceworld colony by a time storm. There, she met The Doctor and since then the pair have travelled the universe together, fighting evils and righting wrongs. Over time, a close bond has developed between the two.


First chronological Big Finish audio appearance: "The Harvest"

 Thomas Hector Schofield discovered at an early age that the name ‘Hector’ wasn’t exactly designed to give him the easiest of times at a Merseyside school, so he began referring to himself as ‘Hex’. Moving down from to London to complete his medical training, Hex began working as a staff nurse at St Gart’s Hospital in Shoreditch. There he encountered Ace and The Doctor, helped them fight off a Cyber incursion and ended up aboard the TARDIS. Since joining them, Hex has seen enough monsters, hostile situations and aliens to last most people a lifetime. But clearly not him...

Full Cast List:

The Doctor Sylvester McCoy
Ace Sophie Aldred
Hex Philip Olivier
Ori Danny Web
Irit Andy B Newb
Turin Benny Dawb
The Bards Katarina Olsson and Sean Connolly
Ri Computer Katarina Olsson
Ri Computer/Snot Monster Sean Connolly

The Production Team:

Writer David Quantick
Director Nicholas Briggs
Sound/Music Steve Foxon
Theme Music David Darlington
Script Editor Alan Barnes
Producer David Richardson
Executive Producers Nicholas Briggs and Jason Haigh-Ellery
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