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The Basics

Season: Season 30 (New Series 4 Specials)
Story Number: -
Production Code: -
Number of Episodes: 6
Production Dates: 2009
Animation Studio: Littleloud
Writer: Phil Ford
Director: Gary Russell
Executive Producer, Interactive: Anwen Aspden
Executive Producer for CBBC: Sarah Muller
Executive Producers: Russell T Davies, Julie Gardner and Piers Wenger
Interactive Producer: Ed Cross
Senior Producer: Mat Fidell
Production Executive: Julie Scott
Visual Effects: Jim Howells
Incidental Music: Murray Gold
Sounds Effects: Howard Eaves
Voice Recording: The Moat Studios
Number of Doctors: 1
The Doctor: David Tennant (Tenth Doctor)
Number of Companions: 0
Guest Cast: Georgia Moffett (Cassie Rice)
Additional Cast: Tim Howar (Jimmy Stalkingwolf), David Warner (Lord Azlok), Stuart Milligan (Colonel Stark), Nicholas Rowe (Rivesh Mantilax), Lisa Bowerman (Seruba Velak), Peter Guinness (Mister Dread), Clarke Peters, (Night Eagle), Ryan MacClusky (Soldier)
Villain: Viperox

The Episodes

Episodes Broadcast
Duration Viewers
In Archive
Part One
21 November 2009
Part Two
22 November 2009
Part Three
23 November 2009
Part Four
24 November 2009
Part Five
25 November 2009
Part Six
26 November 2009
Episodes One - Six (Omnibus Format)
05 December 2009

Total Duration 50'24"
Average Viewers (millions) Unknown


 "Dreamland" is an animated story based made by Littleloud for the BBC and is the third officially licensed, animated Doctor Who story, the first being the flash-animated "Scream of the Shalka" in 2003 and the second being "The Infinite Quest" shown in 2007. Missing episodes of the 1968 serial "The Invasion" were also animated for that story's 2006 DVD release.

 "Dreamland" was shown in six daily parts (part 1 = 13 minutes, the remaining were approximatly 7 minutes each) via the BBC Digital Red button and on the BBC's Doctor Who website. The whole story was broadcast in an omnibus format on BBC Two on the 5th December 2009.

 Georgia Moffett (who voices Cassie Rice) originaly starred in the television show as Jenny in "The Doctor's Daughter". She is also the real-world daughter of Peter Davison who portrayed th
e Fifth Doctor from 1981-1984. She portrayed Tanya Webster in the Big Finish Productions audio drama "Red Dawn" with Peter Davison reprising his role as the Fifth Doctor, and she narrated the Tenth Doctor audio-book "Snowglobe 7".

Lisa Bowerman (who is heard voicing Seruba Velak) is best known for playing Bernice Summerfield in the Big Finish Productions audio dramas. She was also a guest star in the 1989 Seventh Doctor story "Survival" in which she played Karra.

David Warner (who is heard voicing Lord Azlok) has also been involved in the Big Finish audio dramas, most notably playing an alternate version of The Doctor in the Doctor Who Unbound series.

The title sequence for this story is identical to that for the television series and includes Georgia Moffett, as well as David Tennant, in the main credits. Dreamland is an alternate name for the secretive ‘Area 51’ U.S. Air Force base in Groom Lake, Nevada. It is the subject of many conspiracy theories, some of which involve the alleged Roswell crash debris and bodies being studied there. Area 51 and Roswell do feature in the story.

Although not mentioned, the spaceship and ‘space junk’ is exactly the same as the ship in The Sarah Jane Adventures 2009 story: "Prisoner of the Judoon". The controls are also the same.

This story is the first occasion the Tenth Doctor mentions the TARDIS's malfunctioning chameleon circuit. He also mentions the TARDIS has a sat-nav system, which also doesn't work.

The Doctor is heard to say when being attacked by the Viperox Queen: ‘I don't think she's amused, I have that effect on royalty’. A reference to the Doctor Who television stories: "Tooth and Claw" and "The Shakespeare Code".

Before they escape the gas chamber through air vents, The Doctor is heard to mention the following films Alien, Aliens, Die Hard, Die Hard 2 and Die Hard 3 (all of which contain sequences in which characters have to escape from a seemingly enclosed area; usually through air vents).

Various references to films can be seen. These include: The scene in Part Two where they discover the Viperox Queen and her nest of eggs is a clear reference to Aliens, the mining cart scene in Part Three is similar to the cart chase in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and the warehouse in Part Five is a reference to another Indiana Jones film "Raiders of the Lost Ark".

The canonicity of "Dreamland" is not clear, even though it was commissioned and televised by the BBC.


 All episodes exist and are held in the BBC's Film and Videotape Library.

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The Plot

Welcome to Dreamland

The Doctor with Cassie and Jimmy
The Doctor with Cassie and Jimmy
 1958, Dry Springs in Nevada, USA and the TARDIS materialises close to a diner inside which are two people, Cassie Rice and Jimmy Stalkingwolf. After introducing themselves The Doctor spots on the counter an alien artefact, which Cassie claims is supposed to be from a flying saucer that crashed five years previously. Curious The Doctor uses his sonic screwdriver to investigate and in doing so he activates it. Detecting that the artefact has been activated, two men in black arrive. One enters the diner and demands that they hand over the "ionic fusion bar", as he calls it. This though sparks a confrontation but The Doctor, Cassie and Jimmy manage to escape in Jimmy’s truck.

