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The Master Is Back
The Master Is Back
 Intelligence agents around the world are under attack from alien forces, so MI6 turn to the only people who can help: The Doctor and friends.

 As they travel the globe looking for answers, attacks come from all sides. Earth’s security rests on the team's shoulders, but where will this planet-threatening conspiracy lead them? A terrifying plan to destroy humanity is about to reach fruition.

 Can The Doctor and her friends escape multiple traps and defeat a deadly alliance?

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General Information

Season: Thirty Eight (New Series 12)
Production Code: 12-1/12-2
Story Number: 288 (New Series: 132)
Episode Numbers:852 - 853 (New Series: 156 - 157)
Number of Episodes: 2
Percentage of Episodes Held:100%
Production Dates: January - July 2019
Broadcast Started: 01 January 2020
Broadcast Finished: 05 January 2020
Colour Status: HD Colour
Studio: BBC Wales (Roath Lock Studios, Cardiff)
Location: South Africa (including the Afrikaans Language Monument overlooking Paarl; Lourensford Wine Estate at Somerset West; Kersefontein Guest Farm, Hopefield; Cape Town International Airport and around Cape Town); Cardiff (including the A4232 Cardiff Bay Link Road; the Custom House, Bute Street and Cardiff Central Police Station); Swansea Guildhall; Barry Island; MOD St Athan and Tredegar House, Duffryn, Newport.
Writer:Chris Chibnall
Directors:Jamie Magnus Stone (Part 1) and Lee Haven Jones (Part 2)
Series Producer:Nikki Wilson
Producer:Alex Mercer
Executive Producers:Chris Chibnall and Matt Strevens
Executive Producer for the BBC:Ben Irving
Assistant Directors:Christian Jeffcoat, Jennifer Day and Rosey-Pepper Mortley
Script Supervisors:Aina Sabaté-Giralt (Part 1) and Nicki Coles (Part 2)
Script Editors:Fiona McAllister and Caroline Buckley (Assistant)
Series Script Editor:Sheena Bucktowonsing
Editors:Rebecca Trotman, David S J Davies (Assistant), Hayley Williams (Assistant), Alastair Gray (Assistant VFX), Tom Chapman (Part 2) and Georgina Careless (VFX)
Colourist:Gareth Spensley
Head of Production:Radford Neville
Production Executive:Tracie Simpson
Production Manager:Delmi Thomas
Production Assistants:Agatha Jackson and Ariana Scott
Post Production Producer:Ceres Doyle
Location Manager:Gareth Roberts
Supervising Location Manager:Iwan Roberts
Production Designer:Dafydd Shurmer
Director of Photography:Catherine Goldschmidt (Part 1) and Ed Moore (Part 2)
Casting Director:Andy Pryor CDG
Line Producer:Steffan Morris
Costume Designer:Ray Holman
Make-Up Designer:Claire Pritchard-Jones
Cameramen:Dan Patounas (Assistant), Gwilym Jenner (Assistant), Joshua Montoro-Bailes (Assistant), Scott Waller (Assistant), Sophie Hardcastle (Assistant) and Mark McQuoid (Operator)
Visual Effects:DNEG
Additional VFX:BBC Wales Graphics and Ben Pickles
Special Effects:Real SFX
Special Creature Effects:Robert Allsopp & Associates
Creature Designer:Ray Holman
Stunt Co-ordinator:Crispin Layfield
Stunt Performers:Adam Basil, Andrew Burford, Belinda McGinley, Chris Morrison, Christian Knight, Christina Low, Joel Conlan, Lloyd Bass, Matt Sherren, Paul Bailey, Rick English and Stephanie Carey
Incidental Music:Segun Akinola
Sound Designer:Harry Barnes
Sound Recordist:Deian Llyr Humphreys
Dubbing Mixers:Howard Bargroff and Kiran Marshall
Music Orchestrated By:Alec Roberts
Music Conducted By:Alec Roberts
Music Recorded By:Olga Fitzroy
Music Mixed By:Goetz Botzenhardt
Title Sequence:Ben Pickles
Title Music:Ron Grainer and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Arranged by Segun Akinola
South Africa Crew - Producer: Adam Friedlander
South Africa Crew - Line Producer: Samantha Putter
South Africa Crew - Production Manager: Simon Rhodes
South Africa Crew - Production Designer: Darryl Hammer
South Africa Crew - Camera Operator: Michael Carstensen
South Africa Crew - Sound Mixer: Ivan Milborrow
Number of Doctors: 1
The Doctor: Jodie Whittaker (The Thirteenth Doctor)
Number of Companions: 3The Companions: Bradley Walsh (Graham O'Brien), Tosin Cole (Ryan Sinclair) and Mandip Gill (Yasmin Khan) Guest Cast: Lenny Henry (Daniel Barton), Stephen Fry (C), Sacha Dhawan (O/The Master) Additional Cast: Shobna Gulati (Najia Khan), Ravin J Ganatra (Hakim Khan), Bhavnisha Parmar (Sonya Khan), Melissa De Vries (Sniper), Sacharissa Claxton (Passenger), William Ely (Older Passenger), Brian Law (Operative (US)), Buom Tihngang (Tibo), Asif Khan (Sergeant Ramesh Sunder), Andrew Bone (Mr Collins), Ronan Summers (Rendition Man), Christopher McArthur (Ethan), Darron Meyer (Seesay), Dominique Maher (Browning), Struan Rodger (Voice of Kasaavin), Sylvie Briggs (Ada Lovelace), Aurora Marion (Noor Inayat Khan), Mark Dexter (Charles Babbage), Andrew Pipe (Inventor), Tom Ashley (Airport Worker), Kenneth Jay (Perkins), Blanche Williams (Barton's Mother)Setting: Ivory Coast, West Africa; Above the Pacific Ocean; Moscow, Russia; Sheffield, Yorkshire; MI6, London; San Francisco, USA; Great Victoria Desert, Australia; VOR HQ, Vallis Estate, Essex, 2020; London, 1834; Paris, 1943; Kasaavin Realm Villains:Daniel Barton, The Kasaavin and The Master

