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Tobias Vaughn
Video - The Invasion
The Invasion
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 Name: Tobias Vaughn

 Format: Television show and Book

 Time of Origin: First fought The Doctor in the late 1960s; remained in hiding for over a thousand years before dying for good in the early thirty-first century.

 Appearances: "The Invasion" and "Original Sin"

 Doctors: Second Doctor and Seventh Doctor

 Companions: Jamie McCrimmon, Zoe Heriot, The Brigadier, Sergeant Benton, Bernice Summerfield, Roslyn Forrester and Chris Cwej

 History: The most interesting thing about Tobias Vaughn is his development, beginning his encounter with The Doctor as little more than a henchman to the Cybermen, developing from that position to become The Doctor’s temporary ally before returning to The Doctor’s life as a significant villain in his own right. The head of major electronics firm International Electromatics, Vaughn somehow made contact with the Cybermen, the Cybermen offering to allow him a share in the control of the world after they had conquered it. Using Vaughn’s company, the Cybermen were able to subtly infiltrate Earth by landing smaller ships around Vaughn’s factories, these ships leaving Cybermen ‘cocoons’ which Vaughn would then hide in sewers around the world, allowing the Cybermen to gradually build up their forces on Earth rather than trying to land en masse all at once.

As well as their physical presence, the Cybermen also helped Vaughn develop a special circuit that was subsequently installed in all of his company’s products, the circuits generating a hypnotic signal that the Cybermen could activate from their ship. With this signal immobilising Earth’s population, the Cyber-invasion could be carried out with little resistance, Vaughn - partly converted into a Cyberman himself - taking control of the planet himself in the aftermath. However, Vaughn was already secretly plotting against the Cybermen, arranging for Professor Watkins - a scientist in his employ - to develop a machine that would generate heightened emotional impulses, essentially ‘overloading’ the Cybermen due to their inability to cope with emotions (A similar weakness was used against them by the Tenth Doctor in "Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel").

 However, Vaughn’s plans soon began to attract unwanted attention, beginning when the newly-formed UNIT - led by The Doctor’s old friend Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart - began to investigate Vaughn’s factories after people began to act strangely after visiting them, as well as some people never leaving the factories in the first place. Matters became more complicated for Vaughn when the Second Doctor and his current companions Jamie and Zoe arrived in London, intending to contact The Doctor’s old friend Professor Travers for assistance after a circuit in the TARDIS was damaged, only to learn that Professor Watkins and his niece Isobel were renting Travers’s house while Travers was away. Attempting to contact Watkins for assistance, The Doctor and Jamie were directed to International Electromatics, where Vaughn informed them that Watkins was unavailable. Forced to leave the damaged circuit from the TARDIS with Vaughn, The Doctor and Jamie left the building empty-handed, only to be picked up by The Brigadier, who explained the current situation and requested their assistance.

 When closer investigation of Vaughn’s headquarters revealed the presence of a deep-space communication device, The Doctor and Jamie sneaked into one of Vaughn’s factories, witnessing the activation of a dormant Cyberman, revealing the true identity of Vaughn’s associates. However, their discovery only accelerated the progression of Vaughn’s plans, prompting him to use some of the officials he already had under his control to halt UNIT’s investigations, forcing Jamie, Zoe and Isobel to enter the sewers to try and gain photographic proof of the Cybermen’s presence. With information acquired from the rescued Professor Watkins, The Doctor was able to examine the circuits and devise a means of protecting UNIT soldiers from their influence, but there was no time to mass produce the resulting machines before Vaughn activated the homing signal that would direct the Cyber-fleet to Earth, the resulting hypnotic signal rendering most of Earth unconscious as the Cybermen began to emerge from the sewers.

