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Matt Smith
The Time of The Doctor
Eleventh Doctor Logo


 The Doctor dies on Trenzaiore. It's a fact.

 He's seen it. His own tomb, somewhere out there in his future.

 The Great Intelligence knew it to be true: 'One day, it was just too much for the old man', The Doctor's death is inevitable - and the time has come for him to return to Trenzaiore to fight his final battle.

 The massed forces of the universe's deadliest alien species are drawn to a quiet planet by a mysterious message echoing out to the stars.

 But first, there's Christmas dinner to prepare...

General Information

Season: Thirty Three (New Series 7) Specials
Production Code: 7-16
Story Number: 241 (New Series: 85)
Episode Number:800 (New Series: 104)
Number of Episodes: 1
Percentage of Episodes Held:100%
Production Dates: September - October 2013
Broadcast Date: 25 December 2013
Colour Status: HD Colour
Studio: BBC Wales (Roath Lock Studios, Cardiff)
Writer:Steven Moffat
Director:Jamie Payne
Producer:Marcus Wilson
Executive Producers:Brian Minchin and Steven Moffat
Assistant Directors:Gareth Jones and Louisa Cavell
Script Supervisor:Steve Walker
Script Editor:Derek Ritchie
Editor:St. John O'Rorke
Production Executive:Julie Scott
Production Assistant:Katie Player
Post Production Supervisor:Nerys Davies
Production Designer:Michael Pickwoad
Director of Photography:Neville Kidd
Casting Director:Andy Pryor CDG
Line Producer:Des Hughes
Costume Designer:Howard Burden
Make-Up Designer:Lin Davie
Cameramen:Kyle Brown (Assistant), Natalie Davies (Assistant), Peter Lowden (Assistant), Mark McQuoid (Operator) and Martin Stephens (Operator)
Incidental Music:Murray Gold
Special Sounds (SFX Editor):Paul Jefferies
Sound Recordist:Deian Llyr Humphreys
Visual Effects:BBC Wales Visual Effects and Milk
Special Effects:Real SFX
Prosthetics:Millennium FX
Stunt Co-ordinator:Crispin Layfield
Stunt Performers:Dani Biernat, Daz Parker, Gordon Seed, Lloyd Bass and Stephen Walsh
Title Sequence:Frame Store
Title Music:Ron Grainer and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Arranged by Murray Gold
Miniature Effects: The Model Unit
Daleks Created By: Terry Nation
Cybermen Created By: Kit Pedler and Gerry Davis
Sontarans Created By: Robert Holmes
Music Performed By: The BBC National Orchestra of Wales
Music Conducted and Orchestrated By: Ben Foster
Music Mixed By: Jake Jackson
Music Recorded By: Gerry O'Riordan
Number of Doctors: 2
The Doctors: Matt Smith (The Eleventh Doctor) (Regenerates) and Peter Capaldi (The Twelfth Doctor) (Newly Regenerated)
Number of Companions: 2The Companions: Jenna-Louise Coleman (Clara Oswald) and Kayvan Novak (Handles) (Joins and Dies) Guest Cast: Karen Gillan (Amy Pond), Tessa Peake-Jones (Marta) Additional Cast: Orla Brady (Tasha Lem), James Buller (Dad), Elizabeth Rider (Linda), Sheila Reid (Gran), Mark Brighton (Colonel Albero), Rob Jarvis (Abramal), Jack Hollington (Barnable), Sonita Henry (Colonel Meme), Tom Gibbins (Young Man), Ken Bones (Voice), Aidan Cook (Cyberman), Nicholas Briggs (Voice of the Daleks & Cybermen), Barnaby Edwards (Dalek 1), Nicholas Pegg (Dalek 2), Ross Mullan (Silent), Dan Starkey (Sontaran), Sarah Madison (Weeping Angel)Setting: Christmas, Trenzalore and London (25 December 2013) Villains: Cybermen, Daleks, Sontarans, The Silence and The Weeping Angels

The Episodes

No. Episodes Broadcast
Duration Viewers
In Archive
800The Time of The Doctor25 December 201361'00"11.1Yes

Total Duration 1 Hour 1 Minute

Audience Appreciation

Average Viewers (Millions) 11.1
Doctor Who Magazine Poll (2014)72.85%  (Position = 95 out of 241)


 This story exists and is held in the BBC's Film and Videotape Library.

