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As an Acquaintance:
Rose, Aliens of London/World War Three, Boom Town, Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways, The Christmas Invasion, New Earth, School Reunion

As a Companion:
The Girl in the Fireplace, Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel, Army of Ghosts/Doomsday, The Stolen Earth/Journey's End, The End of Time
Mickey Smith
Mickey Smith
(2005, 2006, 2008 & 2010)
Noel Clarke
 London born Noel Clarke is a multi-talented actor, writer and producer. He was born in December 1975.
In 1999 he starred in the controversial Channel 4 series Metrosexuality. In 2002 he won the role of Wyman Norris in the hugely successful revival of Auf Wiedersehen, Pet reprising the part for the follow-up series and 2004 Christmas Special making a total of fourteen episodes.
Other television appearance include an episode of The Bill (2000), three episodes of Casualty (2001), fourteen episodes of Auf Wiedersehen, Pet (2002 – 2004). An episode of Holby City (2004) and an episode of A Touch of Frost (2004).
His performance in Where Do We Live at the Royal Court Theatre won him the 2003 Laurence Olivier Theatre Award for Most Promising Newcomer of 2002. Even though he appeared, as Rose Tyler’s boyfriend Mickey Smith, in "Rose" – the first story of the revived series of Doctor Who in 2005 he did not formerly become a companion until the 2006 story "The Girl in the Fireplace".
Since leaving Doctor Who at the end of "Army of Ghosts/Doomsday" he made two brief returns (in 2008 and 2010). He also narrated the 2009 episode of Doctor Who Confidential titled "Desert Storm".
Noel Clarke also wrote the 2006 episode of Torchwood titled "Combat". He also has written the films Kidulthood and Lick', which he also produced. He has also written, directed and starred in the films Adulthood (2008) and (2010).
 In some ways, it is easiest to think of Mickey as a ‘pseudo-companion’ in the same sense as the Third Doctor’s old colleagues in UNIT; a long-term ally of The Doctor despite the fact that he did not immediately start to travel in the TARDIS when he and The Doctor first met.

When The Doctor initially met Mickey, Mickey was dating The Doctor’s future companion Rose Tyler, although the available evidence suggests that the relationship was more serious for Mickey than it was for Rose. Although the two generally seemed content together, Rose was easily the more outgoing of the two, Mickey content to kick back at a pub and watch a football game after the destruction of the department store where Rose worked while Rose investigated the strange man she’d met during the explosion, eventually learning his true identity as the Ninth Doctor. Although Mickey was briefly replaced by an Auton duplicate to try and question Rose about The Doctor, The Doctor was able to use the duplicate to track down the Nestene Consciousness, subsequently inviting Rose to travel with him after she helped stop his old enemy, Rose saying goodbye to Mickey - thanking him for doing nothing for her - before she entered the TARDIS, Mickey too shaken at the sight of the TARDIS and the proof of alien life to join her ("Rose").

School Reunion
School Reunion
When The Doctor and Rose returned to the Powell Estate, it was to learn that, due to a mistake in the coordinates, The Doctor had arrived back there twelve months after leaving with Rose rather than the twelve hours he had been aiming for, resulting in Mickey being particularly angry at The Doctor; with no real evidence of what had happened to Rose, he had become a suspect in her murder when investigations into her disappearance had begun. During this second meeting, The Doctor and Mickey developed a certain antagonistic relationship, Mickey resenting what The Doctor had done to his life - also demonstrating a certain knowledge of The Doctor’s past due to his research into the man who’d departed with Rose, such as The Doctor’s old ties to UNIT, although he was apparently still ignorant of specifics such as The Doctor’s ability to regenerate - while The Doctor appeared jealous of Rose’s still-close relationship with Mickey, constantly calling him ‘Ricky the Idiot’ (Although it was never established if he actually genuinely forgot Mickey’s name or was just doing it to be annoying). Despite their antagonistic relationship at this time, after Mickey helped The Doctor thwart The Slitheen’s attempts to trigger World War Three by launching a missile at Ten Downing Street, The Doctor appeared to display a certain respect for Mickey, even leaving him a disc containing a computer virus that could wipe all record of The Doctor from the Internet, although Mickey apparently never used it ("Aliens of London/World War Three"). This treatment of Mickey continued in their later meetings, with The Doctor refusing to visit Mickey after working with him to defeat the alien Queevils because he would have had to admit that Mickey had done a good job ("Winner Takes All"), and Mickey feeling uncomfortably out of place amid the new TARDIS crew when he met new companion Captain Jack Harkness during a brief stop-off in Cardiff while the TARDIS refuelled, even going so far as to yell at Rose for leaving him to travel with The Doctor like he meant nothing yet still expecting him to come running whenever she asked for him ("Boom Town").

