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The Collective
 Name: The Collective (Original name unknown; individual incarnations known as the One, the Two, the Three, etc.)

 Format: Audio

 Time of Origin: Gallifrey; left at some point after the First Doctor, but his exact age is unspecified.

 Appearances: "Dark Universe", "Doom Coalition - The Eleven", "The Satanic Mill", "The Sonomancer", "Songs of Love", "The Side of the Angels", "Stop the Clock; Ravenous - World of Damnation/Sweet Salvation", "Seizure, L.E.G.E.N.D.", "The Odds Against", "Whisper", "Planet of Dust & Day of The Master" (as the Eleven); "Doom Coalition - The Eighth Piece", "The Doomsday Chronometer" (as the Eight); "Doom Coalition - The Crucible of Souls"; "Ravenous - Companion Piece", "The Odds Against"; "The Legacy of Time - Relative Dimensions" (as the Nine); "The Time War - Planet of the Ogrons", "In the Garden of Death", "Jonah" and "Dreadshade" (as the Twelve).

 Doctors: Fought/met the Eighth Doctor as the Eight, the Nine, the Eleven and the Twelve; fought the Fifth Doctor as the Nine; was captured as the Eleven by the Seventh Doctor; likely had unspecified encounters with other incarnations of The Doctor.

 Companions: Ace, Liv Chenka, Helen Sinclair, River Song, Bliss; the Nine captured Jamie McCrimmon, Jo Grant, Leela, 2nd Romana, Adric, Charley Pollard, and Katarina's corpse as part of his attempt to 'collect' all of The Doctor's companions.

 History: Even before he started travelling, the Time Lord known to fandom as the Collective was a very unique figure for several reasons. Where other renegade Time Lords have a clear plan behind their actions, albeit a fundamentally selfish one, the Collective never showed any clear sign that he was interested in anything more than his own freedom to cause chaos. This is most likely due to the Collective suffering from a unique form of insanity caused by his regenerative identity disorder, whereby all of his past incarnations are constantly active in his conscious mind even after his regeneration, where other Time Lords' past selves simply remain in their subconscious to emerge only under explicit circumstances (as depicted by The Doctor in "State of Change", "Timewyrm: Revelation" and "Zagreus").

 Exactly when the Collective manifested this mental illness is unclear, although it is simplest to assume that it is an unfortunate fluke that he began displaying symptoms of immediately after his first regeneration. However, his illness cannot be the unique cause of his criminal acts as it has been mentioned in hindsight that essentially all of his past incarnations showed degrees of villainy, even if it was likely expressed in a relatively subtle manner before his first regeneration. In his original incarnation, the One (as he would come to be known later; the Collective's original name has never been revealed) was just an archivist with an interest in The Doctor's history, to the point that he even knew the exact number of the docking bay where The Doctor found his Type 40 TARDIS. At one point, the One even ended up on the High Council, albeit as a means of making up the numbers when most of the traditional council members were unavailable for a series of crucial votes. Of his later incarnations, the Two claimed to be particularly good at 'sniffing out traitors', and the Five appeared to be more polite than the others to the point of apologising for the Six's preference for the more brutal course of action (even if it's hard to be sure how serious the Five is about this given the brevity of his appearance), but the only clear information provided about the Four is that he was not as mentally strong as the Eleven while nevertheless being particularly arrogant. However, the Three and the Six have been explicitly identified as the Collective's most ruthless incarnations, with The Doctor reflecting that they are the incarnations most likely to kill someone just because they could even if there was no reason for it, to the point of the Six being explicitly described as a psychopath. While still ruthless, the Seven has been recognised even by his successors as the most scientifically inclined incarnation, and the Nine was primarily motivated by thoughts of profit and kleptomania in his desire to 'have nice things', and the Ten is the most gifted incarnation in matters of mental manipulation, once hypnotising a Gallifreyan firing squad to kill each other while they were holding him prisoner. In contrast to the others, the Eight is considered the 'anomaly' among the Collective's incarnations as the one who tried to turn away from the violence of his other selves, relying on meditation to suppress his past incarnations when he was active and often protesting about his future selves' return to evil.