The Episodes

No. Episodes Broadcast
Duration Viewers
In Archive
852Part 101 January 202059'51"6.7Yes
853Part 205 January 202060'39"5.9Yes

Total Duration 2 Hours

Audience Appreciation

Average Viewers (Millions) 6.3
Doctor Who Magazine Poll (2023) Position = 6 out of 24


 This story exists and is held in the BBC's Film and Videotape Library.

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"Spyfall" is the two-part premiere story of Season Thirty Eight (New Series 12). It was written by showrunner and Executive Producer Chris Chibnall and the first episode was directed by Jamie Magnus Stone, and the second by Lee Haven Jones.

This story stars Jodie Whittaker in her second season as the Thirteenth Doctor with her travelling companions; Graham O'Brien, Ryan Sinclair and Yasmin Khan played by Bradley Walsh, Tosin Cole, and Mandip Gill respectively.

This story sees The Doctor and her travelling companions team up with MI6, and re-introduced The Master, now in a new incarnation played by Sacha Dhawan.

This is the first multi-part television story to have more than one credited director since the 1964 First Doctor story "Planet of Giants".

Jamie Magnus Stone, who previously directed the fiftieth-anniversary mini-story "The Last Day", directed the stories in the first recording block, which comprised the first part of this story and "Praxeus" - the fifth story of this season. He also directed the final two stories of this season, "Ascension of the Cybermen" and "The Timeless Children". While Lee Haven Jones directed the second recording block, which comprised the second part of this story and "Orphan 55" - the second story. He also directed "Revolution of the Daleks" - the 2020 Christmas special.

Both directors are new to Doctor Who. Jamie Magnus Stone is a Scottish film director and animator. In 2014 he was BAFTA-nominated for his short film Orbit Ever After and in 2016 he directed the television movie The Last Dragonslayer.

Lee Haven Jones' work as a director includes episodes of Russell T Davies' Wizards vs Aliens as well as adult dramas such as Waterloo Road, Casualty, Vera and The Bay.

