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General Information

Season Start:10 September 1966
Season End:01 July 1967
Season Length:43 Weeks
Writers:Brian Hayles, David Ellis, David Whitaker, Dennis Spooner, Elwyn Jones, Geoffrey Orme, Gerry Davis, Ian Stuart Black, Kit Pedler and Malcolm Hulke
Directors:Christopher Barry, Derek Martinus, Gerry Mill, Hugh David, John Davies, Julia Smith, Morris Barry and Timothy Combe
Producer:Innes Lloyd
Associate Producer:Peter Bryant
Story Editors:Gerry Davis and Peter Bryant
Visual Effects:Michealjohn Harris and Peter Day
Title Sequence:Bernard Lodge
Title Music:Ron Grainer and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Arranged by Delia Derbyshire
Incarnation of the Doctor: The First Doctor (Regenerates) and The Second Doctor (Newly Regenerated)
Number of Companions: 4
The Companions: Polly Wright (Departs), Ben Jackson (Departs), Jamie McCrimmon (Joins) and Victoria Waterfield (Joins)
Number of Stories: 9
Number of Incomplete/Missing Stories: 9
Number of Episodes: 43
Number of Incomplete/Missing Episodes: 33
 Full Stories Held  0%
 Episodes Held  23%

Television Stories

No. Title Number of Episodes Production Code Status
28 The Smugglers4CCNone Held
29 The Tenth Planet4DDIncomplete
30 The Power of the Daleks6EENone Held
31 The Highlanders4FFNone Held
32 The Underwater Menace4GGIncomplete
33 The Moonbase4HHIncomplete
34 The Macra Terror4JJNone Held
35 The Faceless Ones6KKIncomplete
36 The Evil of the Daleks7LLIncomplete

Audience Appreciation

Average Viewers (Millions) 7.1
The Best StoryThe Moonbase (8.3)
The Worst Story The Smugglers (4.5)
The Smugglers (4.5)The Tenth Planet (6.8)The Power of the Daleks (7.8)The Highlanders (7.0)The Underwater Menace (7.5)The Moonbase (8.3)The Macra Terror (8.2)The Faceless Ones (7.4)The Evil of the Daleks (6.4)
Doctor Who Magazine Poll (1998)
Season: 68.37%  (Position = 11 out of 27)
Best Story: The Evil of the Daleks (84.22%)
Worst Story: The Underwater Menace (45.48%)
Doctor Who Magazine Poll (2009)
Season: 68.18% Lower (Position = 14 out of 31)
Best Story: The Evil of the Daleks (83.74%)
Worst Story: The Underwater Menace (47.44%)
Doctor Who Magazine Poll (2014)
Season: 70.28% Higher (Position = 16 out of 36)
Best Story: The Power of the Daleks (85.02%)
Worst Story: The Underwater Menace (55.53%)

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The Villains

Daleks The Power of the Daleks and The Evil of the Daleks
Cybermen The Tenth Planet and The Moonbase
Others Captain Samuel Pike (The Smugglers), Professor Zaroff (The Underwater Menace), Solicitor Grey (The Highlanders), The Chameleons (The Faceless Ones) and The Macra (The Macra Terror)

Quote of the Season

 'Renewed? Have I? That's it, I've been renewed. It's part of the TARDIS. Without it I couldn't survive.'

The Doctor
(The Power of the Daleks)

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A Seasonal Summary

The Doctor Regenerates
The Doctor Regenerates
During this season the unprecedented occurred: the popular William Hartnell left the show, and Patrick Troughton took over the lead role. With the departure of William Hartnell this left none of the original cast members remaining. Only the familiar look and sound of the TARDIS remained.

The Second Doctor was nothing like the crotchety old Doctor viewers had become to know so well. This new incarnation was feisty, mysterious and occasionally prone to fits of hysteria. Patrick Troughton was, right from the start, a very different type of Doctor. He was much more hands-on and more prone to slapstick. No longer a grandfather figure, but rather more of a favourite uncle. Although the Second Doctor frequently gave the impression that he never knew what he was doing, especially in the stories in this season, it became clearer as time went by that this was simply an act he put on to fool those who would then underestimate him.