Audio - Dark Universe
Dark Universe
(Guy Adams)
 The full history of the Collective's criminal activities is unknown, but he and The Doctor considered themselves adversaries as far back as the Nine and the Fifth Doctor, as the two were familiar with each other when they each became caught in a temporal fracture caused by the destruction of a prototype TARDIS ("The Legacy of Time 4: Relative Time"), although their memory of this specific encounter was lost in the aftermath. However, by the time of his seventh incarnation, The Doctor had come to the conclusion that the Eleven was the most dangerous renegade Time Lord currently active as he caused chaos and destruction for the mere sake of it, whereas other renegades like The Master, The Rani or The Monk at least convinced themselves that they had a purpose behind their actions. To prove how dangerous the Eleven was, the Seventh Doctor recruited his old companion Ace ("Dragonfire") and planted fake evidence that she had more issues with The Doctor than she actually did, which led to the Eleven contacting Ace for her help in finding the Dark Gate, a portal to an alternate universe discovered by Gallifrey in the distant past and hidden on Earth in a third-world country. As the Gate would deflect a TARDIS's attempts to materialise near it, the Eleven needed Ace's current charitable contacts to get into the country, Ace claiming that she was willing to help him in the name of hurting The Doctor. The Eleven was able to unlock the Dark Gate and release the power of the creatures on the other side, in the form of alternate Time Lords who had destroyed all other life in their universe and sought to devour everything else. Using their ability to manipulate reality, they were convinced to aid the Eleven in his conquest of the universe, such as erasing most of Gallifrey (including The Doctor's former companion Romana), the Daleks and the Sontarans from existence, as well as reprogramming the Cybermen to be his army, transferring his other personalities into robots, and forcing The Doctor to act as his Fool until he was ready to kill his enemy. The Dark Citizens attempted to leave a few opportunities for others to oppose the Eleven's forces in the hope that he would be provoked into unleashing them completely, but after Ace and the last free Time Lords of Cardinal Ollistra and Captain Rasmus were able to steal a battle TARDIS and break into the Eleven's base, The Doctor was able to make an unspecified deal with the Dark Citizens that led them to take their power from the Eleven and restore at least some of the damage they had done to the universe.

 With the Eleven now imprisoned on Gallifrey, he was kept in stasis most of the time, only being occasionally released to assess his psychological condition. However, during his imprisonment, the Eleven was recruited to join a Time Lord cabal led by Padrac, the current Lord Cardinal, with this cabal having long targeted threats to Gallifrey and now convinced that Gallifrey could only be safe if all other planets in the universe were destroyed. As part of this plan, Padrac arranged for the Eleven to talk with Caleera, a Time Lady who had been judged as having particularly powerful psychic potential only to be encouraged to undergo various psychic suppression techniques and procedures as others feared what she could be capable of. Feigning a bond with her as they were both 'special', the Eleven won Caleera over to his perspective as part of a complex plan arranged by a group of Time Lords ("Doom Coalition 2 - Scenes From Her Life").

Audio - The Eleven
The Eleven
(Matt Fitton)
 Eventually, the Eleven managed to escape during an interview with a student who had arranged to talk with the Eleven as part of her thesis on Gallifrey's criminal justice system, the Eleven using a perception filter to create the illusion that he had vanished from his cell and then escape for real when the guards broke open the door to try and determine where he had gone. While the Chancellery Guard called in the Eighth Doctor for help due to his expertise in capturing the Eleven in his previous incarnation, The Doctor's current companion Liv Chenka was able to see through the perception filter on the recordings as it had been programmed for Time Lords rather than humans, but this was too late to stop the Eleven getting out. Causing chaos on Gallifrey, the Eleven was able to temporarily make himself Lord President by an ancient edict, as he created a state of emergency while the official President was off-world and he was the first former member of the High Council to respond. He used the Sash of Rassilon to freeze the Time Lords, as well as triggering a molecular disintegration in those sent to catch him in the TARDIS repair bays, before making his escape in a TARDIS that was being worked on in the same repair bay as The Doctor's TARDIS had been when he originally stole it ("Doom Coalition 1 - The Eleven").