This two-part story had originally been conceived as a single episode story. In the initial storyboard discussions, it had been suggested that the story would open with Yasmin’s appraisal (full of commendations), Ryan possibly graduating his NVQ class (and being cleverer than his teacher), and Graham performing a duet with a 19-year-old Elvis (who doesn’t know the words to his own songs).

Executive Producer Chris Chibnall has stated that ‘A two-part story gives you a greater scale of storytelling, both geographically and emotionally. This was something I’d been really looking forward to doing, because it means you can go deeper into characters, have more expansive plots, and you can travel greater distances in both space and time’.

Filming for this story commenced on the 22nd January 2019 and included filming in South Africa including the Afrikaans Language Monument overlooking Paarl; Lourensford Wine Estate at Somerset West; Kersefontein Guest Farm, Hopefield; Cape Town International Airport and around Cape Town. Filming then commenced in Cardiff, from the 10th February 2019, and then in Swansea, on Barry Island, at MOD St Athan and in Newport.

This story marks the return of The Master since the 2017 Twelfth Doctor story "World Enough and Time/The Doctor Falls".

Sacha Dhawan made an unannounced appearance playing the part of Agent O, later revealed to be The Master. Sacha Dhawan previously portrayed the part of Waris Hussein, the director of the very first Doctor Who story, in the 2013 docudrama An Adventure in Space and Time. He said that he had been notified of the role as O/The Master in January 2019 about a week prior before filming started in South Africa. At the time he was working with Peter Capaldi, who played the Twelfth Doctor, on a scripted play. It has been reported Sacha Dhawan had found it hard to keep a straight face in front of Peter Capaldi since he had to keep his role as The Master a secret.

Lenny Henry and Stephen Fry were cast in this story, with Lenny Henry playing the part of Daniel Barton, and Stephen Fry as C, the head of MI6.

Speaking ahead of his appearance in this story, Sir Lenny Henry said: ‘It was absolutely brilliant to be welcomed into the fantastical world of Doctor Who. The nearest I have been to the TARDIS was when I played the Caribbean Doctor in the Lenny Henry Show, so as a life-long Doctor Who fan this is a very special moment for me’.

Filming for this story commenced on the 23rd January 2019 and included filming in South Africa - mainly for the scenes that took place in the Australian outback.

This story's title is a play on the 2012 James Bond film Skyfall.

The concept of MI6 members being known by a single letter, namely ‘C’ and ‘O’ is a reference to a similar feature (‘M’ and ‘Q’) seen throughout the James Bond franchise, introduced in the original novels written by Ian Fleming.

According to one news source this story also pays homage to Casino Royale, the first novel in the James Bond series, which was centred on gambling and aristocracy.

In this story The Doctor introduces herself to the party receptionist as ‘Doctor, The Doctor’ in James Bond style.

The Doctor is heard to say that she once lived in the Australian Outback for 123 years.

The Doctor is heard referring to her regeneration to a female form as an ‘upgrade’, much as Missy once did in "The Magician's Apprentice/The Witch's Familiar".

The Master, while still under the guise of Agent O, refers to The Doctor as having once been a man. Graham, overhearing this, recalls The Doctor having made this claim, which he believed to be a joke (see "The Woman Who Fell to Earth").

The Master alludes to his part in the Fourth Doctor's regeneration asking if he had ever apologised for The Doctor falling from the Pharos Project radio telescope in the 1981 story "Logopolis".

The Doctor taps a Morse Code of four beats, the heartbeat of a Time Lord, which she notes she and The Master have a personal connection to (see "Utopia, "The Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords" and "The End of Time").

Ryan decides that his spy name will be ’Logan’, but starts panicking upon realising he looks ‘nothing like Hugh Jackman’.

Graham again is mistaken as The Doctor, when she is immediately dismissed in favour of Graham, on account of her gender (see also "The Witchfinders").

This story features Noor Inayat Khan, Charles Babbage and Ada Lovelace. The Fourth previously met Ada Lovelace at a later point in her life in the Big Finish Productions Fourth Doctor audio story "The Enchantress of Numbers", written by Simon Barnard and Paul Morris.

The Doctor wipes Noor and Ada's memories of everything they witnessed since meeting her as the Tenth Doctor did to former travelling companion Donna Noble in the 2008 story "The Stolen Earth/Journey's End".

