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Frobisher Erimem Claire Aldwych
Caroline Morris
Caroline Morris
 Name: Erimemushinteperem, AKA Erimem.

 Format: Audio and Book.

 Time of Origin: Ancient Egypt, 1400 BC.

 Appearances: "The Eye of the Scorpion" to "The Bride of Peladon".

 Doctor: Fifth Doctor.

 Fellow Companions: Peri Brown.

Audio - The Eye of the Scorpion
The Eye of the Scorpion
(Iain McLaughlin)
 History: Erimem easily marks one of The Doctor’s most interesting companions, particularly since she came close to playing a prominent role in old Earth history before she began to travel with The Doctor. Originating from Ancient Egypt, Erimem was forced to take the role of Pharaoh after her three half-brothers died in various accidents and her father was killed by mercenaries while out riding, but was faced with various debates among the priests about her worthiness to take the throne that could easily develop into a split, the danger being made more prominent with assassins trying to kill Erimem in the name of the ‘true heir’. Having befriended The Doctor and Peri when they landed in Egypt and saved her from an assassin, Erimem provided them with aid in defeating an alien prisoner of pure consciousness that had been released from a stasis cell by a group of mercenaries after it had crash-landed on Earth, the clash between the mercenaries and Erimem’s army forcing the entity to retreat into a single body, giving The Doctor the chance to permanently contain the entity with a telepathic inhibitor. However, shaken by the death that she had been forced to cause - and with another heir having been discovered in the form of the previously unknown son of Erimem’s father and a concubine -, Erimem decided that she could never be a good Pharaoh now, Peri suggesting that she accompany them in the TARDIS to pursue her interest in learning new things without worrying about being recognised in the present ("The Eye of the Scorpion").

Audio - The Kingmaker
The Kingmaker
(Nev Fountain)
 Unhappy and uncomfortable about the worship and fear she received as Pharaoh, Erimem often wished she could simply walk among her people without being treated as though she possessed a divinity she herself didn’t feel, a fact that doubtless contributed to her decision to join The Doctor and Peri in their travels and thus escape to a world where people would not recognise her wherever she went. Despite her desire for anonymity, Erimem regularly proved herself to be an able military commander and combatant, demonstrating a talent for sword-fighting on more than one occasion and recognising the importance of information to any military campaign (Although she still had a short temper at times, once breaking a man’s arm when he simply grabbed her bottom ("The Kingmaker")). Even before she came in contact with The Doctor, Erimem’s talents were not limited to the battlefield, as she demonstrated such skills as the ability to make a healing salve from natural ingredients found in her home time. Even after leaving her culture, Erimem remained attached to Egypt, expressing anger at the perceived disrespect to her culture when she and Peri visited an Egyptian-themed casino exhibition in the 1960s ("The Veiled Leopard"), although she still assisted Peri in more modern cultural endeavours such as helping her set up a Christmas tree to try and unify a colony on the brink of war ("Far Away in a Manger").

Audio - The Church and the Crown
The Church and the Crown
(Cavan Scott and Mark Wright)
Her military skills were seen in her first meeting with The Doctor when she led her armies into battle against the mercenaries to help The Doctor find a weapon he needed to defeat the telepathic entity plaguing her people, and continued to play an important part in her travels. In her first trip in the TARDIS, upon arriving in seventeenth-century France, Erimem not only played an important part in allowing The Doctor to enter a royal ball thrown by the King of France by using her regal bearing to convince the King that he should have invited her even if he hadn’t heard of her, but subsequently inspired and lead a combined force of both King Louis XIII and Cardinal Richelieu's guards against the English forces of the Duke of Buckingham despite being centuries out of her time and depth ("The Church and the Crown"). Although her primitive background meant that even such simple things as windows or ice could amaze her, Erimem nevertheless regularly showed an ability to adapt to the challenges her new life presented her with, such as deducing that a cell she had been sent to via a malfunctioning transmat system must have a more manual means of gaining access when such an idea had simply never occurred to her ‘cellmates’ after they had been forced to stay in their room for years due to the lack of space on their colony ("Three’s a Crowd").

