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Dalek Empire

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Dalek Empire
A Dalek
A Dalek
The Dalek Empire Stories
Dalek Empire Chapter 1 - Invasion of the Daleks
Dalek Empire Chapter 2 - The Human Factor
Dalek Empire Chapter 3 - Death to the Daleks!
Dalek Empire Chapter 4 - Project Infinity
Dalek Empire II - Dalek War

 "Attention all humans! You are now subjects of the Dalek Empire!" The largest Dalek fleet ever assembled begins its invasion of the galaxy…

 Dalek Empire is a story of human emotion and galactic intrigue set against the most destructive conflict the galaxy has ever known.

 Released, by Big Finish Productions during 2001, these four Doctorless Dalek stories have been written and directed by Nicholas Briggs. It is planned that these stories will evoke some of the spirit of the fondly remembered Dalek annuals and strips of the Sixties and Seventies. All four stories will be closely linked with many of the same characters appearing in each story. The first chapter was released in June, the second in August and the third in November. The final instalment was due to be released in December but was finally released in January 2002. A further series of stories is being planned for 2003.

 On Sunday 6th May 2001 "Dalek Empire - Invasion of the Daleks" was recorded. Written and directed by Nicholas Briggs this story features some returning voices from Big Finish Production's ever-expanding repertory company of actors. Gareth Thomas guest-stars as the mysterious Kalendorf. Best known for his role in Blake's 7, Gareth more recently made his Big Finish debut as Lord Tamworth in the Eighth Doctor audio drama, "Storm Warning" that was released in January 2001.

 Gareth is joined by Sarah Mowat who plays planetary geologist Susan Mendes. Sarah previously starred in the very first Big Finish Doctor Who adventure, "The Sirens of Time", as five different characters who were in fact all the same character. Mark McDonnell completes the team of three regular cast members of the Dalek Empire quartet of plays. Mark portrays the slightly less than dynamic space security agent, Alby Brook. Mark featured in "The Fearmonger" and is appearing in the next season of Paul McGann plays that are due in 2002.

 As stated by Nicholas Briggs 'The characters in the series are not in control of the situation. They've been overrun. The Dalek invasion starts and the Daleks are actually winning'.


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Dalek Empire
The Lead Characters

 SUSAN MENDES ('Suz') - Geologist working for the Reinsberg Corporation on planet Vega VI (working on veganite mining strategies Re. MOST SECRET: PROJECT INFINITY). Intelligent, sensitive and can be surprisingly tough in extreme situations. Unfulfilled. Needs a challenge.

Susan Mendes is played by Sarah Mowat.
Susan Mendes

Alby Brook  ALBERT BROOK ('Alby') - Earth Alliance Space Security Service operative. Ex-Army. Criminal record (DETAILS SUPPRESSED - CODE 894). Questionable attitude to authority. Cynical. Unorthodox thinker. Unsuitable for routine assignments. Operates best when unrestricted by micro-management.

Albert Brook is played by Mark McDonnell.

 KALENDORF - Enigmatic agent of the Knights of Velyshaa. Trained since birth in all the noble and martial arts of the Velyshaan Imperial Court. Secret mission on Vega VI interrupted by Dalek attack.

Kalendorf is played by Gareth Thomas.

Gordon Pellan  GORDON PELLAN - Newsreader for the Vega System's news media. Thoroughly professional and fairly superficial. Not a man of action. Vega News Personnel Department profiler describes him as 'nice enough'.

Gordon Pellan is played by John Wadmore.

 MIRANA - Interplanetary Police Officer 274. Currently in pursuit of a law-breaker whose motives are unorthodox and are even more intriguing. But if she solves this crime and gets her man, she may find herself in far more trouble than she expects.

Mirana is played by Teresa Gallagher.

Audio - Dalek Empire  Once again, Nick Briggs and Alistair Lock supply their acclaimed Dalek voices ably assisted by Steven Allen and Robert Lock.

Dalek Empire
The Chapters

Invasion of the Daleks
The Human Factor
Death to the Daleks!
Project Infinity
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Dalek Empire
The Covers
Audio - Dalek Empire Part 1
Dalek Empire 1
- Invasion of the Daleks
(Nicholas Briggs)
Audio - Dalek Empire Part 2
Dalek Empire 2
- The Human Factor
(Nicholas Briggs)
Audio - Dalek Empire Part 3
Dalek Empire 3
- Death to the Daleks!
(Nicholas Biggs)
Audio - Dalek Empire Part 4
Dalek Empire 4
- Project Infinity
(Nicholas Biggs)
JUN 01
JUL 01
NOV 01
JAN 02
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Dalek Empire
Returned in 2003
The Nightmare Continues in:
Dalek Empire II - Dalek War

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