The Master once again spends an extensive amount of time masquerading as someone else in order to carry out a long-term plan (see "The Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords" and "World Enough and Time/The Doctor Falls").

During the lead-up to his real identity, Agent O/The Master states his house flying outside the plane is a bit ‘Wicked Witch of the West’.

The Master claims to be The Doctor's ‘best enemy’. In the 1983 Twentieth Anniversary story, "The Five Doctors", the Third Doctor previously identified The Master as such to Sarah Jane Smith.

This story also saw two features from the original series making a return: The Master's Tissue Compression Eliminator, and the Time Lord’s ability of telepathic contact, which The Doctor and The Master once again use to communicate via a psychic link.

The Master indirectly mentions using the Tissue Compression Eliminator, marking its re-introduction to the revived series. It is then revealed that he has used this device to shrink the original Agent O. The Tissue Compression Eliminator was first introduced to the show in the 1971 Third Doctor story "Terror of the Autons".

The Doctor's home planet Gallifrey made a return, having not been seen since the Twelfth Doctor ran away once more in the 2015 story "Heaven Sent/Hell Bent", with the Citadel now in ruins and the Times Lords implied dead at The Master's hand.

In an ongoing story arc, The Master reveals that he has uncovered a secret about the Time Lords' history, connected to ‘The Timeless Child’. The Timeless Child had been mentioned briefly in the previous season story "The Ghost Monument" - where the Remnants taunted The Doctor about her knowledge of The Child.

The Master mentions how the Time Lords view him and The Doctor as renegades. (see "The War Games", "Terror of the Autons", "The Deadly Assassin", "The Five Doctors", "The End of Time and "Heaven Sent/Hell Bent").

The Master refers to Gallifrey ‘hiding in its little bubble universe’ (see "The Day of The Doctor" and "The Time of The Doctor").

The Master remembers visiting Gallifrey after the Last Great Time War (see "World Enough and Time/The Doctor Falls").

This story marked the first time a villain has been capable of physically breaking through the sealed doors of the TARDIS.

The Doctor remarks in surprise at the entity's ability to enter the TARDIS given its high security (see "Rose", "Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways" and "The Stolen Earth/Journey's End").

The story further introduced a new aspect to the Time Vortex. Now, when the TARDIS breaks into Gallifrey's ‘time bubble’, the vortex changes from its normal appearance in purple to resemble an orange ball of flaming fire.

The Doctor steals The Master's TARDIS, mirroring how The Master once did likewise with The Doctor's TARDIS in the 2007 Tenth Doctor story "Utopia".

Graham is heard calling the grey-suited men's car the ‘worst Uber ever’.

The Doctor's life is once again threatened by a SatNav device controlled by a power intent on killing target passengers. The Tenth Doctor narrowly escaped from an ATMOS-controlled UNIT vehicle which was about to plunge him and his passenger, Jenkins, to their ‘final destination’ (see "The Sontaran Stratagem/The Poison Sky").

When C dismisses the possibility of alien life, The Doctor tells him to ask GCHQ, referring to the Dalek attack of New Year's Day that occurred in the 2019 story "Resolution".

The Doctor is heard commenting to C that both UNIT and Torchwood are no more.

The Doctor has a conversation with Graham through a tape recording. The Tenth Doctor did much the same with Sally Sparrow in the 2007 story "Blink".

At the end of this story we see that The Master has left a hologram message for The Doctor, which plays in the TARDIS after he is gone. The Ninth Doctor once did something similar, recording such a message for Rose Tyler as part of Emergency Program One in the 2005 story "Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways". In this story’s hologram, The Master references the Founding Fathers of Gallifrey (see the BBC Books' The Eighth Doctor Stories novel "The Ancestor Cell", written by Peter Anghelides and Stephen Cole, and the BBC Books' novel "The Infinity Doctors" written by Lance Parkin).

The Doctor tells her companions that she comes from the planet Gallifrey in the constellation of Kasterborous (see "Pyramids of Mars", "Attack of the Cybermen", "Voyage of the Damned" and "The Day of The Doctor").