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This story is BBC One's annual Christmas Day Doctor Who story for 2013. It was broadcast just one month after the Fiftieth Anniversary Special "The Day of The Doctor".

After the events that took place in "The Day of The Doctor" we now know that The Doctor is in his final incarnation. The Doctor is also aware that his ultimate end awaits him on the planet Trenzalore, having already visited his own grave in "The Name of The Doctor". This story reveals how he overcame the seemingly impossible hurdle of being able to continue regenerating. It is the last to star Matt Smith (as the Eleventh Doctor) and saw him hand over the role of The Doctor to Peter Capaldi (the Twelfth Doctor).

This story is the third instalment in a loose trilogy of stories, following "The Name of The Doctor" and "The Day of The Doctor", which together serve as the Eleventh Doctor's swan song. This story addresses numerous plot threads developed over the course of Matt Smith's tenure, including the prophecy of The Silence and The Doctor's fate on the planet Trenzalore. This story is also the 800th individual episode of Doctor Who, the ninth Christmas special since the show's 2005 revival, and Matt Smith's fourth and final Christmas Special as the Eleventh Doctor.

This is the second time that the Cybermen have appeared in a regeneration story (following the 1966 story "The Tenth Planet") and the second time the Cybermen have appeared in a Christmas special, after "The Next Doctor" in 2008.

On the 23rd November 2013, the teaser trailer shown after "The Day of The Doctor" revealed that the Daleks, Weeping Angels, and The Silence would be appearing in this story. Sontaran ships are also visible on a poster and trailer, Silurian ships are also seen. Also revealed in the trailer is The Doctor's return to Trenzalore and the tagline 'Silence Will Fall', which has been repeated throughout the Eleventh Doctor's era.

The Doctor is accompanied by Clara Oswald who is played by Jenna Coleman. Joining them is Orla Brady as Tasha Lem, a character who is an old friend of The Doctor's. Orla Brady is best known for her role as Elizabeth Bishop in the US television series Fringe. She has also appeared in The Deep, Sinbad and Poirot.

This story guest stars Karen Gillan as Amy Pond and introduced Peter Capaldi as the Twelfth Doctor. Both appear at the very end of this story. The scene with Peter Capaldi was shot on Thursday 3rd October 2013. Peter also shot his cameo appearance for "The Day of The Doctor" at the same time.

Also starring is Tessa Peake-Jones who is best known for her role as Raquel in Only Fools and Horses. She has also appeared in Holby City and Marchlands.

Rob Jarvis, who played the regular role of Eddie in Hustle, also guest stars.

Sheila Reid, who plays Clara’s gran, is best known for her role as Madge in Benidorm but she has also appeared in Call the Midwife, Casualty and many National Theatre productions. Doctor Who fans though may remember her as Etta in the 1985 Sixth Doctor story "Vengeance of Varos".

Elizabeth Rider - who plays Linda - previously played the part of Ellen in The Sarah Jane Adventures story "Lost in Time".

Nicholas Briggs again provided the voices of both the Cybermen and the Daleks.

This story was directed by Jamie Payne who previously directed "Hide".

This story also marked the departure of Producer Marcus Wilson who finished working on Doctor Who when Matt Smith's final scene was filmed.

Before filming for this special began in September 2013, Matt Smith agreed to play a role in the American film, How to Catch a Monster. His character in that film was depicted as having a thug-like buzz cut, which meant Smith had to have his hair completely shorn off. By the time the filming was underway for the special, Matt Smith's hair had not grown back enough to fill out the Eleventh Doctor's hairstyle. He therefore had his head shaved bald and donned a Eleventh Doctor hairpiece, which also made it easier for makeup artists to apply ageing effects by using older-looking hairpieces.