Continuing their travels were Polly Wright and Ben Jackson - who witnessed the transformation and who were used as a means to make the transformation acceptable to viewers. They were soon joined by the Scottish piper Jamie McCrimmon (played by Frazer Hines) – who would remain with The Doctor right through his second incarnation. Before the end of this season Polly and Ben would leave the TARDIS but The Doctor and Jamie would be joined by a young Victorian girl called Victoria Waterfield (played by Deborah Watling).

As to the enemies encountered during this season; we would see the return of the dreaded Daleks. Not once, but twice. We would also see the debut of the Cybermen in the First Doctor‘s very last story. They proved to be so popular that even before the end of "The Tenth Planet" they were destined to return for a second story. Another monster making their debut was the hideous Macra. They would not prove as popular as the Cybermen and so would not return to the show for 40 years.

As well as in front of the camera changes were happening in the production team. With both Producer Innes Lloyd and Script Writer Gerry Davis expressing a desire to move on from the show, Peter Bryant was introduced into the production team to take over from them. He served as both Script Editor and Associate Producer on various stories towards the end of the season. Gerry Davis finally departed as Script Editor just before the season's end, but Innes Lloyd would remain right through – and in fact would stay at the helm for some time yet with Peter Bryant becoming Gerry Davis’ replacement as Script Editor

The most notable thing about this season, sadly, is it is the most affected by the deletion that occurred in the BBC archives during the Seventies. It is the only season where not a single complete story exists. And those that do remain, for the majority, only odd episodes exist from each story. The biggest losses to the show include the final episode of "The Tenth Planet" – which is William Hartnell’s final major contribution to the show (thankfully the regeneration scene itself does exist), Patrick Troughton’s first story "The Power of the Daleks" and Jamie's first adventure (and the final truly historical story) "The Highlanders". Even the season’s finale and Victoria’s first story, "The Evil of the Daleks", did not escape unscathed - with only the second episode remaining.

However, despite the lack of stories existing in the BBC archives today, at the time it was clear that the show was changing. And as history would show – for the better.

Things to Watch Out For

Dalek Production Line
Dalek Production Line
Like the previous season with so many episodes missing and, in the case of this season, having not a single complete story, it is hard to distinguish items to look out for when it is very unlikely that viewers will ever get the chance of seeing these stories in their entirety in the future. However, there are still plenty of gems that exists in the few remaining episodes and of course we are lucky to still have the audio soundtracks to listen to.

A must watch story is The Doctor’s first on-screen encounter with the Cybermen in "The Tenth Planet". Thankfully three out of the four episodes, that make up this story, do exist and so we can still relive the scene where the ruthless Cybermen announce, for the first time, that the have no emotions and have only one aim – to turn the human race into Cybermen.

The Cybermen’s attempts to enslave the human race did not stop with this story. Even after their earlier defeat they would return again in "The Moonbase" where they use a space station, on the moon’s surface, as a means to disrupt the Earth’s weather. Who can forget the scenes, with the deadly plague spreading throughout the Moonbase’s crew, The Doctor, with the help of his companions Polly Wright and Ben Jackson, collecting samples throughout the base so as to find the source of the plague – and getting, literally, under everyone’s feet. Meanwhile, the semi-unconscious Jamie McCrimmon (who had injured himself Moonwalking) begins mumbling about a ‘Phantom Piper’ and then a large silver figure appears and takes away the dead body of one of the crewmembers, who had succumbed to the plague, distressing the delirious Jamie even more.

As well as the Cybermen’s double helping the Daleks would make two appearances. The first "The Power of the Daleks" is the very first story for the Second Doctor and so is used as means to introduce the viewers to Patrick Troughton in the lead role. Even only with the ability to listen to the remaining audio soundtracks for this story the best scenes are at the very beginning where Polly and (especially) Ben can’t believe what they have just witnessed with their very own eyes. Not helped by the ‘stranger’ before them, who could not sympathise with them for disbelieving that this ‘stranger’ is in fact still The Doctor.

