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Dark Water/Death in Heaven
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Peter Capaldi
Dark Water/Death in Heaven
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I Am The Master
I Am The Master
 In the mysterious world of the Nethersphere, plans have been drawn. Missy is about to come face to face with The Doctor, and an impossible choice is looming…

 'Death is not an end', promises the sinister organisation known only as 3W - but, as The Doctor and Clara discover, you might wish it was.

 With Cybermen on the streets of London, old friends unite against old enemies and The Doctor takes to the air in a startling new role. Can the mighty UNIT contain Missy?

 As The Doctor faces his greatest challenge, sacrifices must be made before the day is won.

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General Information

Season: Thirty Four (New Series 8)
Production Code: 8-11/8-12
Story Number: 252 (New Series: 96)
Episode Numbers:811 - 812 (New Series: 115 - 116)
Number of Episodes: 2
Percentage of Episodes Held:100%
Production Dates: June - July 2014
Broadcast Started: 01 November 2014
Broadcast Finished: 08 November 2014
Colour Status: HD Colour
Studio: BBC Wales (Roath Lock Studios, Cardiff)
Location: St. Paul's Cathedral (London), Queen Street (Cardiff)
Writer:Steven Moffat
Director:Rachel Talalay
Producer:Peter Bennett
Executive Producers:Brian Minchin and Steven Moffat
Assistant Directors:Chris Thomas and Gareth Jones
Script Supervisor:Steve Walker
Script Editor:David P Davis
Editors:Will Oswald, Joshua Williams (Assistant), Katrina Aust (Assistant) and Will Burgess (Assistant)
Production Executive:Julie Scott
Production Manager:Simon Morris
Production Assistants:Katie Player and Matthew Jones
Post Production Supervisor:Nerys Davies
Production Designer:Michael Pickwoad
Director of Photography:Rory Taylor
Casting Director:Andy Pryor CDG
Line Producer:Tracie Simpson
Costume Designer:Howard Burden
Make-Up Designer:Claire Pritchard-Jones
Cameramen:Cai Thompson (Assistant), Katy Kardasz (Assistant), Tom Rowe (Assistant) and Mark McQuoid (Operator)
Incidental Music:Murray Gold
Special Sounds (SFX Editor):Harry Barnes and Helen Dickson
Sound Recordist:Deian Llyr Humphreys
Visual Effects:BBC Wales VFX and Milk
Special Effects:Real SFX
Prosthetics:Millennium FX
Stunt Co-ordinators:Crispin Layfield and Jo McLaren
Stunt Performers:Belinda McGinley, Bob Pavey and Nellie Burroughes
Title Sequence:Billy Hanshaw
Title Music:Ron Grainer and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Arranged by Murray Gold
Cybermen Created By: Kit Pedler and Gerry Davis
Music Performed By: The BBC National Orchestra of Wales
Music Conducted and Orchestrated By: Ben Foster
Music Mixed By: Jake Jackson
Music Recorded By: Gerry O'Riordan
Number of Doctors: 1
The Doctor: Peter Capaldi (The Twelfth Doctor)
Number of Companions: 1The Companion: Jenna-Louise Coleman (Clara Oswald) (Departs) Number of Acquaintances: 1The Acquaintance: Samuel Anderson (Danny Pink) (Dies) Guest Cast: Michelle Gomez (Missy), Jemma Redgrave (Kate Lethbridge-Stewart) Additional Cast: Joan Blackham (Woman), Sheila Reid (Gran), Chris Addison (Seb), Andrew Leung (Dr Chang), Antonio Bourouphael (Boy), Jeremiah Krage (Cyberman), Nigel Betts (Mr Armitage), Ingrid Oliver (Osgood), Sanjeev Bhaskar (Colonel Ahmed), Shane Keogh-Grenade (Teenage Boy), Katie Bignell (Teenage Girl), James Pearse (Graham), Nicholas Briggs (Voice of the Cybermen), Nick Frost (Santa Clause)Setting: St. Paul's Cathedral, London (2016) Villains: Cybermen and Missy

The Episodes

No. Episodes Broadcast
Duration Viewers
In Archive
811Dark Water01 November 201446'23"7.3Yes
812Death in Heaven08 November 201456'39"7.6Yes

Total Duration 1 Hour 43 Minutes

Audience Appreciation

Average Viewers (Millions) 7.4
Doctor Who Magazine Poll (2015)79.00%  (Position = 3 out of 12)


 This story exists and is held in the BBC's Film and Videotape Library.