The Doctor states that she stole her TARDIS and ran away from Gallifrey (see "The War Games", "Logopolis", "The Five Doctors", "Remembrance of the Daleks", "The Sound of Drums/Last of the Time Lords", "The Doctor's Wife", "The Name of The Doctor", "Heaven Sent/Hell Bent" and the 2013 Big Finish Productions audio story "The Beginning").

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First and Last

The Firsts:

 The first story of Season Thirty Eight (New Series 12).

 The Thirteenth Doctor's first encounter with The Master.

 The first appearance in the show of The Master played by Sacha Dhawan.

 The first multi-part television story to have more than one credited director since the 1964 First Doctor story "Planet of Giants".

 The first Doctor Who story to be directed by Jamie Magnus Stone.

 The first Doctor Who story to be directed by Lee Haven Jones.

 Caroline Buckley's first involvement in the show as Script Editor.

 Dafydd Shurmer's first involvement in the show as Production Designer.

 The first time a villain has been capable of physically breaking through the sealed doors of the TARDIS.

 The first two-part story not to use separate titles for its episodes since the 2009/10 two-part story "The End of Time".

 Part One of this story marks the first episode since the 2017 Twelfth Doctor story "Twice Upon a Time" to include a pre-introduction scene.

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The Plot

WARNING: May Contain SpoilersHide Text
The Doctor and C in MI6
The Doctor and C in MI6

Intelligence agents around the world are being killed, resulting in The Doctor and her three travelling companions, Graham O'Brien, Ryan Sinclair and Yasmin Khan, being called in by the head of MI6, a person called ‘C’, to investigate, as the intelligence agent deaths it seems were not caused by humans.

Their only lead is a Daniel Barton, the CEO of a search engine media company, VOR. Additionally, The Doctor contacts Agent O, an agent who was tasked with monitoring extra-terrestrial activities, before being struck off by C. However, before they can learn anymore C is killed by mysterious lifeforms, but The Doctor, Graham, Ryan and Yasmin manage to escape unhurt.

While Ryan and Yasmin investigate Daniel Barton (whose DNA, they discover, is only 93% human) he extends an invitation to them to attend his birthday party the following day. Meanwhile The Doctor and Graham travel to the Australian outback to locate Agent O. Both groups, in their separate investigations, encounter the same lifeforms, who appear to be working with Daniel Barton.

The Doctor
The Doctor

The Doctor, with the help of O, is able to capture one of the lifeforms. However, unbeknown to her while sneaking into VOR headquarters with Ryan, Yasmin is captured by one of the alien lifeforms. She finds herself in a strange environment. Somehow, the captured alien is able to free itself by replacing itself with Yasmin and leaving her in The Doctor's cage at Agent O's base. Ryan, not knowing what has happened to Yasmin, is brought to Australia and regroups with The Doctor, Graham and, to his relief, Yasmin.

Joined by O, the four investigate Daniel Barton at his birthday party. The Doctor confronts Daniel Barton, who denies all of The Doctor’s accusations. Angered, Daniel Barton leaves in his car. The Doctor and her companions give chase on motorbikes finding themselves at an airfield where they discover Daniel Barton has a private jet. Leaping aboard the jet as it takes off, The Doctor becomes suspicious of O, who then reveals he is actually The Master - having been in control of Daniel Barton and the aliens the whole time.

Agent O
Agent O

Daniel Barton disappears from the pilot seat, leaving a bomb in his place. As the device detonates, The Master escapes while The Doctor is captured by one of the aliens and finds herself in the same environment Yasmin was in earlier, leaving Graham, Ryan and Yasmin in the falling plane.

To her surprise, in the aliens' dimension, The Doctor meets computer pioneer Ada Lovelace and grabs her hand when one of the aliens appears, transporting them to an invention exhibition in 1834, where they encounter The Master. Though The Master reveals that he knows the aliens are called Kasaavins, The Doctor realises that The Master does not fully understand them when he asks her how she managed to escape from their dimension.