The read through for this story took place in Cardiff on Wednesday 4th September, 2013. Filming then began on Sunday 8th September 2013 and the final day of the shoot came a little under a month later on Saturday 5th October.

On the 10th September 2013 Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman were seen filming on location in Cardiff. The location was Lydstep Flats, which have been previously used in Season Twenty Seven (New Series 1) and Season Twenty Eight (New Series 2) as the Powell Estate where Rose Tyler lived with her mother Jackie.

On the 19th September 2013 scenes were being filmed in the evening at Puzzlewood where fake snow was used.

The final day’s filming mainly involved Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman in the TARDIS but the very last sequence to be completed featured Matt Smith on his own. Straight after the wrap, Steven Moffat - who had been on set to see the historic final moment - paid tribute to Matt Smith and his time on the show.

In this story The Doctor faced some of the more formidable foes that he has encountered in his most recent incarnations, including the Cybermen, The Weeping Angels, the Silence, and - of course - the Daleks! Also mentioned are the Terileptils. These foes have not been seen for 31 years when they debuted in the 1982 Fifth Doctor story "The Visitation".

While the species themselves are not mentioned in this story, Judoon rockets ("Smith and Jones" and "The Pandorica Opens") and Silurian Arks ("Dinosaurs on a Spaceship") can be seen among the fleets orbiting Trenzalore.

This is the eighth story overall to feature both Daleks and Cybermen in major roles, preceded by "The Five Doctors", "Army of Ghosts/Doomsday" and "The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang". Both Daleks and Cybermen also featured in the 1989 stage show "The Ultimate Adventure" and the video games "Return to Earth", "The Mazes of Time" and "The Eternity Clock".

This is also only the second time the Daleks have featured in two consecutive stories (excluding multi-part stories and flashbacks). The first time was in the 1973 Third Doctor stories "Frontier in Space" and "Planet of the Daleks" (where both stories deal with parts of the same Dalek threat). In this story and the preceding story, "The Day of The Doctor", some time has elapsed between both events and they both involve two separate Dalek threats.

The Daleks now once again remember The Doctor (see "Asylum of the Daleks") due to harvesting the information from Tasha Lem's mind.

It is revealed that The Doctor found Handles at the Maldovar Market which could be a reference to Dorium Maldovar who was first seen in the 2010 story "The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang". It was Dorium who first said the line, ‘The oldest question in the universe, hidden in plain sight…’ which The Doctor quotes in this story.

To allow translation of the message, The Doctor uses a Seal of the High Council of Gallifrey. He states that he 'nicked it off The Master in the Death Zone.’. The event he is referring to occurred in the 1983 Twentieth Anniversary special "The Five Doctors". The Third Doctor took the object from his old enemy incorrectly assuming that the Master had himself stolen it. In that story he claimed he would return it ‘at the first opportunity’. But as The Doctor has encountered the High Council on several subsequent occasions since we can assume that this has slipped his mind!

The town of Christmas has a small graveyard with headstones identical to those in the mass grave from Trenzalore's alternate future (see "The Name of The Doctor").

In the town of Christmas a truth field is in force. It is revealed that The Doctor already knows about such fields, but hasn't encountered one for ages.

The Doctor is heard to mention Easter Island. In the 2011 story "The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon" he and River Song had a conversation in which River Song suggested that the Eleventh Doctor had been worshipped there!

The children’s game, ‘Blind man’s bluff’ has been a recurring diversion throughout part of the Eleventh Doctor’s era. We witnessed Rory playing the game in the 2011 story "Let’s Kill Hitler" and The Doctor gives it a whirl in "The Name of The Doctor". In this story it is Barnable who dons the blindfold and as with the other two instances of the game, things do not end well.

The Doctor is heard to say 'reverse the polarity' again ("The Day of The Doctor"). This was a favourite phrase of the Third Doctor.

The Doctor traps a Weeping Angel with a mirror so that it can't help but look at itself.