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This two part story is the eleventh, and final, story of Season Thirty Four (New Series 8). It has been written by show runner and head writer Steven Moffat and is the first two-part story since the 2011 Eleventh Doctor story "The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People". It saw the return of the Cybermen and The Master - the Twelfth Doctor's first encounter with both of these foes.

This story guest stars Samuel Anderson, Michelle Gomez, Chris Addison, Jemma Redgrave, Ingrid Oliver and Sanjeev Bhaskar.

Actress Michelle Gomez, who plays the part of Missy, is best known for her roles in the comedy shows Green Wing, The Book Group and Bad Education. Executive Producer Steven Moffat has stated 'I've known Michelle for years, and I'm thrilled to welcome her to Doctor Who. She's everything we need - brilliant, Scottish, and a tiny bit satanic'.

Sanjeev Bhaskar, who plays the part of Colonel Ahmed, is a popular comedian, actor and broadcaster and is best known for his work on the BBC Two sketch show Goodness Gracious Me. Speaking about the role Bhaskar Sanjeev revealed: 'I’m thrilled to have made a small contribution to and now be part of the Doctor Who universe. Another dream box ticked!'. Executive Producer Steven Moffat has stated 'I'm completely thrilled that Sanjeev Bhaskar is coming to the aid of The Doctor. The danger is never deadlier than in a finale episode, and the Time Lord is going to need all the help he can get...

Ingrid Oliver and Jemma Redgrave are both reprising their roles as Osgood and Kate Lethbridge-Stewart that they last played in the 2013 Eleventh Doctor story "The Day of The Doctor".

This story has been directed by Rachel Talalay. This is her first Doctor Who story. Her previous credits include the 1995 movie Tank Girl as well as television shows in both the UK and US, including episodes of Randall and Hopkirk (Deceased), Ally McBeal and Stephen King's Dead Zone.

The read through for both parts of this story took place on the 12th June 2014 with recording beginning on the 16th June. Locations for this story included Cardiff, Pontypool and St. Paul’s Cathedral in London.

Parts of the recording of "Dark Water" overlapped with the recording of "Death in Heaven". This included the scenes where UNIT surrounds Missy which were shot before the moments showing the Cybermen streaming out of St. Paul’s Cathedral. The main recording for the finale concluded on the 21st July 2014. Even though this is the final story of Season Thirty Four (New Series 8) the preceding story "Forest of the Night" was recorded shortly afterwards.

When filming the climax of episode 1, "Dark Water", where it is revealed that Missy is The Master, Peter Capaldi and Michelle Gomez mouthed their lines to hide the reveal from spectators watching the filming.

While masquerading as The Doctor, to try and convince the Cybermen that she is The Doctor, Clara claims many things from The Doctor's past. These include; Noting that among his family is a non-Gallifreyan daughter created via genetic transfer (see the 2008 Eleventh Doctor story "The Doctor's Daughter"); Clara mentions The Doctor has been married four times. He was married to Elizabeth I, Marilyn Monroe and River Song (see" The Day of The Doctor", "A Christmas Carol" and "The Wedding of River Song"); Clara mentions The Doctor having children and grandchildren, which would presumably include Susan Foreman though she indicates them to be missing, presumed dead. Clara says The Doctor graduated in Glasgow in the wrong century. In the 1967 Second Doctor story "The Moonbase" The Doctor’s companion Polly Wright revealed that he once claimed to have taken his degree in Glasgow in 1888; Clara states that The Doctor is from the constellation of Kasterborous (see "Pyramids of Mars"), was a Prydonian (see "The Deadly Assassin") and that this status was lost when he stole the TARDIS from Gallifrey.