 With time running out and UNIT troops outgunned, The Doctor travelled through the now-deserted sewers to confront Vaughn in person, Zoe accompanying The Brigadier to coordinate Russian and UK military defence bases in launching their missiles in such a pattern as to completely destroy the numerically superior Cyber-fleet. Learning that the Cybermen now intended to launch a megaton bomb to destroy Earth, Vaughn agreed to assist The Doctor in shutting down the homing signal, arming himself with Professor Watkins’s machine to attack the Cybermen directly. With the megaton bomb destroyed along with the last Cyber-ship thanks to Zoe’s coordination, the world was saved from the Cybermen - Watkins completing the repairs to the damaged TARDIS circuit before The Doctor and his companions departed -, although Vaughn was apparently killed when he was shot during the final confrontation with the Cybermen ("The Invasion").

 However, although The Doctor was not to learn the truth for a long time, Vaughn actually managed to survive his apparent ‘death’; at the moment that his body was destroyed, Vaughn's consciousness was transmitted via satellite into one of fourteen identical robot copies of himself, the Cybermen having already transferred his mind into a totally artificial body early in their alliance. Over the years, he would influence and manipulate humanity's development, investing the remains of International Electromatics' empire into new technologies, such as the BOSS supercomputer, the development of the Timescoop ("Invasion of the Dinosaurs"), and Professor Kettlewell's inventions ("Robot"). As the Cybermen repeatedly attempted to invade Earth, Vaughn would use his remaining money to acquire pieces of their technology in order to repair his failing body, although he was forced to use a more obviously robotic body due to his inability to duplicate the Cybermen’s level of sophistication. By the beginning of the thirty-first century, Vaughn could transfer his mind into any robot ever built by INITEC - Interstellar Nanoatomic ITEC (Independent Terran Empire Corporation), the company that International Electromatics had become - or containing an INITEC component, although he could only control one robot at a time (The Doctor reflected that this was due to Vaughn’s obsession with his individuality, although it was implied that he used to be able to control multiple bodies at once; the board of his company at point consisted completely of fifteen different versions of Vaughn).

Book - Original Sin
Original Sin
(Andy Lane)

 Claiming that he only ever sought to further humanity’s cause, Vaughn made sure that INITEC was constantly at the forefront of weapons technology to help Earth repel alien invasions, such as developing the boson cannon to defeat the Jullatii in 2350 or creating the Vigilante laser defence satellites to halt the Zygons’ attempt to melt the polar ice caps in 2765; Vaughn even personally designed the Glitterguns that were used in the second Cyberwars ("Revenge of the Cybermen"). Finally, in the early days of the thirty-first century, his memories becoming increasingly corrupted, with bits being lost every time he changed bodies, Vaughn once again encountered The Doctor, now in his seventh incarnation and investigating recent motiveless murders on Earth (""Original Sin"). Having spent centuries monitoring records of The Doctor and tracing his movements so that he could capture the TARDIS, Vaughn took the ship while The Doctor and his current companion Benny were occupied, subsequently using his corrupt contacts in the local law enforcement to frame The Doctor and Benny for the murders, editing a victim’s memory to show them as the killers, only for the deception to be exposed when analysis revealed that Vaughn had used the voice of another Doctor as he couldn’t get a voice-print of the Seventh Doctor. Aided by Adjudicators Roslyn Forrester and Chris Cwej, The Doctor discovered that the murders were caused by people being exposed to icaron radiation after undergoing ‘body-beppling’ - a fad where a person’s appearance was changed into something else -, the icaron radiation being released by Vaughn’s analysis of an alien ship that used the radiation as a power source. As Vaughn began to torture The Doctor, The Doctor sealed him inside the TARDIS, preventing him from transferring his consciousness to another body by sealing off the interior dimensions from the rest of the universe. Having cut off Vaughn’s head, The Doctor deactivated his body, installing Vaughn's brain crystal in a food machine belonging to Chris’s mother rather than just destroying it in memory of a recent debate he’d had with an insane scientist about the ethics of murder.

The Invasion
The Invasion
The Invasion
The Invasion
The Invasion
The Invasion
The Invasion
The Invasion
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