As well as being in the first story for the Second Doctor the Daleks would return in this season’s finale. The classic "The Evil of the Daleks" is for many a must see from start to finish. Right from the start with the loss of the TARDIS (a scene that follows on immediately after the previous story "The Faceless Ones", to the introduction of Victoria Waterfield being held captive and chastised by a Dalek for feeding ‘The flying pests’, to the scene where The Doctor is spun around while the three ‘human’ Daleks play trains and the first sight of the Emperor Dalek. It is just a shame that so much is missing from this story that we are unable to watch it in its full glory today – even despite the criticism it had for using toy Daleks in the final battle scenes where the Dalek’s city is destroyed.

Of course the classic event is at the very end of "The Tenth Planet" is the scene that must not be missed. Thankfully, even though the majority of the final episode of this story is no more, we are still able to watch the very first regeneration scene, thanks to a low-quality, truncated copy of this sequence still surviving. Crude, it may be when compared to the regeneration scenes that would be made since, it is still a pivotal moment in Doctor Who history, and one that would be a crime if it was not possible to relive, even in its current state, today.

High and Low Points

The Cybermen
The Cybermen
The high point of this season has to be split between two stories: "The Tenth Planet" and "The Evil of the Daleks". The former because it introduces the Cybermen – who, over the shows history, would come a very close second to the most popular of villains that The Doctor has had to deal with. The concept of the Cybermen came from a phobia that Kit Pedler (their co-creator) had regarding what if the replacement of limbs and organs were to go to the extremes thus creating dehumanised creatures that were once human but were now more plastic and metal with no emotions or feelings. And so the Cybermen were born. This story had it weakness and the Cybermen portrayed in it were very crude when compared to later versions. But in essence their potential to become a strong rival to the Daleks, and a classic Doctor Who monster, was clear.

The second highest point has to be the classic "The Evil of the Daleks". Not only did this story introduce new companion Victoria Waterfield (played by Deborah Watling) but it would herald, for the first time ever The Emperor Dalek. This story also contained, for the first time non-threatening Daleks – a concept that even today would seem impossible. Infused with the ‘human factor’ three Daleks, that The Doctor christens ‘Alpha’, ‘Beta’ and ‘Omega’, start to play trains with The Doctor. Spinning him around. At first The Doctor’s companion Jamie McCrimmon is confused by The Doctor’s ability to have fun with monsters that can easily kill them both. But even he succumbs to the playful Daleks who see The Doctor and Jamie as friends.

The lowest point has to go to "The Underwater Menace". This story is seen by many to be the worst of the whole of the Second Doctor’s era and is frequently criticized for its poor production values. Even so it is still sad that only half this story exists in the BBC archives and so we do not have a chance to watch it in full, and so maybe appreciate it a bit more.

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First and Last

The Firsts:

 The first season to include more than one incarnation of The Doctor.

 The first Doctor Who story to feature major location shooting. Namely in Cornwall. (The Smugglers)

 The first appearance of the Cybermen. (The Tenth Planet)

 The very first regeneration scene. (The Tenth Planet)

 Patrick Troughton's first credited appearance as the Second Doctor. (The Power of the Daleks)

 The first Dalek story completely written by someone other than Terry Nation. (The Power of the Daleks)

 The introduction of new companion Jamie McCrimmon played by Frazer Hines. (The Highlanders)

 The first time The Second Doctor confronts the Cybermen. (The Moonbase)

 The first Doctor Who story to be recorded back at Lime Grove. (The Moonbase)

 The first Doctor Who story to use a new title sequence incorporating an image of the Second Doctor’s face. (The Macra Terror)

 The introduction of new companion Victoria played by Deborah Watling. (The Evil of the Daleks)

 The first appearance of the Dalek Emperor. (The Evil of the Daleks)

 Peter Bryant's first involvement in the show as Story Editor. (The Evil of the Daleks)

The Lasts (Subject to Future Stories):

 William Hartnell's last regular appearance as the First Doctor. (The Tenth Planet)

