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The Basics

Season: Season 29 (New Series 3)
Story Number: -
Production Code: -
Number of Episodes: 13
Production Dates: 2006/07
Studio: Firestep
Writer: Alan Barnes
Director: Gary Russell
Executive Producer: Mark Cossey
Producers: James Goss & Ross Attille
Editor: Unknown
Script Editor: Unknown
Incidental Music: Murray Gold
Regular Cast: David Tennant (Tenth Doctor), Freema Agyeman (Martha Jones)
Additional Cast: Anthony Head (Baltazar), Toby Longworth (Caw/Squawk), Liza Tarbuck (Captain Kaliko), Tom Farrelly (Swabb), Lizzie Hopley (The Mantasphid Queen), Paul Clayton (Mergrass), Steven Meo (Pilot Kelvin), Barney Harwood (Control Voice), Stephen Greif (Gurney), Dan Morgan (Locke/Warders)
Villain: Baltazar

The Episodes

Episodes Broadcast
Duration Viewers
In Archive
Episodes One - Twelve (Shown as part of Totally Doctor Who) 2nd April 2007 - 29 June 2007 42'20"
Episodes One - Thirteen (Compilation) 30 June 2007 46'39"

Total Duration 46'39"
Average Viewers (millions) Unknown


 "The Infinite Quest" is an animated story based made by Firestep for the BBC and is the second officially licensed, animated Doctor Who serial, the first being the flash-animated "Scream of the Shalka" in 2003. Missing episodes of the 1968 serial "The Invasion" were also animated for that story's 2006 DVD release. Both of these earlier animations were produced by Cosgrove Hall.

 "The Infinite Quest" was aired in twelve weekly parts (approx three and a half minutes each) as a segment of the children's spin-off show Totally Doctor Who. The final instalment was shown in the omnibus broadcast, making a total thirteen parts.

 Anthony Head, who voices the part of Baltazar, previously appeared as as Mr Finch in the Season 28 (New Series 2) episode "School Reunion". He was also The Doctor's adversary in the Big Finish Productions "Excelis Dawns", "Excelis Rising", and "Excelis Decays" audio dramas. He also appeared in the webcast "Death Comes to Time". Anthony Head also narrates series 3 of Doctor Who Confidential and the BBC Audio release Doctor Who: Project Who?.

 Freema Agyeman's voicing of Martha Jones in the first episode of "The Infinite Quest" was her second televised appearance in the role, aired two days after her first appearance in the actual series.

Most episodes re-use music that had been previously used in Doctor Who - hence the credit to Murray Gold.

 While walking the ice cold wastes of the prison planet in his regular clothes, The Doctor seems quite unaffected by the cold. This was a trait shown by the Second Doctor in "The Tomb of the Cybermen" and the Fourth Doctor in "The Seeds of Doom" and "The Hand of Fear".

In the second episode, Martha Jones refers to Bill Oddie, who played the pirate captain Red Jasper in the Big Finish Production audio adventure "Doctor Who and the Pirates".

In Episode 11, when The Doctor inserts the last chip into the TARDIS console, it projects a star chart map and planet systems around the top half of the room in a similar fashion that was seen in the Eighth Doctor's 1996 TV movie ("Doctor Who: The Movie").

The title sequence for the omnibus version is identical to that for the television series, except that the photorealistic model of the TARDIS is replaced with an animated version.

The canonicity of "The Infinite Quest" is not clear, even though it was commissioned and televised by the BBC.


 All episodes exist and are held in the BBC's Film and Videotape Library.

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The Plot

The Doctor and Martha
The Doctor and Martha
 The Doctor and Martha Jones set off on an adventure through space to find the datachips to unlock The Infinite, a huge spaceship that can grant people their heart's desire.

First though they have to stop an evil alien named Baltazar who has set his sights on Earth, planning to compress its population into diamonds. The Doctor manages to defeat Baltazar by infecting his ship with a special fungus which, when it comes into contact with metal, quickly turns his ship into rust. As the ship falls apart, The Doctor frees Baltazar's huge metallic bird, Caw, who carries Baltazar away.