 Making his way to the seventeenth century, the Eleven hired a pair of alien bounty hunters to bring The Doctor to him, arranging for them to take Galileo hostage and force him to create a stone recording disc that would serve as irresistible bait for The Doctor to spring their trap ("Doom Coalition 1 - The Galileo Trap"). Even after defeating Fortuna and Cleaver, The Doctor still tracked the Eleven to the apparent new planet that was his current base, which the Eleven revealed was a prototype stellar manipulator which he planned to activate with The Doctor's death, the resulting energy release destroying Earth's solar system in 1693 and causing a massive temporal paradox. The Eleven also ensured that The Doctor wouldn't just leave immediately or try to destroy the stellar manipulator by using a stolen device known as the regeneration codex to modify the manipulator so that the energy generation system depended on a large system of artificially creating humanoid workers each morning and then destroying them at the end of the day. However, the Eleven's plans were interrupted when The Doctor managed to inspire Paine, one of the workers, to fight against his programming and rescue Liv and Helen from captivity in another part of the stellar manipulator. After Liv and Helen had evacuated the workers into the TARDIS, a new program in the sonic screwdriver directed the TARDIS to materialise around The Doctor and take him to safety, forcing the Eleven to flee while The Doctor took the former workers to an isolated planet where they could form their own civilisation ("Doom Coalition 1 - The Satanic Mill").

Audio - The Doomsday Chronometer
The Doomsday Chronometer
(Matt Fitton)
 The Eleven eventually made his way to Syra, a planet with a particularly unstable geological structure, as part of his plans to experiment with Caleera's power after the experiments she had subjected herself to were completed. He planned a trap in the mines to kill The Doctor, although the final goal was to use Caleera's power to destroy the planet itself ("Doom Coalition 2 - The Sonomancer"). He also tried to kill Liv in the mines, but this plan was interrupted when Helen Sinclair found herself with a new ally in the form of River Song (River taking care to avoid meeting The Doctor or identifying herself to the Eleven). The Eleven then departed to pursue his own agenda for a time, but the destruction of Syra provided his current allies with the necessary material for their own plans.

Audio - The Crucible of Souls
The Crucible of Souls
(John Dorney)
 When The Doctor, Liv and Helen began to track a mysterious clock across history, they unwittingly came in contact with the Eight, during a time when he lived on Earth in a monastery under the name of Brother Octavian, controlling his past selves with intense meditation as he sought to become a good man ("Doom Coalition 3 - The Eighth Piece"). Despite his efforts to remain underground, Octavian became involved in the search for the components of the Doomsday Chronometer, a dangerous clock that, when re-assembled, could be used to determine the precise moment when to act in order to destroy the universe (paradoxically, this occurred only after The Doctor's encounter with the Eleven on Syra, as the Clock could only be made with metal from Syra brought to Earth by the Eleven). Octavian/the Eight assisted the Eighth Doctor and a disguised River Song in making telepathic contact to disrupt the equipment of the ruthless Clocksmith, but he was injured in the subsequent destruction of the Clocksmith's equipment ("Doom Coalition 3 - The Doomsday Chronometer"). While The Doctor departed in the Clocksmith's TARDIS with River Song to out who the Clocksmith was working with, the Eight staggered into The Doctor's TARDIS and regenerated just as Liv and Helen found it, resulting in them assuming that the Nine was the Ninth Doctor ("Doom Coalition 3 - The Crucible of Souls"). Now suffering from an impulsive kleptomania, his other selves temporarily 'silent' due to his post-regenerative disorientation, the Nine attempted to trick Liv and Helen into assisting him in a raid on Gallifrey, where he discovered information on Crucible of Souls, but the companions each realised who the Nine really was as he was far too ruthless to be a new Doctor. Fortunately, The Doctor was able to follow the Nine in the Clocksmith's TARDIS, with him and River disguising themselves using a psychic cloak and a psychic wimple, but Padrac's co-conspirators used this opportunity to reveal their plans, as the Crucible of Souls was designed to take the life-energies from the rest of the universe after it was destroyed by Padrac's plans and channel it into Gallifrey to ensure the Time Lords' immortality. The Nine was then forced to flee while The Doctor, Liv and Helen were expelled into the dying future Padrac had created, but the three were able to escape this fate ("Doom Coalition 4 - Ship in a Bottle") while River infiltrated Padrac's plans and sent them back to the TARDIS ("Doom Coalition 4 - Songs of Love").