During the celebrations following his defeat of the wooden Cyberman, we hear The Doctor say ‘There’s me arm-wrestling a Draconian!’ The Draconians were a powerful race encountered by the Third Doctor in the 1973 story "Frontier in Space". Although that was the only adventure the species appeared in they were referenced much later in "The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang".

The Cybermen are shown to use the Cybus phrase 'Delete' in one of the drawings.

A drawing of what may be one of the Racnoss is seen hanging on the wall of the clock tower.

The greatest fear in The Doctor's room from "The God Complex" is revealed to have been a Crack in Time.

The Doctor explains that the Cracks in Time and the events of the reboot of the Universe to Clara ("The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang").

The Doctor again uses the phone on the outside of the TARDIS (as he did in" The Bells of Saint John" and "The Day of The Doctor") despite having previously claimed that it is not a real phone ("The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances"). It is revealed that this is because he keeps forgetting to patch it back through the phone on the console ("Aliens of London/World War Three " and "The Beast Below").

Clara now has her own TARDIS key (see "The Rings of Akhaten" and "Hide").

The Doctor tricks Clara into returning home in the TARDIS, presumably using Emergency Program One, although modified in that the TARDIS was programmed to return to him after Clara's departure. The Ninth Doctor previously tricked Rose Tyler into returning home in the TARDIS, and just like Clara, she manages to return both herself and the TARDIS to The Doctor ("Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways").

This is not the first time someone has travelled through the Vortex on the outside of the TARDIS. This was previously done by Captain Jack Harkness, in the 2007 Tenth Doctor story "Utopia", and by The Doctor himself in "Hide".

The Doctor visibly ages during the 300 years between when he sends Clara home and when she returns, gaining grey hair, wrinkles and requiring a cane to walk. By the time Tasha Lem returns Clara once again, he has aged significantly further; it is unknown how much time passed between Clara's second and third visits.

When The Doctor and Clara visit the Church of Silence they are naked - the 'clothes' they are seen wearing are hologram clothes.

The Silence are revealed to be high ranking Confessional Priests of the Papal Mainframe (later 'The Church of Silence'), which were genetically engineered to allow people to confess their sins without remembering doing so, accomplished by fashioning the priests so anyone looking at them would forget their encounter when they looked away.

It is revealed that Madame Kovarian led a faction of the Church of Silence that broke off and travelled back along The Doctor's timeline, trying to stop him from reaching Trenzalore. Their actions failed, and in fact caused the events they feared would occur; trying to blow the TARDIS up caused the cracks to appear, and the assassin they manufactured to kill The Doctor - River Song - ended up being The Doctor's wife and ally. The Doctor called this the Destiny Paradox - 'You can't change history if you're already a part of it'.

Tasha Lem’s declaration that ‘Silence will fall!’ was first heard in the 2010 story "The Eleventh Hour" - The Eleventh Doctor’s first adventure. Other references to "The Eleventh Hour" include a flashback of the young Amelia Pond, the so-called crack in the wall and fish fingers and custard… The latter was the meal The Doctor enjoyed with Amelia shortly after he had regenerated into the Eleventh Doctor in "The Eleventh Hour". In this story The Doctor is seen eating this delicacy when Clara enters the TARDIS near the end of this story just before he regenerates.

The Doctor confirms to Clara that although he is the Eleventh Doctor, he has used all twelve of his regenerations, and is therefore unable to regenerate again. The two 'missing' lives are the War Doctor - who was not generally referred to as The Doctor due to his actions in The Time War (see "The Day of The Doctor") - and the regeneration by the Tenth Doctor when he sent his regenerative energy into a matching bio-receptacle (his severed hand) rather than change ("The Stolen Earth/Journey's End").

This is the first time in the revived series to acknowledge the fact the Time Lords have a limited capacity to regenerate twelve times. The Eleventh Doctor previously joked about this limit in The Sarah Jane Adventures story "Death of The Doctor", claiming to Clyde Langer he could regenerate 507 times.

