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John Lumic
John Lumic
John Lumic
 Name: John Lumic

 Format: Television show

 Time of Origin: Earth in the present; however, he comes from a parallel dimension.

 Appearances: "Rise of the Cybermen/The Age of Steel"

 Doctors: Tenth Doctor

 Companions: Rose Tyler and Mickey Smith

 History: John Lumic originates from a parallel version of our own Earth, whose history diverged from our own at an unspecified point in its history. The full details about why this world is different from ours are unknown; all that is known for sure about that alternate reality is that zeppelins are constantly used, that devices called EarPods are regularly used that allow the population to 'link up' to a 'Cybus Network' that regularly transfers information and news into the population (One of Lumic's most prominent inventions), and that Great Britain was ruled a President rather than a Prime Minister.

 Despite all the advances in technology on that Earth compared to this one, Lumic was unable to overcome his unspecified disease; as the situation currently stood, he was permanently confined to his wheelchair, dependent on a ventilator system to stay alive as he continued to slowly waste away. Determined to escape his fate, Lumic devoted all his resources to try and find some way of escaping the painful limitations and confines of his human form, until, finally, he managed to develop an alternate version of The Doctor's old enemies, the Cybermen (Whether he built them from scratch or acquired technology based on the original Cybermen's attempts to invade this alternate Earth was never made clear). With this in mind, Lumic could be described as the 'Davros' of the Cybermen, with both of them being crippled, wheelchair-bound geniuses who claimed to be acting in the interests of their species by turning them into a different form of life. However, there are significant differences; for one thing, Davros made the Daleks in the image of what he had become, while Lumic made the Cybermen in the image of what he wanted to become, and Davros was mostly lying when he referred to the Daleks as the only hope of survival for his people, whereas Lumic seemed to genuinely believe what he was saying.

 With this attitude driving him, Lumic attempted to convince the President of Great Britain to approve his 'Upgrade Program', accompanied by his associate Pete Tyler, the alternate version of the deceased father of The Doctor's companion Rose Tyler. When the President rejected his offer, stating that no government would approve of such an action, Lumic vowed that he would begin the upgrade in Britain, his birthplace, and began his secret augmentation in earnest, abducting people off the streets and converting them into Cybermen. That night, as most of the British 'upper-class' were gathered at the birthday of the alternate Jackie Tyler - attended by the Tenth Doctor and Rose, who had accidentally travelled into that alternate universe along with Mickey Smith when the TARDIS fell through a rift in the time vortex - Lumic launched an attack with the Cybermen, killing the President and forcing The Doctor, Rose and Pete Tyler to flee.

A Cyberman
A Cyberman
Having escaped the house, The Doctor, Rose and Pete met up with Mickey and the Preachers - a group opposed to Lumic's actions, led by Mickey's other self - where The Doctor was able to deal with the immediately-attacking Cybermen thanks to a power cell from the currently-drained TARDIS, generating the energy from the cell to disintegrate the surrounding Cybermen. Accompanied by the Preachers, The Doctor and his allies attempted to report Lumic's assassination of the President to the authorities, but before they could get there, Lumic triggered an 'override' of the EarPods that allowed him to take control of everyone in the London area, sending all of them walking into his Cyber-conversion factories.

 Tracking Lumic's transmission signal to his personal zeppelin (Unfortunately resulting in the death of Mickey's other self), The Doctor and the Preachers organised a three-pronged attack on the factory; The Doctor and the Preachers' tech expert, Mrs Moore (Real name Angela Price), would infiltrate the facility from underneath, Pete and Rose would pose as EarPod 'zombies' to try and rescue Jackie Tyler (Who had been taken over by her EarPods like everyone else) while Mickey and Jake, the other remaining Preacher, attempted to take control of the Zepplin. As the team advanced into the facility, Lumic's ventilator was smashed by a traitorous employee, and Lumic himself was taken away by the Cybermen to be converted into the Cyber-Controller, leaving The Doctor and his allies to do what they could; Jake and Mickey took control of the zepplin and shut down the transmitter, while The Doctor and 'Mrs Moore' discovered the code to the emotional inhibitor chip that kept the Cybermen's emotions shut down. Unfortunately, the infiltration mission wasn't a total success, as Mrs Moore was killed by a Cyberman while The Doctor, Pete and Rose were captured... just after Rose and Pete had discovered the Cyberman who had once been Jackie Tyler.

 Taken to the main control room of the factory, The Doctor, Rose and Pete confronted the Cyber-Controller that Lumic had become, just in time for Mickey and Jake to shut down the EarPod transmitter, allowing everyone to escape the factory before they could be converted. The Lumic-Controller stated that he would upgrade humanity by force if necessary, vowing to bring about uniformity to the world, but The Doctor countered that Lumic was killing the very imagination that had allowed him to create the Cybermen in the first place. The Lumic-Controller tried to win The Doctor over to his point of view by offering to take away The Doctor's pain and suffering, but The Doctor coldly stated that, by removing his emotions, Lumic might as well be killing him.

 Just as Lumic was threatening to kill The Doctor, Mickey managed to tap into the factory's security cameras, allowing The Doctor to tell Mickey how to find the code for the emotional inhibitor. With this information, Mickey sent the code to Rose's phone, where The Doctor was able to enter the code into the factory computers and restore the emotions of every Cyberman in the factory, driving them mad with horror at what they had become. As The Doctor, Rose and Pete fled to the roof, they were pursued by the Lumic-Controller, enraged at what The Doctor had done to his plans (Whether this means that the emotional inhibitor wasn't shut down for him or just that he was so used to pain from his long illness that he was better able to cope with the pain of the Cyber-conversion process is unknown), who attempted to follow them up the rope ladder that was all that would allow The Doctor and his allies to get up to the zeppelin. At the last minute, The Doctor tossed the sonic screwdriver down to Pete, who severed the rope, leaving the Lumic-Controller to fall into the exploding factory, screaming in defiance as he died in the explosion of his life's work.
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