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Carnival of Monsters
Carnival of Monsters
 Name: Drashigs

 Format: Television show and Book

 Time of Origin: Swamp moon of Grundle, although The Doctor has never been there himself; every Drashig The Doctor has faced had been taken from somewhere else.

 Appearances: "Carnival of Monsters" and "The Eight Doctors"

 Doctors: Third Doctor, Fifth Doctor and Eighth Doctor

 Companions: Jo Grant, Tegan Jovanka and Turlough

Carnival of Monsters
Carnival of Monsters
 History: Although the Drashigs are essentially just animals, their sheer ferocity and power mean that they can still pose a threat to The Doctor under the right circumstances. Massive snake-like creatures with six eyes on stalks, the Drashigs had fanged mouths and segmented bodies strong enough to withstand machine-gun fire, capable of bursting through solid structures. Essentially unintelligent, they were still somewhat social, hunting in packs of three - relying on scent for hunting purposes - and living in colonies of twenty.

 However, the Drashigs’ most distinctive feature is the fact that they are fundamentally omnivorous, capable of eating anything, including metal. There is recorded evidence that a ship once landed on the moon where the Drashigs live and the Drashigs not only ate the entire fifty-person crew, armed with modern weapons, but also ate all but a few scraps of the ship itself (the Fifth Doctor once speculated that a Drashig could even eat the TARDIS, although it is unclear if this meant that it was large enough to swallow the ship whole given that the HADS ("The Krotons") would have relocated the TARDIS if it faced serious damage). A notable weakness of the Drashigs was their focus, as they would follow a trail to find their prey even if the prey had doubled back, suggesting that their eyesight is rather poor.

Carnival of Monsters
Carnival of Monsters
 The Third Doctor and Jo Grant had an accidental encounter with the Drashigs when the TARDIS materialised in a Miniscope, a device that contained miniaturised life-forms from all across the galaxy, and one of the few still existing after the First Doctor lead a campaign to have the Time Lords ban them from the universe for the device’s disrespect for sentient life-forms. While attempting to explore the Miniscope - which included the lost ship the SS Bernice and a group of Cybermen as its ‘inhabitants’ -, The Doctor and Jo accidentally arrived in the Drashig habitat. The Doctor was able to delay the Drashigs by using the sonic screwdriver to ignite the marsh gases in their swampy habitat while he and Jo ran from them, but his subsequent attempt to escape the Miniscope accidentally led the Drashigs to a way out, although their small size allowed The Doctor and the Miniscope’s owners to contain them long enough for the Drashigs to be destroyed with an Eradicator - a device that eliminated troublesome ‘livestock’ - until The Doctor could link the TARDIS to the Miniscope and send the other life-forms back to their home times.

Book - The Eight Doctors
The Eight Doctors
(Terrance Dicks)
The Doctor next encountered the Drashigs when the Eighth Doctor was visiting his past selves to regain his lost memories, only for his visit to attract unwanted attention from the other Time Lords ("The Eight Doctors"). Although the current President, Lady Flavia, was a friend of The Doctor’s who saw no harm in allowing his visits to continue so long as there was no sign of damage to the Web of Time, Ryoth, an ambitious younger Time Lord who resented The Doctor’s role in the downfall of his associates Goth ("The Deadly Assassin") and Borusa ("The Five Doctors"), used the opportunity to try and convince the Celestial Intervention Agency to provide him with the means of disposing of The Doctor. Using the Timescoop, forbidden technology from the days of Rassilon, Ryoth attempted to kill the Fifth Doctor - the incarnation that the Eighth Doctor was ‘scheduled’ to visit next - with a Raston Warrior Robot and a squadron of Sontarans, but the two Doctors were able to trick their enemies into destroying each other.

 Outraged at The Doctors’ continued survival, Ryoth sent a Drashig against them next, only to be caught by surprise when The Doctors were able to set up a Temporal Reverse Feedback Field that reversed the polarity of the temporal flow and sent the Drashig to the Timescoop itself. After it ate Ryoth and damaged the Timescoop, the Drashig was trapped in the vault until the Chancellory Guard discovered it trying to get through the door, quickly setting up an emergency transmat beam to send the Drashig into the Death Zone, a location where Time Lords had once pitted other races against each other, hoping that it would eat the other horrors in the Zone.
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