During the scene where Clara claims that she is The Doctor she is heard to say ‘My Prydonian privileges were revoked when I stole a time capsule…’. During his time on Gallifrey, The Doctor belonged to the Prydonian Chapter, one of several chapters on his home planet. According to the villainous Goth, Prydonians were not devious, but ‘simply see a little further ahead than most’.

The reference to a ‘non-Gallifreyan daughter created via genetic transfer ’ is a reference to Jenny from "The Doctor’s Daughter". No indication is given regarding her presumed status.

This is the second time that Clara uses the identity of The Doctor. Previously this occurred in "Flatline" when The Doctor was trapped inside the TARDIS.

Tying in with Clara’s pre-titles claim of ‘I’m The Doctor!’ in the opening credits sequence the credits for Jenna Coleman and Peter Capaldi are switched (with Jenna Coleman's name appearing first) and an image of Clara's eyes replacing those of the Twelfth Doctor. This gives the appearance that Clara is indeed The Doctor, though this is later established as untrue.

This is the first and, to date, only story where the name of the actor playing The Doctor is not the first name to appear in the title sequence. This is also only the second story to feature the face of someone other than The Doctor in the title sequence, the first being the 1996 Eighth Doctor film "Doctor Who: The Movie" which featured the eyes of The Master as he is exterminated by the Daleks.

When The Doctor shows up to meet her two weeks late, Clara says he's improving (see "Into the Dalek").

Kate Lethbridge-Stewart is heard to say that The Doctor is still ‘on the payroll’ (see "Spearhead From Space" and "The Day of The Doctor"). The Doctor seems surprised, possibly because in the 1970 Third Doctor story "Spearhead From Space", when The Brigadier secures The Doctor’s services on behalf of UNIT, he was given a financial incentive but rebuffed the offer: ‘Money? My dear chap, I don’t want money. I’ve got no use for the stuff!’ Instead The Doctor simply wanted facilities to repair his TARDIS… and a car!

The Doctor gives a reason as to why he does not like hugging, something to which he was previously against in his current incarnation (see "Deep Breath" and "Listen").

When Clara is trying to make Danny Pink say something 'only Danny would know', to convince her that he is genuine and not a computer program, she asks him for her birthday. He is replies saying that it is the 23rd November. This date is also Doctor Who’s birthday and the very first story of the show "An Unearthly Child" was broadcast on the 23rd November 1963. Clara's birth date was previously seen on her gravestone in the 2012 Christmas special "The Snowmen".

In Clara's flat, there are numerous post-it notes with references to Clara's travels with The Doctor, including:

In addition there were many post-it notes about Clara telling the truth to Danny ("In the Forest of the Night") and mention of the Hyperscape Body Swap Ticket used to get Clara and the Eleventh Doctor into Doctor Who at the Proms in 2013.

Discounting the sticky note references to the Paternoster Gang, who Clara had also encountered in Season Thirty Three (New Series 7), and one reading 'Impossible Girl' (which was a plot element in "Deep Breath"), the note regarding the Hyperscape Body Swap Ticket is the only element of the Eleventh Doctor era visible on Clara's notes, though the camera does not focus in on all the sticky notes.

There is a black and white photo on Clara's bookshelf of her and her father (see the 2013 Eleventh Doctor story "The Rings of Akhaten").

Clara tries to use a mood patch to put The Doctor to sleep (see the 2007 Tenth Doctor story "Gridlock").

In order to save her life, Clara tells the Cyberman she has important information and if kept, alive, she is a tactical advantage to them. Rose Tyler used a similar argument to save her, Mickey Smith and Rajesh Singh from the Daleks in 2006 Tenth Doctor story "Army of Ghosts/Doomsday". Osgood later tries to use this strategy to save herself from Missy.