As well as confirming that Time Lords can only regenerate twelve times (for a total of thirteen lives), a Time Lord can also be granted a new regeneration cycle. Judging by The Doctor's reaction when this happens to him, this is uncommon. The Master had been offered a new regeneration cycle by the High Council, to persuade him to rescue the various Doctors trapped in the Death Zone ("The Five Doctors") and was apparently given one when he was resurrected to fight in the Time War ("The Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords").

The Doctor refers to his Time War incarnation as 'Captain Grumpy'. He also says that he had a 'vanity problem' as the Tenth Doctor, referring to his regeneration from that body into the same one.

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First and Last

The Firsts:

 The first time in the revived series to acknowledge the fact that Time Lords have a limited capacity to regenerate twelve times.

 The first regeneration story in which The Doctor regenerates at the end of the story to end on a shot of a character other than The Doctor.

 Brian Minchin's first involvement in the show as Executive Producer.

The Lasts (Subject to Future Stories):

 Matt Smith's last full appearance as the Eleventh Doctor.

 The last Doctor Who story to be produced by Marcus Wilson.

 Paul Jefferies' last involvement in the show providing special sounds.

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The Plot

WARNING: May Contain SpoilersHide Text
The Time of The Doctor

The Doctor and Handles
The Doctor and Handles

The Doctor, in his TARDIS, is among thousands of spaceships orbiting an unknown planet after hearing a message being broadcast from it, a message that no-one can understand.

The Doctor visits one of the spaceships, holding a Dalek eyestalk to show his bravery. Unfortunately, the spaceship belongs to the Daleks, who fire at him until he teleports back to the TARDIS, where a disembodied Cyberman head, that The Doctor calls 'Handles', is plugged into the console. The TARDIS' telephone starts to ring which The Doctor answers and discovers his travelling companion Clara Oswald pleading that he helps her out with her family's Christmas dinner by pretending to be her boyfriend. The Doctor though has more important things to do. He visits another spaceship while holding Handles. This though turns out to be a Cybership, where he is also shot at until he teleports back to the TARDIS again.

The Doctor picks up Clara from her home (after she experiences a bit of embarrassment when she discovers The Doctor naked when he forgets to update his holographic suit when she enters the TARDIS). The Doctor, with Clara aboard, returns to the mysterious planet's orbit. When asked to identify the planet, Handles claims it is Gallifrey, which The Doctor refutes. The two are invited aboard the Papal Mainframe, a space church headed by Tasha Lem, an old acquaintance of The Doctor. While Tasha Lem and The Doctor discuss the signal, coming from the mysterious planet, Clara is left alone where she encounters The Silence. Feeling threatened by them she bursts into the room where The Doctor and Tasha Lem are conversing and immediately forgets all about The Silence and so the reason for entering the room in such a rush.

Introducing Clara's Boyfriend
Introducing Clara's Boyfriend

Having put up the force field around the planet, Tasha Lem allows The Doctor and Clara to teleport to the planet's surface, but accidentally places them in the middle of an ambush of Weeping Angels. They manage to escape and after a short walk they discover themselves in a town called Christmas, surrounded by a truth field, so no one can lie. There The Doctor locates the source of the message in the church tower. He also discovers another Crack in Time (see "The Eleventh Hour") through which the message is being broadcast. The Doctor explains to Clara that this crack is 'scar tissue' from the cracks originally closed when The Doctor rebooted the universe (see "The Pandorica Opens/The Big Bang"). Handles identifies the language as Gallifreyan and The Doctor using a copy of the Seal of the High Council, he once took from The Master in the Death Zone, enables Handles to translate the repeated message as the first question: 'Doctor who?' (see "The Wedding of River Song"). The Doctor concludes that the Time Lords are calling to him from the pocket universe, in which Gallifrey was trapped ("The Day of The Doctor"), and where they are trying to escape from.