They soon stop in the desert where they are attacked by a large creature that The Doctor recognises as a Viperox battle-drone. As it starts to attack them rescue comes from a USAF helicopter which uses its rockets to destroy the Viperox battle-drone. The helicopter then lands and the soldiers from the helicopter announce that they have orders from a Colonel Stark to take them all to Area 51 (aka Dreamland).

Cassie Rice
Cassie Rice
In Dreamland they get to meet Colonel Stark who orders them to be processed so as to wipe the memories. After breaking free from their confinement, via a ventilation shaft, The Doctor discovers in Lab 51 a seemingly harmless alien locked in a sealed room. As an alarm sounds they are discovered and so use a lift to escape. But when they arrive at the top they are recaptured. They discover they have arrived in a large hanger containing an alien spaceship. The Doctor uses his sonic screwdriver to open a hatch in the ship and in the confusion The Doctor, along with Cassie and Jimmy manages to escape by piloting the spaceship out of the hanger and away from Dreamland. However, they are pursued by two fighter jets and when they are shot at The Doctor loses control and the spaceship crashes near an abandoned mining town called Solitude. Back in Dreamland Colonel Stark orders The Doctor to be recaptured as he wants to know how he can fly the spaceship. The Colonel is accompanied by a Viperox, called Lord Azlock, who deduces that The Doctor may be an alien.

Colonel Stark
Colonel Stark
Exploring an abandoned building in Solitude, Jimmy is pulled into a hole in the floor of a backroom by a Viperox. The Doctor and Cassie follow and find themselves in the old mines. They also discover Jimmy being questioned by Lord Azlock about The Doctor. Before he can answer The Doctor emerges from hiding and confronts Lord Azlock. The Doctor learns that the Viperox are not interested in the Earth but are seeking an enemy of their race. But before The Doctor can find out more Cassie, who has freed Jimmy, causes a disturbance allowing the three of them to escape down a tunnel. This tunnel though takes them to a large underground cavern containing a large number of Viperox eggs and a huge Viperox Queen, which is laying the eggs. The Doctor announces that this is the method that the Viperox use to hatch an army.

The Doctor, Cassie and Jimmy are able to escape through the mine tunnels in a railway cart. Closely pursued by the Viperox, The Doctor uses his sonic screwdriver to loosen some screws in one of the tunnel supports which causes the roof to cave in. When the cart finally exits the mine the three are greeted by four men in black who The Doctor recognises as robotic "Alliance of Shades" agents that had earlier chased them out of the diner. Rescue comes from Jimmy's Native American Grandfather "Night Eagle", who turns out to be familiar with the alien happenings in the area. Night Eagle and his colleagues take them to a cave where an alien by the name of Rivesh Mantilax is being kept safe from the military. The Doctor learns that Rivesh is the husband of the alien they met in the dreamland base. He tells the story of how his people fought the Viperox and how they were forced to crash land on Earth years before.

Lord Azlok
Lord Azlok
The Doctor promises Rivesh he will try to get them home, just as Colonel Stark enters the cave and thanks The Doctor for leading him to the alien, proclaiming The Doctor has helped him save the world. When they all arrive back at Dreamland they are all placed in a cell along with Rivesh’s wife, Seruba. The Doctor then discovers from the aliens that the alien technology found in the diner is in fact a genetic weapon designed to destroy the Viporox. It can, however, be reconfigured to attack other beings, hence why Lord Azlok wants it.

The Doctor manages to convince Colonel Stark of the Viporox’s true intentions and on realising that Colonel Stark’s usefulness is over Lord Azlok flies off to return to the nearby Viperox lair where he persuades the Viperox Queen to release her newly hatched brood and start an attack on the humans.

While The Doctor and Seruba enter the Area 51 vault, so as retrieve something from Rivesh’s spaceship that will revive the dying alien, Cassie and Jimmy are tasked with the job of locating the TARDIS, back at Dry Springs, and transporting it back to Dreamland. However, on their way back they encounter the swarming Viperox. Colonel Stark, on learning of the swarm of Viperox heading towards Dreamland orders a row of tanks to destroy them. He is frustrated to learn that they, along with a squadron of helicopters, are ineffective and soon the Viperox are inside Dreamland.

The Doctor
The Doctor
The Doctor is soon reunited with his TARDIS and uses it to return to Dreamland, along with Cassie, Jimmy and Seruba. There they are able to revive Rivesh who in turn, as requested by The Doctor, activates the device. After modifying it with his sonic screwdriver, The Doctor then uses the TARDIS as an amplifier to unleash a deafening soundwave that affects all the Viperox in the area. On The Doctor's orders, they retreat, and flee from Earth. He allows them to escape as he knows that one day the Viperox will evolve into a more peaceful race.

After the attack, Colonel Stark thanks The Doctor while Seruba and Rivesh leave in their spaceship. The Doctor then departs in his TARDIS leaving Cassie and Jimmy holding hands.

Alliance of Shades
Alliance of Shades
Inside the TARDIS
Inside the TARDIS
Jimmy and Cassie
Jimmy and Cassie

The Quote of the Story

  'What? You mean Area 51? Dreamland? I've always wanted to go there.'

The Doctor

Release Information

Format Title Release Date (UK) Code Number Cover Art Remarks

Due to be released in February 2010.

In Print

Format Title Release Date (UK) Publisher Author Cover Art Remarks
No Book release.
Doctor Who Magazine Archive:  
Doctor Who In-Vision Magazine: No In-Vision release.

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