This story finally identifies Missy, who was previously mostly seen at the end of previous stories usually interacting with a character who just died and arrived in the Nethersphere, such as the Half-Face Man from "Deep Breath". This is the first time where The Doctor, Clara, and Missy interact directly.

Towards the end of the first episode, Missy reveals her true identity as to be The Master. This climax was removed from all preview copies of the episode and the actors involved recorded their lines in Automated Dialogue Replacement to hide the reveal from spectators.

At a Royal Television Society event, Steven Moffat revealed that a decoy version of Missy's reveal was also shot: 'You know who I am. I’m Missy. Or, if you’d prefer, Random Access Neural Integrator - RANI for short'.

The Master first appeared in 1971 and became a kind of Moriarty to The Doctor’s Sherlock Holmes. Although they are usually (but not always) on opposing sides, the two characters have a grudging respect for each other, possibly best summed up by The Doctor who described The Master as his ‘best enemy’. They were friends on Gallifrey before they both left their home world and perhaps elements of this friendship still linger. In the 20th anniversary special, "The Five Doctors", The Master mused ‘A cosmos without The Doctor scarcely bears thinking about’.

At first Missy responds to The Doctor's question, as to who she is, with ‘I am Missy… Mobile Intelligent Systems Interface’. This is a typical ploy of The Doctor’s old enemy. The Master employed countless disguises during his previous escapades and has masqueraded as a 13th century nobleman, a telephone engineer, a Colonel, a Cambridge professor and, in the 1971 Third Doctor story "The Dæmons", the local vicar in a village called Devil’s End!

This is the first televised story to feature a Time Lord who has changed gender. This practice had, unambiguously, appeared in other mediums and The Doctor previously knew of at least one other Time Lord who changed gender - the Corsair (see "The Doctor's Wife"). The Doctor momentarily thought himself a female upon regeneration due to his long hair in "The End of Time" and was offered an artificially induced female regeneration at the end of his eighth incarnation ("The Night of The Doctor"). Notably, the only times The Doctor has indicated that he may change genders has been when he was about to regenerate or recovering from regeneration, both of which are states in which his rationality is visibly diminished.

This story marks the first use of the term ‘Time Lady’ since the show was revived in 2005.

A female incarnation of The Master was previously mentioned to be among his various incarnations who were captured by the Sild (see the BBC Books' The Past Doctors Stories novel "Harvest of Time").

This story features various references to previous stories featuring The Master. Osgood refers to previous incidents on Earth featuring The Master, including his tenure as Prime Minister in the 2007 Tenth Doctor story "The Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords". When boarding the airbase, The Doctor believes that he is going to the Valiant, an airborne aircraft carrier built by The Master in "The Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords".

Missy tells The Doctor ‘Nice planet, this. Think I might keep it’. Missy previously told the Half-Face Man that she liked The Doctor's new accent and thought she might keep it (see "Deep Breath").

Missy is heard using the phrase ‘Oh, my giddy aunt…’. This phrase is closely associated with the Second Doctor. When she announces ‘I love the telly here!’ we’re reminded of occasions in the 1972 Third Doctor story "The Sea Devils" and in "The Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords" The Master is seen to briefly enjoy watching children's television. Finally, the way she says, ‘Happy birthday, Mr President!’ is a reference to Marilyn Monroe’s famous birthday greeting to President John F Kennedy.

Missy reveals that she was the 'woman in the shop' from whom Clara received The Doctor's phone number for Wi-Fi support ("The Bells of Saint John), as well as being the one that left the hint in a newspaper which led Clara and The Doctor to ending up in the hideout of the Clockwork Droids ("Deep Breath").

Osgood notes that UNIT has files on all ex-Prime Ministers in reference to The Master's previous incursion, commenting ‘she wasn't even the worst’ (see "The Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords").