But if The Doctor answers the question, by revealing his real name, the Time Lords will know they are in the right place and come through. But this will cause the aliens gathered above to descend on the planet to destroy the Time Lords, effectively restarting the Time War. On discovering this Tasha Lem contacts The Doctor, telling him that she cannot allow this to happen even if it means destroying the planet. The Doctor asks her for the name of the planet, and she reveals it to be Trenzalore, the planet where The Doctor is to die and be buried (see "The Name of The Doctor"). Learning this The Doctor refuses to withdraw so that he can defend the planet from incursions by the aliens overhead.

The Cybermen
The Cybermen

To protect Clara from the danger they face The Doctor tricks his companion into plugging a device into the TARDIS that transports her home. However, immediately after landing Clara home, the TARDIS begins to return to Trenzalore, but realising that she has been tricked Clara tries to re-enter the TARDIS as it dematerialises and so only manages to hold on to the outside of the ship and join it on its return trip. However, to protect her from the time vortex, the TARDIS is forced to increase its shields, consequently slowing down the return journey. Arriving back at Christmas, Clara meets a visibly aged Doctor who now has grey hair and needs a walking stick. She discovers that he has spent the last 300 years defending the town against his enemies. The Doctor did this in a number of ways seeking the help of the local population to warn him of any infringements. One time he disabled the cloaking device on a Sontaran vehicle, allowing the Church to destroy it. On another occasion, he tricked a wooden Cyberman, created to be too primitive to set off the alarm, into destroying itself after using the truth field to make it think its gun had been turned around.

The Doctor reveals to Clara that the Time Lords can only regenerate twelve times and although he is known as the Eleventh Doctor, he has already used all twelve of his allotted regenerations. Once The War Doctor, who fought in the Time War (see "The Day of The Doctor", and the Tenth Doctor's aborted regeneration (see "The Stolen Earth/Journey's End") are counted he is in his final body and so can no longer regenerate.

They find themselves transported to the Papal Mainframe, now the Church of the Silence, where The Silence are revealed to be genetically engineered senior priests, whose aim is to ensure The Doctor does not release the Time Lords. (The Kovarian Chapter broke away and travelled back in time to stop The Doctor reaching Trenzalore). It is then revealed that Tasha Lem and her crew have been killed by the Daleks and turned into Dalek puppets - thus regaining their memories of The Doctor. With help from Tasha Lem, who regains her mind, The Doctor and Clara manage to escape from the spaceship and find themselves back in Christmas. Despite promising never to send Clara away again, The Doctor does so and she finds herself back on Earth as the siege of Trenzalore becomes an all out war.

The Daleks
The Daleks

As the years go by on Trenzalore, most of the races depart, leaving only The Silence (with whom The Doctor puts aside his differences and allies himself) and the Daleks. Later the same day (from Clara's perspective) Clara hears the TARDIS engines and runs outside her flat, to find the TARDIS piloted by Tasha Lem who returns Clara to Trenzalore to see The Doctor, saying she could not let him die alone. The Doctor is now very old and often acts slow and slightly confused. He still won't release the Time Lords, knowing that it would mean Hell for all the universe. It is then that the Daleks launch their final attack and The Doctor, out of ideas, weapons and regenerations, goes to meet them after telling Clara that changing the future is impossible without the Time Lords. She cannot bear to watch what follows and so instead returns to the Crack in Time, pleading with the Time Lords to save The Doctor, saying; 'His name is The Doctor! All the name he needs, everything you need to know about him, and if you love him, and you should, help him!'. The crack suddenly vanishes.

At the top of the clock tower, The Doctor is preparing to die when the Crack in Time suddenly appears in the night sky and through it, the Time Lords grant The Doctor a new cycle of regenerations, thereby saving him from death on Trenzalore and changing his future. As his thirteenth regeneration starts, The Doctor uses the excess energy to destroy the Daleks and their spaceship.