Audio - The Axis of Insanity
The Axis of Insanity
(Simon Furman)
 Like many primitive companions, Erimem tended to translate unusual occurrences into terms that she could understand, although she still had trouble with some ideas. This was particularly apparent when she was surprised at the discovery that The Doctor and the TARDIS were not as unique as she had initially assumed when they encountered a dead Time Lord in a sub-dimension known as the Axis where dead-end timelines were brought to prevent them causing damage to reality, although she still had the courage to confront insane shapeshifter Jarro To when he tried to steal the TARDIS while disguised as The Doctor, even realising that he had stolen The Doctor’s TARDIS because the TARDIS belonging to the last Time Lord to visit the Axis was so well-disguised by its chameleon circuit that he couldn’t find it ("The Axis of Insanity"). Her belief in the gods of her time was generally ambiguously portrayed, once claiming that she didn’t believe in them while on another occasion suggesting that she and Peri kill themselves while they were being held prisoner in the Tower of London so that they could move on to the next stage of their spiritual existence ("The Kingmaker"), or comparing a Khellian to the Egyptian crocodile-god Sobek (Although she was nevertheless still willing to attack a Khellian general when he threatened to eat her and The Doctor). ("Three’s a Crowd"). Although she was once nearly tricked into allowing the Great Old Ones, a powerful race of beings who posed as dark gods an opportunity to gain access to Earth - the creatures creating illusions of Erimem’s father and The Doctor to give the impression that it was Erimem’s destiny to unleash these creatures, having been sealed in a pyramid of ice by her father when he realised their power -, Erimem’s strength of will proved to be powerful enough to allow her to resist their influence, The Doctor later expressing confidence that she could overcome the trauma of these events after the Old Ones had been sealed away once more ("The Roof of the World").

Audio - The Council of Nicaea
The Council of Nicaea
(Caroline Symcox)
 Reflecting her time’s original belief in sacred animals, Erimem also demonstrated a high opinion of some of the animals they encountered in their travels, such as believing that her cat chose to sacrifice himself to serve as the new lodestone for a machine that could have caused reality to collapse with the removal of its original lodestone ("Nekromanteia"). She was also willing to learn beyond the limitations of her time, accepting Peri’s lessons about how to read even if she couldn’t quite understand some of the texts she was reading, such as Alice in Wonderland ("The Axis of Insanity") or The Hunting of the Snark ("The Roof of the World"). Demonstrating an open mind, Erimem was even known to stand up to The Doctor on issues that she felt were important, such as defending a man’s right to a contradicting religious point of view to her own to the point of vowing to remain in that time even after The Doctor threatened to depart due to the risks of them changing history ("The Council of Nicaea").

Peter Davison, Nicola Bryant and Caroline Morris
Peter Davison, Nicola Bryant and Caroline Morris
 However, the fundamentally harsher attitude of her time was keenly reflected in her willingness to accept some of the more ruthless practises she witnessed during her travels than her companions so long as they were done for the right reasons, such as when she was comparatively casual about a group of witches sacrificing an archaeologist who’d attempted to steal a powerful artefact that they had been guarding for centuries on the grounds that it was the right thing to do according to the witches (Although it should be noted that the removal of the artefact nearly caused the collapse of the space-time continuum, making its safety understandably important to the witches) ("Nekromanteia"). When she and Peri were briefly trapped in 1483 due to the TARDIS malfunctioning, she expressed a willingness to kill the young Princes in the Tower when Peri was horrified at the idea, Erimem later suggesting that she and Peri kill themselves to escape having to serve as the ‘decoy’ Princes for the rest of their lives (Although she later claimed that she was merely joking after realising the horror with which Peri regarded that idea) ("The Kingmaker"). However, her most controversial action in the eyes of her fellow companions was her near-marriage to Prince Vlad III, the historical inspiration for Count Dracula - albeit partly to protect The Doctor and Peri from being punished for the damage they had done trying to infiltrate Dracula’s palace to ‘rescue’ her -, Erimem actually coming to admire Dracula’s more noble qualities despite the brutal methods he used to enforce them before they parted company after Dracula’s brother led a revolt against him that forced Dracula to retreat back to Transylvania ("Son of the Dragon").

Audio - The Bride of Peladon
The Bride of Peladon
(Barnaby Edwards)

 Although Erimem still enjoyed her travels with The Doctor and Peri, a hallucination she experienced when a parasitic plant tried to bond with her prompted her to realise that she still considered it her destiny to be a ruler, even if she wanted to rule because of her skills rather than just inherit the position automatically ("The Mind’s Eye"). Erimem finally left The Doctor and Peri’s company during a visit to Peladon ("The Bride of Peladon"), a world that had been particularly dear to The Doctor ever since he had first visited it in his third incarnation ("The Curse of Peladon"), Erimem even forming a bond with a newly-discovered female Aggedor that had survived the death of her mate during The Doctor’s last visit ("The Monster of Peladon"). Having helped The Doctor defeat a renegade Osiran - a race who had inspired the gods of Egypt in Earth’s distant past ("Pyramids of Mars") - who had been trapped on Peladon by her peers, Erimem decided to remain on Peladon, recognising that she could relate to its traditions and society and feeling that she could help the new king Pelleas become the ruler he had the potential to be. Although Peri felt that Erimem was being too hasty, The Doctor accepted that Erimem had made her choice, and even Peri expressed confidence that Erimem would make a great queen as they departed.

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