Osgood, UNITs scientist, continues her habit of sporting clothes as a tribute to The Doctor's Tenth and Eleventh incarnations. In "The Day of The Doctor" it was a multi-coloured scarf and now she wears a pair of trainers similar to the Tenth Doctor and a bow tie that brings to mind the Eleventh Doctor’s neckwear. She is also heard to state that ‘Bow ties are cool’, a catchphrase frequently used by the Eleventh Doctor.

During this story The Doctor offers to take Osgood with him as a companion, but Missy kills her before he can make good on this promise. This is not the first time someone was offered the chance to become a companion but died before they could take up the offer. Other untimely invitees have included: Lynda Moss ("Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways"), Madame de Pompadour ("The Girl in the Fireplace"), Astrid Peth ("Voyage of the Damned") and Rita ("The God Complex").The Doctor also offered Jenny, his daughter created via genetic transfer, to become his companion in "The Doctor's Daughter").

Kate Lethbridge-Stewart is UNIT’s Chief Scientific Advisor and the daughter of The Doctor’s old friend, Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge-Stewart (AKA The Brigadier). She first appeared in the 2012 Eleventh Doctor story "The Power of Three". Like Osgood, Kate Lethbridge-Stewart was last seen during "The Day of The Doctor".

When Kate Lethbridge-Stewart is heard to say to The Doctor on meeting Clara, ‘Clara Oswald? Your assistant?’ The Doctor’s response is a swift, ‘My friend’. It is interesting to contrast The Doctor's reply with his dialogue in "Into the Dalek" where he is heard to say ‘This is Clara, not my assistant. She's… some other word’. Moments later he added she was his ‘carer’ before noting, ‘She cares so I don't have to’.

Kate Lethbridge-Stewart mentions the Valiant, the huge flying aircraft carrier that was designed by The Master. It first appeared in "The Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords". A brief glimpse of the Valiant was also seen when it appeared in a flashback during "Into the Dalek".

This story allowed the show to again pay homage to the late Nicholas Courtney, with his character, The Brigadier, appearing as a Cyberman. This was the first televised Doctor Who appearance of The Brigadier since the 1989 Seventh Doctor story "Battlefield". Nicholas Courtney has though appeared in various audios and The Sarah Jane Adventures in the intervening time period.

The Doctor is seen saluting the Cyber-converted Brigadier. He also twice saluted The Brigadier's daughter, Kate Lethbridge-Stewart ("The Power of Three" and "The Day of The Doctor"). This is despite The Doctor hating it when people salute him.

Matt Smith as the Eleventh Doctor appears for a second time since his regeneration in "The Time of The Doctor" in archive footage from "The Bells of Saint John". He last appeared in "Deep Breath".

This story features the return of Clara’s gran, the woman who tries to comfort her after Danny’s death. Last seen in the 2013 Eleventh Doctor story "The Time of The Doctor" this character is again played by Sheila Reid. Sheila Reid also previously appeared in the 1985 Sixth Doctor story "Vengeance on Varos".

The Doctor continues to refer to Danny Pink as ‘P.E.’. However, by the end of this story he states that he might yet make being a Maths teacher.

We finally learn what Danny Pink's 'bad day' was that forced him out of the army (Kill the Moon").

Danny’s body is kept in the Chaplet Funeral Home. The name of the establishment is a possible nod to the First Doctor’s companion, Dodo Chaplet, who entered the TARDIS at the end of the 1966 First Doctor story "The Massacre of St. Bartholomew's Eve", before deciding to leave during "The War Machines". "The War Machines" was the first Doctor Who story to show an invasion set in contemporary London.

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First and Last

The Firsts:

 The first Doctor Who story to be directed by Rachel Talalay.

 Michelle Gomez's first full story as Missy (AKA The Master).

 The Twelfth Doctor's first encounter with the Cybermen and The Master.

 The first televised story to feature a Time Lord who has changed gender.