The Girl in the Fireplace
The Girl in the Fireplace
After Mickey and Jackie were convinced to help Rose operate the TARDIS to help The Doctor stop the Dalek attack on Earth in 200 100 ("Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways"), the two of them were only reunited with Rose and The Doctor on Christmas Eve of that year, the TARDIS crash-landing in the Powell Estate and the newly-regenerated Tenth Doctor emerging from the ship before collapsing due to the strain of his latest regeneration. Having regained consciousness in time to defeat the invading Sycorax ("The Christmas Invasion"), the new Doctor proved far more friendly to Mickey and Jackie than his previous incarnation had been, no longer referring to Mickey as ‘the idiot’ and valuing his aid when he attracted their attention to recent strange occurrences at Deffrey Vale School. Following this adventure - which included a meeting with The Doctor’s old companions Sarah Jane Smith and K9, Mickey teasingly commenting to The Doctor that Sarah and Rose’s meeting was the equivalent of ‘the missus and the ex... every man's worst nightmare’ - ("School Reunion"), Mickey asked to travel with The Doctor officially, but despite enjoying their subsequent trip to a spaceship ("The Girl in the Fireplace"), he still felt out of place in the well-formed team of The Doctor and Rose. As a result, when the TARDIS unintentionally travelled to an alternate Earth ("Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel") and confronted the Cybermen of that world - during which Mickey met and witnessed the death of his other self as the other Mickey (Coincidentally known as ‘Ricky’; whether the Ninth Doctor knew about that other world or if it was just a coincidence was never established) aided The Doctor and the others in disabling the Cyber-conversion factory in London -, he decided to remain in his new reality, recognising that Rose no longer needed him while this new world could use his assistance, particularly with his grandmother - deceased in his home reality - still alive in that world.

The Stolen Earth/Journey's End
The Stolen Earth/Journey's End
When Mickey next appeared, he had returned to The Doctor’s universe with the aid of teleportation technology developed by that reality’s Torchwood ("Army of Ghosts/Doomsday"), having traced the Cybermen - who had managed to escape that reality - into the other universe by tracking a Void Ship - a ship existing outside the normal universe -, believing that it held the Cybermen’s leader... only to be shocked to learn, as he reunited with Rose in front of the Void Ship, that it actually contained four Daleks in the form of the Cult of Skaro - an elite group of Daleks who dared to have imagination and names to think like the enemy and find new ways of killing -, attempting to unleash a Dalek army from a Time Lord prison ship that they had salvaged before the end of the Time War. Although their plan worked when Mickey came into contact with the ship, the temporal energy his body had absorbed in the TARDIS opening the prison and triggering a Dalek/Cyberman war as the two races fought each other for the right to conquer Earth, The Doctor took advantage of the fact that they had each passed through the Void between universes by sealing the rift that they had created, drawing all particles of void-matter that remained on this side of the rift - including the particles that the Daleks and Cybermen had absorbed by passing through the Void - back into it, although Mickey, Rose, and Jackie had to return to the other universe in order to prevent themselves being sucked through the rift themselves. During this time The Doctor and Mickey’s relationship, although only briefly shown, was a more straightforward friendship based on respect for the other’s skills, The Doctor smiling broadly at Mickey upon being reunited with him while Mickey jokingly called The Doctor ‘boss’, Pete Tyler commenting that Mickey had told everyone in that reality that The Doctor was good at what he did.

