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Death to the Daleks!
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Audio - Dalek Empire Part 3

Dalek Empire 3
- Death to the Daleks!
(Nicholas Biggs)

 This is the third story and was released in November 2001. It has been written and directed by Nicholas Briggs and was recorded on 2nd September 2001.

 Known throughout the galaxy as 'The Angel of Mercy' Susan Mendes finds herself at the forefront of increasing the morale of the slave populations and so maintain production efficiency for the Daleks. When she decides it is time to take control of events she finds herself having to face the Dalek Supreme Controller. Thinking that she is in full control it soon becomes clear that she may have misjudged the might of the Dalek Empire.

 Kalendorf finds himself becoming deeply involved with Susan and so assisting 'The Angel of Mercy' and a vital element of her plans. But Kalendorf now fears for Susan's mental wellbeing and he finds working with the Daleks becoming more and more unbearable. But he is aware that if he gives vent to his warrior instincts, and so revealing that he is in fact an agent of the Knights of Velyshaa, then the results would end in his own extermination.

 Meanwhile, Earth Alliance Security commander-in-chief Tanlee is intent on locating Earth Alliance Space Security Service operative Alby Brook. The Dalek advance across the galaxy seems unstoppable and the only possibility of salvation for the human race lies in the Lopra System. But how can Alby help especially when he discovers that his friend and colleague Gordon Pellan turns out to be under the Dalek control and so has to be killed.

 Having neglected his Space Security Service duties for far too long, in the hope that he will find Susan, the woman he loves, Alby's past is fast catching up with him. Then he finds himself on a dangerous mission that may decide the fate of the entire galaxy even though it could mean having to kill Susan. But who can he trust when no one will tell him the true purpose of 'Project Infinity'. He then finds that he has a particularly persistent interplanetary police officer, who is in pursuit of an unorthodox law-breaker, to deal with first.

 Susan's fame has spread to the far reaches of the galaxy but time is approaching when she must make her true loyalties known. Then when she is summoned to an audience with the Dalek Emperor, she begins to fear that all her efforts have been in vain especially when she learns of the fate that has befallen Earth. Humiliated by the Daleks Susan suddenly realises that her usefulness maybe over and that Kalendorf is in no position to protect her.

 With all seeming to be lost the word starts to spread 'Death to the Daleks' and the Daleks start to lose control but could it be to late?

Big Finish Productions - Dalek Empire
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  • Number of Episodes: 3 of 4
  • Cover Length: 70 minutes
  • Episode Length: 3 = 72'58"
  • This story does not include The Doctor or any of his companions.
  • Cover Illustration: Clayton Hickman
  • Recorded: 2nd September 2001
  • Recording Location: The Moat Studios
  • Released: November 2001
  • ISBN: 978-1-903654-38-6

On the Back Cover:
Dalek Empire
By Nicholas Briggs
 "Exterminate! Exterminate!" Doctor Who's deadliest foes, the dreaded Daleks, continue the conquest of our galaxy in their own thrilling series of audio adventures!

 Years have passed. The war goes on.

 For every Dalek defeat, the Earth Alliance has suffered ten. Could it be that the Daleks are finally on the brink of victory?

 Suz and Kalendorf have devised a secret plan to defeat the Daleks. But is it too late?

 The Dalek Emperor seems to have its own hidden agenda...

On the Inside Cover:


Audio - Dalek Empire
 Recent Intelligence reports have recorded the unexplained absence of the Dalek Supreme in the main theatre of war.

 Our operatives have been at pains to discover where the operational Dalek authority lies in this galaxy. ADF agents working deep under cover were able to transmit this image of a new breed of Dalek Battle Commander - The Red Supreme Controller.

 Reports so far indicate that there are four of them, each with broad-ranging, regional responsibilities. Further reports indicate that they are exceptionally deadly and ruthless in the execution of their duties.

Extract from Earth Alliance Space Security Service
coded transmission Z-89 B4U R

Full Cast List:

Susan Mendes Sarah Mowat
Kalendorf Gareth Thomas
Narrator Joyce Gibbs
Espeelius Ian Brooker
Karik Ian Brooker
Wlisonford Ian Brooker
Stralos Jeremy Fielder
Barman Jeremy Fielder
Tanlee David Sax
Alby Brook Mark McDonnell
Mirana Teresa Gallagher
Earth President Teresa Gallagher
Dalek Voices Nicholas Briggs,
Alistair Lock and
Steven Allen

The Production Team:

Writer Nicholas Briggs
Script Editor John Ainsworth
Director Nicholas Briggs
Sound/Music Nicholas Briggs
Producers Jason Haigh-Ellery
and Nicholas Briggs
Executive Producer for the BBC Jaqueline Rayner
Daleks Created by Terry Nation
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