 The first use of the term ‘Time Lady’ since the show was revived in 2005.

 The first story where the name of the actor playing The Doctor is not the first name to appear in the title sequence.

 The first story to show a scene during the end credits.

The Lasts (Subject to Future Stories):

 The last story of Season Thirty Four (New Series 8).

 Samuel Anderson's last appearance as Danny Pink.

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The Plot

WARNING: May Contain SpoilersHide Text
Dark Water/Death in Heaven


While Clara Oswald and Danny Pink are talking over the phone Danny is hit by a passing car. Struggling with Danny's death Clara decides to force The Doctor to make him change the past. She secretly collects all seven of the TARDIS keys before using a sleep-inducing patch on The Doctor. After the TARDIS materialises inside an active volcano The Doctor wakes up and she throws the keys one by one into the lava (as this is the only way to destroy them) unless The Doctor takes her back to save Danny, despite knowing it would create a time paradox. The Doctor soon reveals this was just a dream state - that the patch did not work on him and instead he had used it on Clara - to learn why she was so upset. Despite Clara's actions The Doctor offers, as a friend, to see if they can use the telepathic interface of the TARDIS to find Danny in the afterlife.

The TARDIS materialises in a strange mausoleum which holds nearly a hundred tanks of human skeletons under water. They are greeted by Missy, who introduces herself as an android receptionist for the 3W facility, and are taken to Dr. Chang, one of the scientists in the facility who reveals that the human skeletons are submerged in a substance called Dark Water, which only allows organic material to be seen, and that the bodies are encased in a support exoskeleton. The Doctor though is sceptical about the true nature of the 3W facility.

Meanwhile Danny has regained consciousness in a spartan office and is greeted by Seb, who reveals he is in the Nethersphere - a giant city enclosed within a sphere. Seb explains Danny has died, and helps him to get used to the new space, noting that he is still tied to the state of his body which is likely being kept in a refrigerated morgue as Danny is feeling cold. As part of this, Seb has arranged a meeting between Danny and a young boy that he had accidentally killed while he was a soldier. But while Danny tearfully tries to offer his apologies, the boy refuses and runs off.


Back at the 3W facility Dr. Chang establishes a communication signal to the Nethersphere and Clara is able to speak to Danny. While The Doctor investigates the 3W facility further Clara asks Danny a number of questions, that only he would be able to answer, to try to assure that she is really speaking to Danny. However, a distraught Danny presses Clara to end the call. Seb then offers Danny the option to delete all his emotions.

Meanwhile, as The Doctor and Dr. Chang return to the tanks, Missy starts the process to drain the tanks. Missy then points out to The Doctor a spherical device situated in the middle of the area that is the Nethersphere, which is a part of the Matrix housing minds of the deceased in edited forms. The Doctor though recognises the Nethersphere which is actually Gallifreyan technology, and Missy reveals that she is indeed a Time Lord. or rather, a Time Lady as she prefers to be called.

Forcing The Doctor to Help
Forcing The Doctor to Help

As the tanks begin to empty, the skeletons are revealed to be Cybermen. The tanks finally drain and open and The Doctor races out of the facility, to escape the advancing Cybermen, only to discover that the 3W facility was inside St Paul's Cathedral in the middle London. As The Doctor tries to warn away the civilians from the Cybermen, who begin to march on London, Missy reveals her full name is actually 'Mistress', as, in her current female form, she certainly could not call herself The Master...

