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The Basics

Season: Season 30 (New Series 4)
Story Number: -
Production Code: -
Number of Episodes: 1
Production Dates: October 2007
Studio: BBC Wales
Writer: Steven Moffat
Director: Graeme Harper
Executive Producers: Russell T Davies & Julie Gardner
Producer: Phil Collinson
Editor: Unknown
Script Editors: Unknown
Costume Designer: Unknown
Make-Up Designer: Unknown
Incidental Music: Unknown
Regular Cast: David Tennant (Tenth Doctor), Peter Davison (Fifth Doctor)
Additional Cast: None
Villain: None

The Episodes

Episodes Broadcast
Duration Viewers
In Archive
Episode One 16th November 2007 7'41" 9.6 Yes

Total Duration 7'41"
Average Viewers (millions) 9.6


 This is a special Doctor Who scene written exclusively for BBC Children in Need and is a humorous encounter between the Tenth Doctor and the Fifth Doctor. It stars just David Tennant and Peter Davison.

 Freema Agyeman appears, uncredited, as Martha Jones in footage from "Last of the Time Lords"at the start of the episode, adding to the established events depicted then.

 The striped trousers Peter Davison wears in this special episode are actually the ones especially altered for Colin Baker's Sixth Doctor for his post-regeneration scenes in "The Caves of Androzani".

 On the date of filming, Peter Davison - still the current record holder for the youngest actor to play The Doctor (being only 29 years old when he took over from Tom Baker at the end of the 1981 story "Logopolis") - was older (at the age of 56) than William Hartnell was when he began his run as the First Doctor.

 The aged appearance of the Fifth Doctor was explained away as an effect of the merge.

 Both Peter Davison and David Tennant have already appeared in a Children In Need adventure. David joined Billie Piper for a special scene set straight after "The Parting Of The Ways" back in 2005, whilst Peter featured in the 3-D EastEnders crossover episode "Dimensions In Time" in 1993.

 The Doctor has met different incarnations of himself in three stories: "The Three Doctors" (1973), "The Five Doctors" (1983) and "The Two Doctors" (1985). The Children in Need special "Dimensions in Time" (1993) also featured all the five surviving Doctors at the time. In the Comic Relief sketch "Doctor Who and the Curse of Fatal Death" (1999), also written by Steven Moffat, The Doctor regenerated four times, resulting in five different actors playing the role.

 This short scene, within the Console Room
, is set between the end of the Season 29 (New Series 3) episode "Last of the Time Lords" and the 2007 Christmas special "Voyage of the Damned".


 All episodes exist and are held in the BBC's Film and Videotape Library.

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The Plot

The Doctor meets The Doctor
The Doctor meets The Doctor
 After saying farewell to Martha, The Doctor soon encounters a problem with the TARDIS. Suddenly, and to the astonishment of The Doctor, his fifth incarnation appears in the console room. After recovering from the initial shock the Tenth Doctor is gleeful at the meeting, but the Fifth Doctor is initially baffled, assuming his future incarnation is a deranged fan..

The Tenth Doctor explains that he forgot to put the shields up after rebuilding the TARDIS, after it was taken over by The Master, thus allowing it to collide with the Fifth Doctor's TARDIS in the timestream. Unfortunately this event generates a paradox at the heart of the ship, which is powerful enough to rip a hole in the universe. And to confirm this the Cloister Bell is heard signaling the impending end.

The Tenth Doctor manipulates the TARDIS controls to manipulate a supernova so as to cancel out the black hole caused by the paradox - thus making sure that all matter remains constant. This amazes the Fifth Doctor, but he quickly realises that the Tenth Doctor came up with the solution only because he remembered this encounter.

With the universe safe The Fifth Doctor says his farewells and so departs. But before he does so he reminds his future self to raise the TARDIS shields again, but he is too late as the hull of the RMS Titanic crashes through one of the TARDIS walls (as originally seen at the end of the last series).

The Quote of the Story

 'Look at you! The hat, the coat, the crickety-cricket stuff, the... stick of celery, yeah... brave choice, celery, but fair play to you, not a lot of men can carry off a decorative vegetable. '

The Tenth Doctor

Release Information

Format Title Release Date (UK) Code Number Cover Art Remarks

Released in March 2008, along with "Voyage of the Damned". Due to be released as part of a boxed set in November 2008.

In Print

Format Title Release Date (UK) Publisher Author Cover Art Remarks
No Book release.
Doctor Who Magazine Archive:  
Doctor Who In-Vision Magazine: No In-Vision release.

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The Photo Gallery

David Tennant
The Tenth Doctor
Peter Davison
The Fifth Doctor

Video - Voyage of the Damned
Voyage of the Damned DVD

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