Audio - Stop the Clock
Stop the Clock
(John Dorney)
 While The Doctor investigated the Time Lord opposition to Padrac's plans as they hid in 1970s Earth, attempting a complex plan to independently survive the end of the universe through an alliance with the Meddling Monk and the Weeping Angels, the Eleven was sent to ensure that all remaining opposition to Padrac's plans was erased ("Doom Coalition 4 - The Side of the Angels"). The Eleven was able to encourage the Angels to turn on the Time Lords, even causing Cardinal Ollistra to regenerate by pushing her off a building, but when he attempted to return to Gallifrey, he was unable to join Padrac and his 'allies' in the main citadel as the cabal felt they had no use for him ("Doom Coalition 4 - Stop the Clock"). Captured by the remaining Time Lords opposed to Padrac's schemes, the Eleven was interrogated by The Doctor, who was able to bring the Eight out so that he could tell them that Padrac's plan depended on Caleera, who would broadcast a massive telepathic signal at the precise moment indicated on the Doomsday Chronometer to trigger a resonance pulse that would destroy all other life in the universe. Although the Eleven escaped captivity and took Helen as a hostage, The Doctor was able to infiltrate the citadel disguised as the Eleven and convince Caleera that she had been used, Caleera transferring some of her power and knowledge to Liv and Helen so that they could sabotage Padrac's equipment and ensure that he would miss his moment to trigger the necessary pulse.

 Their battle-TARDIS having been expelled into the Time Vortex by the subsequent explosion, the Eleven and Helen crash-landed on the prison planet Rykerzon ("Ravenous 1 - World of Damnation"). Officially classified as prisoners, Helen attempted to use this time in isolation to help the Eleven gain better control of his other selves, reasoning that he could be a good man when he had no actual opportunity to carry out any plans for universal conquest. Although this plan appeared to work, with the Eleven even admitting to Helen at one point that only three of his incarnations still wanted to kill her, it soon fell apart when the Eleven allied with another old foe of The Doctor's, the rebuilt Kandyman ("The Happiness Patrol"), and the prison governor ("Ravenous 1 - Sweet Salvation"). While the governor's intention was to use the Kandyman's drugged food to suppress criminal tendencies, the Eleven's true goal was to use a psychic additive in the food to take control of everyone on the planet, the Eleven using the Seven's scientific knowledge to put the plan into action.

 Fortunately, The Doctor and Liv arrived in time to expose the Eleven's agenda and disrupt his production line, but as he departed the prison, the Eleven became aware of the return of The Ravenous, an ancient race who were essentially the 'natural predators' of the Time Lords, as they had evolved to eat the energy released when Time Lords regenerated. Initially the Eleven just attempted to flee The Ravenous, stealing another Time Lord's TARDIS ("Ravenous 2 - Seizure"), but when one of The Ravenous found him in his 'new' ship, the Eleven was forced to call The Doctor for help. At the time the Eleven was content to steal The Doctor's TARDIS and leave The Doctor, Liv and Helen in the other ship, but he soon recognised that he couldn't stop The Ravenous on his own and returned to rescue The Doctor.

Audio - Companion Piece
Companion Piece
(John Dorney)
 Interestingly, when the Eleven sought Liv and Helen after they were separated from The Doctor, he was able to solve this issue swiftly enough as he was the reason for their loss. While fleeing the Crucible of Souls, the Nine had recovered River Song in the Time Vortex, and was inspired by this to begin a new 'collection' consisting of all of The Doctor's companions ("Ravenous 3 - Companion Piece"). To this end, the Nine created a space station with weapon-equipped robot drones and cells protected by conventional barriers and temporal paradox buffers, with the result that The Doctor couldn't find his lost companions as they essentially didn't exist behind the barriers. However, River secretly 'stacked the deck' by feigning resistance and then giving the Nine companions who could work together to become an effective team when the time was right, such as recruiting Jamie McCrimmon and Leela to be warriors or Jo Grant and the 2nd Romana as scientists. Eventually River tricked the Nine into creating a suitable 'team' of Liv, Helen, Charley Pollard and Bliss (a companion who would travel with the Eighth Doctor later in his life), subsequently sending him away to retrieve the corpse of the First Doctor's companion Katarina ("The Daleks' Master Plan"), knowing that her past self was already working to retrieve Katarina's body and would be able to keep the Nine occupied. While the Nine was away, Liv, Helen and Bliss used their knowledge of technology, languages and computers to hack the station's computer via the food machine in their cell while Charley passed through the final barrier due to her nature as a temporal paradox. The Nine returned before they could do more than let River out of her own cell, but when he telepathically linked to Katarina's corpse to try and identify her, the residual artron energy in her body distracted him long enough for the companions to overpower him.