Still inside the 3W facility Clara realises that she is trapped in Dr. Chang's office with one of the Cybermen. So as to stay alive Clara tries to convince it that she is The Doctor and so should be kept alive, as she is of strategic value. While outside The Doctor, Missy and the invading Cybermen are confronted by Kate Lethbridge Stewart, Osgood and a number of UNIT soldiers. When confronted by Kate, who threatens them, The Cybermen use their rocket boots to escape. The roof of St Paul's Cathedral then opens and more Cybermen fly out. As they disperse to significant population densities in the British Isles one of the Cyberman detonates itself above London, creating a dark cloud. It then starts to rain Cyber-pollen over a nearby graveyard. As sewers and gutters overflow the water gets into the Chaplet Funeral Home and animates the newly converted Cybermen within. One of these is revealed to be Danny Pink who then rescues Clara who has failed to convince the Cybermen that she is The Doctor. Danny shots the Cybermen and knocks Clara unconscious. When, Clara wakes up, she finds herself in a graveyard just as Cybermen start climbing out of their graves. But instead of attacking her the Cybermen just wander aimlessly around as if they are waiting for instructions.

Meanwhile The Doctor and Missy, having been sedated by UNIT, find themselves aboard an aircraft called 'Boat One' and The Doctor is the newly inaugurated President of Earth, commander in chief of all armies on the planet with complete authority in every nation. As a council discusses the graves and what the best plan of action is to stop the Cybermen taking over the Earth, Missy is being held captive in another part of the airplane. However, unbeknown to Osgood, who is in the same part of the plane, Missy has already escaped from her bonds. After taunting and then killing Osgood, Missy presses a button on her bracelet which causes a horde of flying Cybermen to attack Boat One forcing the airplane to lose altitude. With Boat One going down The Doctor and Kate confront Missy who arranges for a section of the plane to be blown out sucking Kate out of the plane. Missy then orders the Cybermen to destroy the plane, with The Doctor still aboard, before teleporting away just before Boat One explodes. The Doctor though is thrown clear of the debris and using his TARDIS key he summons the TARDIS to him as he hurtles through the air. Just before he reaches the ground The Doctor manages to catch and enter the TARDIS.

Cyber Invasion
Cyber Invasion

Back on Earth Clara discovers the Cyberman, that was once Danny, in the graveyard. Danny asks her to turn on his emotion inhibitor but Clara is unsure of how to do this. The TARDIS then materialises in the graveyard and The Doctor warns Clara not to turn on the inhibitor because if she deletes Danny's emotions he will revert to a Cyberman and then he will kill her. Danny though denies that he will do this. The Doctor tries to get Danny to tell him what the cloud will do. Danny though is unable to tell him as he is not fully integrated into the Cyber hivemind. This prompts Clara to take The Doctor's sonic screwdriver which she uses to enable Danny's emotional inhibitor. This enables him to tell The Doctor that the cloud will convert all of humanity into Cybermen.

Missy then teleports into the graveyard, demonstrating her full control of the Cybermen now assembled. She then gives The Doctor a bracelet, allowing him the same control, as a birthday gift, so that he can now save everyone he wants to save and right all the wrongs in the universe. The Doctor though refuses to control the Cybermen army. Instead he points out to Missy that one of the Cybermen is not under her control before throwing the bracelet to Danny, who puts it on and assumes control of the Cybermen. He promises Clara that she will 'sleep safe tonight' before flying into the cloud with the rest of the Cybermen and destroying it, himself and all the other Cybermen.

Clara threatens to kill Missy with her own weapon; The Doctor takes it from her and prepares to do it himself to spare Clara the trauma of killing someone. But before he can kill Missy a blast from behind them hits Missy. The Doctor and Clara discover a Cyberman is behind them. It lowers its weapon and points toward another section of the graveyard where Kate, who is still alive despite being sucked out of the airplane, is lying on the ground. The Doctor, realising that the Cyberman who shot Missy is in fact Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart, remarks 'The Earth's darkest hour. Where else would you be?' before saluting him. The Cyberman-Brigadier then flies up into the sky.

Kate Lethbridge-Stewart
Kate Lethbridge-Stewart

Two weeks later, Clara awakes in the middle of the night to find a portal to the Nethersphere in her hallway. Danny speaks through it, saying that his bracelet allows one trip to or from the Nethersphere - he then sends the young boy, that he accidentally killed while serving in the army, through the portal telling her to find the boy's parents. He says he is sorry before the portal closes.