 The last truly historical Doctor Who story until the 1982 Fifth Doctor story "Black Orchid". (The Highlanders)

 The last Doctor Who story to be recorded at Riverside. (The Moonbase)

 Anneke Wills' last story as companion Polly. (The Faceless Ones)

 Michael Craze's last story as companion Ben Jackson. (The Faceless Ones)

 Gerry Davis's last involvement in the show as Story Editor. (The Evil of the Daleks)

 The last appearance of the Daleks until the 1972 story "Day of the Daleks". (The Evil of the Daleks)

In Print

Doctor Who CMS Magazine (An Adventure in Space and Time)Season 4 Special
Doctor Who Magazine - ArticleIssue 131 - (Released: December 1987)
Doctor Who Magazine - Episode GuideIssue 141 - (Released: October 1988)
Doctor Who Magazine - Countdown to 50Issue 433 - (Released: May 2011)

Additional Stories

TitleRelease Date (UK)FormatSourceCompanions
Ten Little AliensJune 1992NovelThe Past Doctors Stories Polly Wright and Ben Jackson
Invasion of the Cat-PeopleAugust 1995NovelThe Missing Adventures Polly Wright and Ben Jackson
The Murder GameJuly 1997NovelThe Past Doctors Stories Polly Wright and Ben Jackson
The RoundheadsNovember 1997NovelThe Past Doctors Stories Polly Wright, Ben Jackson and Jamie McCrimmon
Mondas PassingMarch 1998Short StoryShort Trips Polly Wright and Ben Jackson
Dying in the SunOctober 2001NovelThe Past Doctors Stories Polly Wright and Ben Jackson
WonderlandApril 2003NovelDoctor Who Novellas Polly Wright and Ben Jackson
The Rag and Bone Man's StoryJune 2004Short StoryThe Big Finish Short Trips 8: Repercussions
PlutoSeptember 2005Short StoryThe Big Finish Short Trips 14: The Solar System Polly Wright and Ben Jackson
The FeastDecember 2005Short StoryThe Big Finish Short Trips 15: The History of Christmas Polly Wright and Ben Jackson
The Three PathsMarch 2006Short StoryThe Big Finish Short Trips 16: Farewells
Do You Dream in ColourDecember 2007Short StoryThe Big Finish Short Trips 22: The Ghosts of Christmas Polly Wright and Ben Jackson
The Slave WarMarch 2008Short StoryThe Big Finish Short Trips 24: The Quality of Leadership Polly Wright, Ben Jackson and Jamie McCrimmon
ResistanceMarch 2009AudioThe Big Finish Audio Stories (Companion Chronicles) Polly Wright
The Three CompanionsApril 2009 - February 2010NovelThe Big Finish Audio Stories (Companion Chronicles) Polly Wright, Ben Jackson, Jamie McCrimmon and The Brigadier
The Forbidden TimeMarch 2011NovelThe Big Finish Audio Stories Polly Wright and Jamie McCrimmon
The Selachian GambitFebruary 2012AudioThe Big Finish Audio Stories (Companion Chronicles) Polly Wright and Jamie McCrimmon
House of CardsFebruary 2013AudioThe Big Finish Audio Stories (Companion Chronicles) Polly Wright and Jamie McCrimmon

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Photo Gallery

The Doctor and Companions

William Hartnell
The First Doctor

Patrick Troughton
The Second Doctor

Anneke Wills
Polly Wright
Michael Craze
Ben Jackson
Frazer Hines
Jamie McCrimmon
Deborah Watling
Victoria Waterfield


Doctor Who CMS Magazine (An Adventure in Space and Time): Season 4 Special
Doctor Who CMS Magazine (An Adventure in Space and Time): Season 4 Special

Doctor Who Magazine - Article: Issue 131
Doctor Who Magazine - Article: Issue 131

Marvel Comics
Doctor Who Magazine - Episode Guide: Issue 141
Doctor Who Magazine - Episode Guide: Issue 141

Marvel Comics
Doctor Who Magazine - Countdown to 50: Issue 433
Doctor Who Magazine - Countdown to 50: Issue 433

Marvel Comics

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