In the aftermath, Clara returns to the TARDIS, finding The Doctor, whose youth has been restored. Despite this, he tells her he will regenerate anyway. He states that this temporary rejuvenation is a 'reset' for the new cycle of regenerations to begin and the second phase of the regeneration is taking some time to begin but he will soon change. The Doctor then starts to hallucinate seeing first Amelia Pond (she was 'the first face this face saw') and the walls inside the TARDIS are covered in her drawings of their adventures together, alongside those given to him by the children on Trenzalore. He then sees an adult Amy Pond in the TARDIS. As Amy descends from the balcony she places her hand against his cheek and tells him 'Raggedy Man, good night'. Despite Clara begging him not to change The Doctor smiles, and then abruptly regenerates into the first incarnation of his new regeneration cycle. Utterly dumbfounded by this older-looking man with curled silver hair and a totally different face, Clara can only watch as The Doctor stares her right in the eyes and proclaims, 'Kidneys! I've got new kidneys! I don't like the colour'.

Suddenly, the TARDIS begins shaking, and to Clara's horror, The Doctor, in his new body, not only tells her that they're crashing into something, he also implies he's suffering from partial amnesia when he asks her if she knows how to fly the TARDIS...

Tasha Lem
Tasha Lem
Clara is Sent Home
Clara is Sent Home
Aged Doctor
Aged Doctor
Clara Asking For Help
Clara Asking For Help
A New Set Of Regenerations
A New Set Of Regenerations
Past Companions, Past Memories
Past Companions, Past Memories
The Eleventh Doctor Regenerating
The Eleventh Doctor Regenerating
The Twelth Doctor
The Twelth Doctor

Quote of the Story

 'His name is The Doctor! All the name he needs, everything you need to know about him, and if you love him, and you should, help him!'


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Release Information

FormatTitleRelease Date (UK)Code NumberCover ArtRemarks
The Time of the Doctor & Other Eleventh Doctor Christmas Specials Box SetJanuary 2014BBCDVD 3884Photo-montage
The Time of the Doctor & Other Eleventh Doctor Christmas Specials Box SetJanuary 2014BBC3DBD 0265Photo-montage3D Blu-Ray
50th Anniversary Collector's Edition Box SetSeptember 2014BBCDVD 3933Photo-montagePart of the "50th Anniversary Collector's Edition" DVD Limited Edition box set along with "The Name of The Doctor" and "The Day of The Doctor"
50th Anniversary Collector's Edition Box SetSeptember 2014BBCBD 0271Photo-montagePart of the "50th Anniversary Collector's Editionn" Blu-Ray Limited Edition box set along with "The Name of The Doctor" and "The Day of The Doctor"
The Day of The Doctor & The Time of The Doctor Original Television SoundtrackNovember 2014Photo-montageMusic by Murray Gold
The Christmas Specials Box Set (Limited Edition)October 2015BBCDVD 4059Photo-montageBoxed set containing 10 Christmas stories
The Christmas Specials Box Set (Limited Edition)October 2015BBCBD 0314Photo-montageBlu-Ray boxed set containing 10 Christmas stories

In Print

No Book Release
Doctor Who Magazine - PreviewIssue 468 (Released: January 2014)
Doctor Who Magazine - ReviewIssue 469 (Released: February 2014)

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Photo Gallery

The Doctor and Companions

Matt Smith
The Eleventh Doctor

Peter Capaldi
The Twelfth Doctor

Jenna-Louise Coleman
Clara Oswald
Kayvan Novak

On Release

The Time of the Doctor DVD Cover
The Time of the Doctor DVD Cover

The Time of the Doctor Blu-Ray Cover
The Time of the Doctor Blu-Ray Cover

50th Anniversary Collector's Edition DVD Box Set
50th Anniversary Collector's Edition DVD Box Set

50th Anniversary Collector's Edition Blu-Ray Box Set
50th Anniversary Collector's Edition Blu-Ray Box Set

Original Television Soundtrack Cover
Original Television Soundtrack Cover

DVD Christmas Stories Box Set
DVD Christmas Stories Box Set

Blu-Ray Christmas Stories Box Set
Blu-Ray Christmas Stories Box Set



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