Doctor Who CMS Magazines
The Fourth Doctor - Tom Baker
Number Title Comments
IV01 Robot  
IV02 The Ark in Space  
IV03 The Sontaran Experiment  
IV04 Genesis of the Daleks  
IV05 Revenge of the Cybermen  
IV06 Season 12 Overview  
IV07 Terror of the Zygons  
IV08 Planet of Evil  
IV09 Pyramids of Mars  
IV10 The Android Invasion  
IV11 UNIT Special  
IV12 The Brain of Morbius  
IV13 The Seeds of Doom  
IV14 Season 13 Overview  
IV15 The Masque of Mandragora  
IV16 The Hand of Fear  
IV17 Sarah Jane Smith Special  
IV18 The Deadly Assassin  
IV19 The Face of Evil  
IV20 The Robots of Death  
IV21 The Talons of Weng-Chiang  
IV22 Whose Doctor Who  
IV23 Season 14 Overview  
IV24 Horror of Fang Rock  
IV25 The Invisible Enemy  
IV26 Image of the Fendahl  
IV27 The Sun Makers  
IV28 Underworld  
IV29 The Invasion of Time  
IV30 Season 15 Overview  
IV31 Leela Special  
IV32 The Ribos Operation  
IV33 The Pirate Planet  
IV34 The Stones of Blood  
IV35 The Androids of Tara  
IV36 The Power of Kroll  
IV37 The Armageddon Factor  
IV38 The Key to Time  
IV39 Destiny of the Daleks  
IV40 City of Death  
IV41 The Creature from the Pit  
IV42 Nightmare of Eden  
IV43 The Horns of Nimon  
IV44 Shada  
IV45 Season 17 Overview  
IV46 The Leisure Hive  
IV47 Meglos  
IV48 Full Circle  
IV49 State of Decay  
IV50 Warriors' Gate  
IV51 The Keeper of Traken  
IV52 Logopolis  
IV53 K9 and Company - A Girls Best Friend  
IV54 Season 18 Overview  
The Fifth Doctor - Peter Davison
Number Title Comments
IV55 Castrovalva  
IV56 Four to Doomsday  
IV57 Kinda  
IV58 The Visitation  
IV59 Black Orchid  
IV60 Earthshock  
IV61 Time-Flight  
IV62 Season 19 Overview  
IV63 Arc of Infinity  
IV64 Snakedance  
IV65 Mawdryn Undead  
IV66 Terminus  
IV67 Enlightenment  
IV68 The King's Demons  
IV69 The Five Doctors  
IV70 Season 20 Overview  
IV71 Warriors of the Deep  
IV72 The Awakening  
IV73 Frontios  
IV74 Resurrection of the Daleks Issue number on cover incorrectly reads "Issue 73"
IV75 Planet of Fire  
IV76 The Caves of Androzani  
The Sixth Doctor - Colin Baker
Number Title Comments
IV77 The Twin Dilemma  
IV78 Season 21 Overview  
IV79 Attack of the Cybermen  
IV80 Vengeance on Varos  
IV81 The Mark of the Rani  
IV82 The Two Doctors  
IV83 Timelash  
IV84 Revelation of the Daleks  
IV85 Season 22 Overview  
IV86 The Trial of a Time Lord parts 1 - 4
(The Mysterious Planet)
IV87 The Trial of a Time Lord parts 5 - 8
IV88 The Trial of a Time Lord parts 9 - 12
(Terror of the Vervoids)
IV89 The Trial of a Time Lord parts 13 - 14
(The Ultimate Foe)
IV90 The Trial of a Time Lord
(Season 23 Overview)
Includes pull out supplement "Overview The Lost Season"
The Seventh Doctor - Sylvester McCoy
Number Title Comments
IV91 Time and the Rani  
IV92 Paradise Towers  
IV93 Delta and the Bannermen  
IV94 Dragonfire  
IV95 Season 24 Overview  
IV96 Remembrance of the Daleks  
IV97 The Happiness Patrol  
IV98 Silver Nemesis  
IV99 The Greatest Show in the Galaxy  
IV100 Season 25 Overview Includes pull out supplement "The Making of Nemesis"
IV101 Battlefield  
IV102 Ghost Light  
IV103 The Curse of Fenric  
IV104 Survival  
IV105 Season 26 Overview Includes pull out supplement "The Ultimate Adventure"
IV106 The Curse of the Fatal Death Includes pull out supplement "Dimensions in Time"
IV107 The Wilderness Years  
IV108 The TV Movie  
IV109 The Legacy  
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