Some time later, Caw hijacks the TARDIS and takes The Doctor and Martha to his home planet, where he gives then a datachip and explains that it and three others like it hold the location of The Infinite, an ancient spaceship that can grant people their heart's desire. Each datachip will lead lead them to the next one. The Doctor is first unwilling to search for it but when Caw reveals that Baltazar also has a copy of the datachip The Doctor has no choice but to set off on a quest to locate The Infinite before Baltazar. However they are not aware that Caw is working for Baltazar and so could The Doctor and Martha be heading for a trap that has been set by Baltazar?

Pirate Captain Kaliko
Pirate Captain Kaliko
The first chip leads The Doctor and Martha to the planet Boukan where they meet the pirate captain Kaliko, who is wearing the next datachip as an earring. It is revealed that Kaliko is raiding the living oil rigs. Assuming The Doctor and Martha to be spies for the oil companies, Kaliko tells her crew of skeletons to throw them overboard, unaware that her first mate, Mr. Swabb Mate, is in fact the spy. Swabb stages a mutiny and has the oil rigs shoot down the ship, but their poor aim causes Kaliko's ship to crash. Kaliko tries to escape in an escape pod, but is found murdered after landing near the TARDIS. With nothing left to do, The Doctor and Martha take her datachip and follows it to the next one.

The next chip is on the planet Myarr, being used as a necklace by a lizard alien named Mergrass. Mergrass has been hired to advise the Mantasphids, alien bugs, on military strategy against the humans attacking them. It turns out that the Mantasphids have invaded the planet for its fertile dung. But the humans were there first and so to rid themselves of the bugs, the humans have decided to bomb the entire area. The Mantasphid Queen therefore has turned to Mergrass for help. The Doctor is forced to defuse the situation and in doing so Mantasphid leaves as he sees no profit in staying. The Doctor and Martha follow after Mergrass but when they catch up with him they find that Mergrass has also been killed, so again The Doctor and Martha take his datachip and head for the next planet.

The final datachip is on the ice prison planet Volag-Noc. Upon arriving, The Doctor is quickly identified as a wanted criminal and dumped in a cell with a damaged robot. Martha is taken to the Governor of the facility, a human named Gurney where she discovers that he has the final datachip locked in a safe. As they discuss things, both Martha and The Doctor discover that Gurney isn't the Governor, but one of the prisoners. Locke, the robot with whom The Doctor is sharing a cell, is in fact the Governor.

Upon being fixed by The Doctor, Locke decides that all the prisoners are irredeemable and orders their execution, giving Gurney a chance to shoot Locke and escape with the datachip. On the surface of the planet, Martha catches up to Gurney just as Baltazar arrives riding Caw. Baltazar kills Gurney and takes the final datachip. Baltazar takes The Doctor and Martha hostage and forces The Doctor to use the datachip in the TARDIS to show him the way to The Infinite. However, once The Doctor locks in The Infinite's location, Baltazar takes control of the TARDIS and leaves The Doctor to perish in the snow.

On The Infinite, Baltazar orders Martha to find the hold where she finds The Doctor waiting for her. Except that she quickly realises that it is just a creation of the ship. However, the real Doctor soon arrives on Squawk, Caw's child, and he quickly knocks Baltazar out and comes to Martha's aid by explaining to her that the desires granted by The Infinite are little more than illusions. A recovered Baltazar has not yet realised this and The Doctor and Martha find him standing in a treasure room. The Doctor uses his sonic screwdriver to vibrate the wreckage, causing the ship to fall apart. As The Doctor and Martha flee in the TARDIS Baltazar has to rely on Squawk for his escape. But unknown to him Squawk has been trained by The Doctor to take Baltazar back to Volag-Noc to be imprisoned.

The Quote of the Story

  'That wasn't just any old spoon. That spoon has passed through the hands of the greatest chefs of planet Earth. Fanny, Delia, Madame Cholet. That spoon was an antique. Forged by the now extinct inhabitants of a planet which specialised in '

'Now that is a plan. Thats is indeed a plan. Is that not just the most incredible plan you have ever heard?'

The Doctor

Release Information

Format Title Release Date (UK) Code Number Cover Art Remarks

Released in November 2007.

In Print

Format Title Release Date (UK) Publisher Author Cover Art Remarks
No Book release.
Doctor Who Magazine Archive:  
Doctor Who In-Vision Magazine: No In-Vision release.

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