Sometime afterwards, Clara meets The Doctor with the intention of telling him about Danny's ultimate fate, but The Doctor interrupts her with the news he has found Gallifrey at the co-ordinates given to him by Missy before she was killed. This though is revealed to be a lie, which The Doctor discovered earlier when he travelled to the coordinates and found nothing but empty space and so Missy had the last laugh. The Doctor does not tell Clara this so as not to make her feel bad about not wanting to travel with him any more, as he has assumed Clara has met with him to end their time-travelling together. Clara in turn lies to The Doctor about Danny's final sacrifice, instead making it seem as if she and Danny are going to settle down and resume their relationship. They leave the restaurant and as The Doctor enters his TARDIS, Clara thanks him for making her feel special. He thanks her for exactly the same thing and dematerialises the TARDIS leaving Clara to continue her life without either The Doctor or Danny.

Shortly afterwards The Doctor, alone in his TARDIS, hears someone knocking on the door, telling him that it can not end like this and that neither Clara nor The Doctor is 'okay'. The voice turns out to be that of Santa Claus, who enters the TARDIS and asks The Doctor what he wants for Christmas.

Missy Is The Master
Missy Is The Master
I Am The Doctor
I Am The Doctor
The Death of Osgood
The Death of Osgood
Cyber Danny
Cyber Danny
The Death of Missy
The Death of Missy
The Brigadier
The Brigadier
Goodby Clara
Goodby Clara
Hello Santa
Hello Santa

Quote of the Story

 'I am not a good man! I'm not a bad man. I'm not a hero. I'm definitely not a President, and no, I'm not an officer. You know who I am? I AM... an idiot, with a box and a screwdriver, passing through, helping out, learning. I don't need an army, I never have. Because I've got them, always them, because love is not an emotion; love is a promise, and he will never hurt her. P.E.! Catch! You didn't notice, did you? While you were doing all your silly orders, while you were showing off, the one soldier not obeying?'

The Doctor

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Release Information

FormatTitleRelease Date (UK)Code NumberCover ArtRemarks
The Complete Eighth Series Box SetNovember 2014BBCDVD 3935Photo-montageDVD boxed set containing 11 stories
The Complete Eighth Series Box SetNovember 2014BBCBD 0272Photo-montageBlu-Ray boxed set containing 11 stories
The Complete Eighth Series Box Set (BBC Shop Exclusive)November 2014BBCDVD 4003Photo-montageDVD boxed set containing 11 stories
The Complete Eighth Series Box Set (BBC Shop Exclusive)November 2014BBCBD 0289Photo-montageBlu-Ray boxed set containing 11 stories
Original Television Soundtrack - Series 8May 2015Photo-montageMusic by Murray Gold

In Print

No Book Release
Doctor Who Magazine - PreviewIssue 479 (Released: December 2014)
Doctor Who Magazine - ReviewIssue 481 (Released: January 2015)

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Photo Gallery

The Doctor and Companion/Acquaintance

Peter Capaldi
The Twelfth Doctor


Jenna-Louise Coleman
Clara Oswald
Samuel Anderson
Danny Pink

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Complete Series DVD Box Set
Complete Series DVD Box Set

Complete Series Blu-Ray Box Set
Complete Series Blu-Ray Box Set

Complete Series DVD Box Set (BBC Shop Exclusive)
Complete Series DVD Box Set (BBC Shop Exclusive)

Complete Series Blu-Ray Box Set (BBC Shop Exclusive)
Complete Series Blu-Ray Box Set (BBC Shop Exclusive)

Original Television Soundtrack Cover
Original Television Soundtrack Cover



Doctor Who Magazine - Preview: Issue 479
Doctor Who Magazine - Preview: Issue 479

Marvel Comics
Doctor Who Magazine - Review: Issue 481
Doctor Who Magazine - Review: Issue 481

Marvel Comics

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