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Astrid Peth
Voyage of the Damned
Astrid Peth
Astrid Peth
Kylie Minogue
Kylie Ann Minogue was born in May 1968. The eldest of three children, Kylie's acting career began early, but it was her role as Charlene in the Australian soap Neighbours (1986-1988) which established her as an international star. Her singing career began shortly afterwards when she signed with PWL Records and hit-makers Stock/Aitken/Waterman in 1987. Five albums and a greatest hits compilation followed, and she made history by having more than 20 consecutive top ten hits in the UK. Her motion picture debut came with the starring role of Lola in The Delinquents in 1989. She left PWL Records in 1992 to follow a more mature musical direction. In 2005 she provided the voice of Florence in the film version of The Magic Roundabout. Then in 2007 she played the part of Astrid Perth before returning again to pursue her pop career.
 Like Katarina and Claire Aldwych, Astrid Peth will always be remembered by The Doctor as one of the companions that never was, being a young woman who had the potential to be a loyal long-term companion and dear friend if it weren’t for her sacrifice during their first meeting.

Astrid With The Doctor
Astrid With The Doctor
 A native of the planet Ston - a planet with an apparently human-like species as the dominant life forms, although operating on a far superior technological level to Earth in the twenty-first century -, Astrid met The Doctor when she was working as a waitress on the Starship Titanic for Max Capricorn Cruise Liners, designed as a duplicate of Earth’s most famous ship (The tour guides’ knowledge of Earth history was limited, to the extent that they believed England went to war with Turkey on Christmas Eve to eat the people of Turkey for Christmas dinner, to say nothing of the lack of knowledge of why the Titanic was famous). Having spent three years waitressing at a space-port diner, Astrid had always wanted to travel the stars and experience more than what she had encountered so far, but was only able to go anywhere while still waiting tables on the ship.

 While in orbit around Earth, Astrid encountered the Tenth Doctor - the TARDIS having run into the Titanic while he was repairing the ship after The Master cannibalised it to make a Paradox Machine (The Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords"), The Doctor decided to check the Titanic out in more detail out of curiosity - when he helped her pick up a broken glass, the two quickly bonding over their mutual desire for travel, to the point where The Doctor participated in a trip down to Earth just so that Astrid could see another planet. Unfortunately, the trip was cut short when the teleporters that took the passengers to Earth were shut down - the tour group being automatically recalled to the ship -, followed by the Titanic shields being lowered just in time to be struck by a meteor storm, destroying most of the ship and killing several passengers.

 With the TARDIS falling to Earth after the destruction of the section it had materialised in, and the Titanic’s engines rapidly losing power, The Doctor was forced to lead a small group of survivors to the bridge, determined to save them and stop the Titanic from crashing into Earth as its nuclear storm-drive would destroy all life on the planet if it detonated. As the passengers fought to escape death at the hands of the Host - the angel-like robots that served as information sources, now apparently programmed to kill all surviving passengers -, The Doctor grew more attached to Astrid as he witnessed her compassion for a cyborg despite her peoples’ prejudice against them. Further drawn to The Doctor after his admission that Earth had become his new home after the loss of his original one, Astrid not only expressed a wish to continue travelling with The Doctor after this crisis, was over but even gave him a kiss for luck as he departed to confront the Host’s master.

 Armed with an EMP generator salvaged from a cyborg passenger who had given his life to save the others, Astrid was able to lead the rest of their group to safety. Despite the risk to herself, Astrid convinced the others to provide her with a working teleportation bracelet to allow her to help The Doctor, witnessing his confrontation with Max Capricorn - the controller of the Host, reduced to a cyborg life-support system and attempting to stage a disaster to bankrupt his company after being voted out by the board by crashing Titanic and destroying Earth -, subsequently driving Max into the ship’s engines with a fork-lift truck to save The Doctor, sacrificing herself in the process.

Kissing The Doctor
Kissing The Doctor
 Although The Doctor was able to subsequently save the Titanic and the remaining few passengers - thanks in no small part to the Host now regarding him as the controller with Max’s death having left him the highest source of authority on the ship, allowing him to reach the bridge and use the heat of re-entry to fire up the ship’s secondary engines -, his attempts to rescue Astrid by using the emergency recall circuit in her bracelet failed, the system being too badly damaged to fully reconstitute Astrid’s body and mind. With no way to save her physically, The Doctor instead used the sonic screwdriver to disperse the last of Astrid’s consciousness, sending her out to wander the universe forever as she’d wanted. Although he regretted his inability to save her life, The Doctor was comforted by the advice of fellow survivor Mr Copper, who noted that The Doctor would be a monster if he could choose who lived and died, The Doctor helping Mr Copper start a new life on Earth - there being nothing for Mr Copper back on his homeworld - before he departed, both of them promising each other that they would always remember Astrid’s sacrifice.

 Even after regenerating and experiencing other losses, The Doctor continues to remember Astrid; when the Eleventh Doctor faced The Shroud ("Shroud of Sorrow"), a being that fed on grief by manifesting as the faces of deceased loved ones to torment its victims, it first appeared to him by manifesting Astrid’s face in a reflection in a pool of water in the TARDIS, demonstrating the scale of her impact on him even after experiencing other losses since then.

Memorable Moment
Astrid's Sacrifice
Astrid's Sacrifice
 After Astrid sacrifices herself, by ramming Max Capricorn with a fork-lift truck which results in them both falling over a precipice and into the fiery engine of the ship, The Doctor, on gaining control of the ship, suddenly realises that there might be hope for Astrid after all. Using a safety feature of the ship's teleport system in case of accident he attempts to retrieve her molecules that are still stored in the teleport system ’s buffers.

However, despite his desperate efforts, only a shadow of Astrid can be generated due to extensive damage to the teleport system. Realising that he is going to have to let her go The Doctor watches her dissipate into motes of light that float free into space. At least she can at least fulfil her dream of exploring the universe, forever.
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