The End of Time
The End of Time
Mickey returned again in The Stolen Earth/Journey's End", when Davros’s actions with the Reality Bomb - a weapon that was capable of destroying existence - resulted in the dimensional barriers breaking down, allowing Rose, Mickey and Jackie to return to this universe to try and aid The Doctor in this new fight with the Daleks. Having saved Sarah Jane Smith from a Dalek attack, Mickey, Jackie and Sarah infiltrated the Crucible - the Dalek headquarters - where they were able to track down Jack Harkness, although their attempt to destroy the Crucible failed. However, thanks to the creation of a part-human clone of The Doctor, the small army of companions - mocking referred to by Davros as the ‘Children of Time’ - were able to deactivate the reality bomb and set the Daleks to self-destruct, Mickey deciding to remain in this reality after the death of his alternate grandmother while Rose, Jackie and The Doctor’s clone returned to their new world. Mickey made a final brief appearance in "The End of Time", where it was revealed that he had married The Doctor’s other companion Martha Jones, the two going into business as freelance alien hunters, the on-the-verge-of-regenerating Tenth Doctor paying them a brief visit to save them from a renegade Sontaran before he departed to prepare for his ‘death’, Mickey and Martha embracing in the knowledge that this was the last time they would see ‘their’ Doctor.
Memorable Moment
Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel
Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel
When the TARDIS arrives in an alternative universe The Doctor warns his travelling companions Rose and Mickey not to interfere with this world. But despite this Mickey decides to go and see his grandmother, but while there he is mistaken for a member of an underground resistance group against Cybus Industries called the Preachers. Mickey finds himself bundled into the back of a van as it seems the Preachers believe Mickey is their leader, Ricky and so everyone is in for a shock when they arrive at their headquarters, and find that Ricky is already there.

When Mickey encounters his alternative self instead of a warm welcome he finds himself tied up and interrogated by his alternative self. But Ricky and the Preachers are baffled by Mickey’s presence. Despite this Mickey finds himself accompanying the Preachers on their latest attack against Cybus Industries. Mickey though is complete unaware that he is about to face the Cybermen.
Television Stories
Format Story Doctor Fellow Companions Season Episodes
Television Rose The 9th Doctor Rose Tyler and Jackie Tyler Season 27 (New Series 1) 1
Television Aliens of London/World War Three The 9th Doctor Rose Tyler and Jackie Tyler Season 27 (New Series 1) 2
Television Boom Town The 9th Doctor Rose Tyler and Captain Jack Harkness Season 27 (New Series 1) 1
Television Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways The 9th Doctor Rose Tyler, Jackie Tyler and Captain Jack Harkness Season 27 (New Series 1) 2
Television The Christmas Invasion The 10th Doctor Rose Tyler and Jackie Tyler Season 28 (New Series 2) 1
Television New Earth The 10th Doctor Rose Tyler and Jackie Tyler Season 28 (New Series 2) 1
Television School Reunion The 10th Doctor Rose Tyler, Sarah Jane Smith and K9 Season 28 (New Series 2) 1
Television The Girl in the Fireplace The 10th Doctor Rose Tyler Season 28 (New Series 2) 1
Television Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel The 10th Doctor Rose Tyler and Jackie Tyler Season 28 (New Series 2) 2
Television Army of Ghosts/Doomsday The 10th Doctor Rose Tyler and Jackie Tyler Season 28 (New Series 2) 2
Television The Stolen Earth/Journey's End The 10th Doctor Rose Tyler, Jackie Tyler, Captain Jack Harkness, Sarah Jane Smith, K9, Donna Noble, Martha Jones and Wilfred Mott Season 30 (New Series 4) 2
Television The End of Time The 10th Doctor Rose Tyler, Jackie Tyler, Captain Jack Harkness, Sarah Jane Smith, Donna Noble, Martha Jones and Wilfred Mott Season 31 (New Series 4 Specials) 1
Total Stories:   12 Total Episodes:   17
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