Audio - The Odds Against
The Odds Against
(John Dorney)
 After the Eleven and The Doctor retrieved Liv and Helen from the station - leaving the Nine in one of the cells while River erased the memories of the other companions and took them home - the four set out to try and track down the origins of The Ravenous, accessing the mythological database of a famous historian to determine the location where The Ravenous allegedly came from ("Ravenous 3 - L.E.G.E.N.D.". However, when they arrived on the identified planet, which consisted of a strange monastery, in the hope of finding a means to trap The Ravenous again, The Doctor, Liv and Helen realised that it was a trap created specifically for them, while the Eleven was confronted by the Nine, who had set the trap himself ("Ravenous 3 - The Odds Against"). After being abandoned on the space station, the Nine had been attacked by The Ravenous, but his condition made his regenerative energy unpalatable, prompting him to work with The Ravenous to set this trap for The Doctor. However, the Eleven was disgusted that the Nine had wasted his knowledge of their immunity on such a petty trap, banishing the Nine with a vortex manipulator and then rescuing The Doctor and his companions from the attack of The Ravenous while faking the impression that he had been cured of his condition.

 While The Doctor, Liv and Helen didn't fully accept the Eleven's claims of repentance, after he helped save them from a living planet that tried to eat them ("Ravenous 4 - Whisper"), the Eleven convinced The Doctor to take him to the desert planet of Parrak ("Ravenous 4 - Planet of Dust"). The Eleven claimed that he intended to become a hermit on the planet, but in reality his goal was to find the tomb of Artron, an ancient Gallifreyian scientist with fascinating ideas about improving the ability to regenerate. This plan was nearly interrupted when it was revealed that The Master was already on the planet looking for the same tomb (The Master currently in his decaying body ("The Deadly Assassin") and running out of energy before he would die for good), but The Ravenous killed The Master and left the TARDIS severely damaged after the Eleven found Artron's Matrix print, leaving The Doctor and Liv to try and escape to safety in The Master's TARDIS while Helen was abducted by an unknown figure.

Audio - Day of The Master
Day of The Master
(John Dorney)
 Using Artron's Matrix imprint, the Eleven returned to the Crucible of Souls, allowing The Ravenous to consume the Chancellory Guards currently decommissioning the base before he used Artron's Matrix print to reverse the polarity of the station. Where the Crucible had originally been intended to draw life energy from the rest of the universe as it died, the Eleven's modifications would allow it to disperse regenerative energy across the universe, making every life form in existence capable of perpetual regeneration, turning them into a potent new food source for The Ravenous ("Ravenous 4 - Day of The Master"). Fortunately, The Doctor learned the origins of The Ravenous when he attempted to follow a reference The Master had made to the mythical planet Kostlan, where The Master - still trapped in a dying human form ("Doctor Who: The Movie") - had become Artron's assistant in an attempt to use Artron's experiments to give himself more power, but The Master's plan led to the creation of The Ravenous when Artron modified The Master's equipment to download the energy of the native Kostlani into himself rather than The Master, leaving them driven by a desperate hunger to regain their lost energy. At the same time, Helen found herself tracking Artron's later self when her abductor turned out to be a female Time Lord looking for him (Helen unaware that the Time Lady was Missy, The Master's female incarnation), while Liv was taken to the Crucible of Souls by the old incarnation of The Master who would fight in the Time War ("Utopia"), Liv acquiring the ability to regenerate when the Eleven activated the Crucible and The Master attempted to kill her.