Escaping from The Master, who uses his Tissue Compression Eliminator on some of the guests, Ada Lovelace takes The Doctor to the residence of polymath Charles Babbage. There The Doctor summons a Kasaavin, via a figurine identical to the one in Daniel Barton's office, hoping that the alien will return her to the 21st century. However, Ada Lovelace grabs The Doctor's hand as she fades away and they accidentally travel to Paris during World War II. There they are rescued by British spy Noor Inayat Khan, though The Master continues to pursue them through the use of a perception filter posing as a Nazi officer. The Doctor arranges to meet The Master atop the Eiffel Tower, where The Master reveals that he had the Kasaavins kill the spies to get The Doctor's attention. He also claims, to The Doctors disbelief, that Gallifrey has been destroyed.

Daniel Barton
Daniel Barton

With help from Ada Lovelace and Noor Inayat Khan, The Doctor destroys The Master’s perception filter and turns the Nazis onto him, while her group uses The Master’s TARDIS to return to the present. Meanwhile, Ryan finds instructions to safely land the plane with help from a recording left by The Doctor. However, Daniel Barton has branded Graham, Ryan and Yasmin as persons of interest and so find themselves on the run. After nearly being caught they manage to steal one of Daniel Barton's cars, which leads them to a warehouse containing another figurine.

Speaking at a conference, Daniel Barton reveals that the Kasaavins will rewrite humanity's DNA to utilize its storage capacity as hard drives. The Master, forced to live through the 20th century without his TARDIS, arrives in time to see the figurine device activate, only for it to fail after it is revealed that The Doctor had planted a virus in it so exposing The Master's treachery. The Kasaavins are forced back to their dimension, though they take The Master with them while Daniel Barton escapes.

With The Master’s plans thwarted, and before they leave in the TARDIS, The Doctor sets up the means for Graham, Ryan and Yasmin to survive the plane crash and to return Ada Lovelace and Noor Inayat Khan to their respective time periods – at the same time wiping herself from their memories. She then discovers in the TARDIS a recording, left by The Master for her, where he confesses to destroying their home planet after realising their understanding of Time Lord history was a lie. He also mentions ‘The Timeless Child’. The Doctor visits Gallifrey to discover it in ruins - confirming The Master's claim.

Afterwards, when reunited with Graham, Ryan and Yasmin, her travelling companions request The Doctor explain to them who she is, so she tells them of what she believes to be her backstory.

The Mysterious Lifeform
The Mysterious Lifeform
Secret Agents
Secret Agents
Daniel Barton Makes His Speech
Daniel Barton Makes His Speech
The Master in Disguise
The Master in Disguise
The Master Trapped
The Master Trapped
The Doctor Is Shocked
The Doctor Is Shocked

Quote of the Story

 'Doctor, the security of this entire planet is at stake. Can we rely on you?'

C (Head of MI6)

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Release Information

FormatTitleRelease Date (UK)Code NumberCover ArtRemarks
The Complete Twelfth Series Box SetApril 2020BBCDVD 4418Photo-montageDVD boxed set containing 8 stories from New Series 12 along with the 2019 New Year Special "Resolution" which originally had a separate release from New Series 11
The Complete Twelfth Series Box SetApril 2020BBCBD 0495Photo-montageBlu-Ray boxed set containing 8 stories from New Series 12 along with the 2019 New Year Special "Resolution" which originally had a separate release from New Series 11
The Complete Twelfth Series Box Set (Limited Edition Steelbook)April 2020BBCBD 0498Photo-montageLimited Edition Blu-Ray Steelbook boxed set containing 8 stories from New Series 12 along with the 2019 New Year Special "Resolution" which originally had a separate release from New Series 11
Original Television Soundtrack - Series 12April 2020Photo-montageMusic by Segun Akinola

In Print

No Book Release
Doctor Who Magazine - PreviewIssue 546 (Released: January 2020)
Doctor Who Magazine - After ImageIssue 550 (Released: May 2020)

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Complete Series DVD Box Set

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Complete Series Blu-Ray Limited Edition Steelbook

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Doctor Who Magazine - Preview: Issue 546
Doctor Who Magazine - Preview: Issue 546

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Doctor Who Magazine - After Image: Issue 550
Doctor Who Magazine - After Image: Issue 550

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