 With the inhabitants of the universe that existed in the present of the Crucible of Souls now all capable of regeneration, the Eleven revelled in the death as The Ravenous consumed them all, perfectly satisfied with the notion of being the last non-Ravenous in the universe. Although Artron's present self was revealed to be capable of granting wishes, The Doctor realised that he, Liv and Helen couldn't use this ability to stop The Ravenous as they had contributed to a chain of events where Artron would only grant each person one wish and the three had already used their wishes to escape the destruction of Kostlani, save Helen's life during an earlier trip to Salzburg ("Better Watch Out/Fairytales of Salzburg") and bring the trio back together. However, after the three Masters brought Artron to the Crucible to try and make a deal with the Eleven to spare themselves, The Doctor was able to help Artron realise that he could restore The Ravenous to their original state as the Kostlani, while The Masters used the Crucible to revert the universe's population to their mortal state so that they would still be able to kill others. Having lost his allies, the Eleven fled to The Master's TARDIS to try and offer them an alliance, but the three Masters rejected his offer, dismissing him as a maniac as they shot him and kicked him out of the TARDIS with only a vortex manipulator, leaving the Eleven to regenerate into the Twelve.

Audio - Planet of the Ogrons
Planet of the Ogrons
(Guy Adams)
 After the Time Lords began a war with the Daleks, the Twelve became a special agent for the Time Lords. Although now physically an old woman, the Twelve remained a skilled operative in the field, and even claimed to maintain a degree of control over her other selves, perceiving herself as possessing the firm hand necessary to keep them in line ("The Time War 2 - Planet of the Ogrons"). With the Time Lords believing that she was too great an asset to ignore in the chaos of the Time War, the Twelve was also given a neural inhibitor to help keep her predecessors under control, allowing her to suppress her past personalities so that they wouldn't interfere with her work while also giving her the option to draw on their skills as appropriate. Eventually, the Twelve was assigned to recruit the Eighth Doctor in investigating reports of an Ogron that appeared to be The Doctor, to the extent that 'Doctor Ogron' had traces of The Doctor's DNA and even similar brainwaves, with the differences being reconcilable to the differences caused by a regeneration even as The Doctor rejected the idea that he would regenerate into an Ogron form. 'Doctor Ogron' was eventually revealed to be part of a Dalek plan to augment Ogrons with Time Lord DNA to make them better soldiers. Later, The Doctor, Bliss and the Twelve were captured and subjected to memory wipes to keep them in a prison on a tropical jungle planet as part of the Daleks' efforts to interrogate them. During her captivity, the Twelve had trouble keeping control of her other selves without the neural inhibitor, with her past incarnations attempting to provoke her into attacking the other prisoners, until she was 'forced' to kill another prisoner with cybernetic implants to use those components for her own equipment to escape the prison ("The Time War 2 - In the Garden of Death"). After the three were rescued, the Time Lords forced the Twelve to assist them in investigating something that had been stirred to the forefront of her memory by the neural wipe, discovering a Dalek plan to harness the power of a creature that could predict multiple futures on the ocean world of Uzmal ("The Time War 2 - Jonah"). After The Doctor, Bliss and the Twelve assisted the Time Lord forces sent to stop the Daleks acquiring this entity, the Twelve was put back into stasis until she might be needed again, kept in the Omega Vault with various other advanced weapons gathered by the Time Lords for the War.

Audio - Dreadshade
(Lisa McMullin)
 After the Daleks were briefly erased from history by the actions of The Valeyard ("The War Valeyard"), the Twelve was able to escape from the Vault with the aid of the Dreadshade, another living weapon in the Vault; the Dreadshade was a creature that generated electric blasts and a lethal toxin when it was afraid, initially kept contained by its own fear of the Daleks until their erasure from existence left the Dreadshade more mobile with nothing specific to fear ("Dreadshade"). Having made her way to the Panopticon, and with her neural inhibitor disrupted as she tried to control the Dreadshade, the Twelve attempted to use her link to the Dreadshade to blackmail the Time Lord High Council into giving her a seat on the Council. However, when The Doctor tricked the Twelve into identifying their now-forgotten enemy (the Twelve immune to the accompanying memory loss as she had been in temporal stasis when history changed), the Dreadshade's panic at the sudden reminder of the Daleks caused it to set off an explosion that apparently killed the Twelve. Considering the Twelve's skills and reputation for survival, it is unclear if this was her actual death or if she survived, either in her present incarnation or by regenerating into the Thirteen.
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