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The War Chief
The War Chief in The War Games
The War Chief in
The War Games
 Name: Magnus, AKA the War Chief, AKA Doctor Kriegsleiter

 Format: Television show and Book.

 Time of Origin: Gallifrey, around the same time as The Doctor

 Appearances: "The War Games", "Timewyrm: Exodus", flashback scene in "Divided Loyalties", and a brief cameo in "The Eight Doctors".

 Doctors: Acted against the Second Doctor and the Seventh Doctor; was friends with the First Doctor at the Academy; was in the room when the Eighth Doctor visited the Second but was frozen in time and thus unaware of the Eighth’s presence

 Companions: Jamie McCrimmon, Zoe Heriot and Ace

 History: Originally, the Time Lord that would become known as the War Chief was a normal Time Lord known as Magnus, renowned in the Time Lord Academy as a member of the Deca, the ten best students in their year, whose members included the Time Lords that would become The Doctor, The Master, The Rani and The Meddling Monk. Magnus was, at first, the Deca's unofficial leader, possessing a very commanding personality and an insatiable curiosity about the universe that was only surpassed by his desire to understand how to make TARDISes for himself. Eventually, after learning all he wanted to know - although he claimed that he was driven off Gallifrey by the jealous Borusa after his rapid advancement prompted Borusa to plant evidence framing him for treason, his arrogance makes this claim uncertain - Magnus left Gallifrey and contacted a race known simply as the Aliens whom he'd learned about at the Academy; they desired time travel to help them conquer the universe, but all they had achieved so far was expulsion from Gallifrey and a sentence of complete erasure from history if they continued their attempts.

Video - The War Games
The War Games
Offering his services, Magnus renamed himself the War Chief and began to construct SIDRATs - primitive TARDISes with a short life span and consisting of only long corridors operated by remote control - for the Aliens. Realizing that humans were some of the most vicious species in the universe, the Aliens decided to create an army based on soldiers from all over Earth's history. With Magnus's help, they gathered together all kinds of human soldiers, ranging from Roman soldiers to First World War Germans, brainwashing them into thinking they were still in their own times, and pitted them against each other in countless contests, intending to use the survivors to form an army that would conquer the galaxy. However, although the plan went well at first, Magnus avoiding being killed by the Aliens by constantly providing them with defective SIDRATs so they'd need to keep him alive to build more, things went wrong with their plans. Firstly, some of the stronger-minded soldiers were able to resist their conditioning and formed a resistance movement against the Aliens, despite being out of their depth fighting creatures from another world, and secondly, the Second Doctor, travelling with Jamie and Zoe, arrived on the planet and managed to lead the resistance to victory.

 Unfortunately, although The Doctor and the resistance were able to force the War Chief to call off the fighting and end the War Games, the SIDRATS began to collapse, so, with no other way to get the humans home (And with more than a little prompting from his amnesic eighth incarnation ("The Eight Doctors")), the Second Doctor was forced to contact the Time Lords for help, even though they would probably be just as angry with him for leaving Gallifrey as they would be at the War Chief. The War Chief tried to escape, but was discovered by the War Lord who, discovering that the War Chief had intended to abandon them after taking the soldiers home in the SIDRATS, shot the War Chief, killing him..

Book - The Eight Doctors
The Eight Doctors
(Terrance Dicks)
 Or so it seemed. In reality, the War Chief survived the multiple blasts, being sent back to the War Lords’ planet as a medical curiosity, but the scale of the damage and the lack of any assistance caused the regeneration to abort before it was complete. Left deformed by the botched regeneration, now resembling a hideous amalgamation of two people, he was able to convince the son of the original War Lord - the original having been sentenced to temporal dissolution and erased from history (How his son could still exist was unclear) - that his betrayal was a misunderstanding and, having helped them break the force field around their world that the Time Lords had placed there. Resolving to get his revenge on The Doctor, the War Chief led the War Lord and his troops to Earth in the early 1920s to infiltrate the Nazi party behind the scenes, finding the SS troops so lacking in humanity that the conditioning needed to make them serve the War Lord was hardly necessary. Their schemes were further aided by Hitler's current increase in mental instability; the mysterious being known as the Timewyrm ("Timewyrm: Exodus") had tried to possess him to change history, but had become trapped in Hitler's madness, making the SS doubt his ability to lead them.

Book - Timewyrm: Exodus
Timewyrm: Exodus
(Terrance Dicks)
 While the War Chief - under the alias of Doctor Kriegslieter - kept Hitler’s madness under control until the time was right with various telepathic techniques - simultaneously using technology to boost Hitler’s already-amplified powerful ability to arose a crowd’s emotions and win further support, the Aliens, posing as a Coven of black witches, were grooming the superstitious Himmler to replace Hitler - and, when the Seventh Doctor and Ace arrived on the scene, The Doctor quickly convincing Hitler that he was an ally, Kriegslieter decided to use Ace as their human sacrifice in a ceremony to impress Himmler into taking control of the Nazi party, while he would then have his brain transplanted into The Doctor’s body, thus gaining a healthy Time Lord body with six regenerations left to it.

 Unfortunately, the plan fell apart due to one simple detail that the War Chief had overlooked; unlike the other Nazi officials, who placed their own glory above all else, Himmler was fiercely devoted to his Fuhrer. Thanks to a tip-off The Doctor had given him, Herman Goering - Hitler's head of propaganda- was able to track down the War Chief and the Aliens and kill the SS troops under their command, who lacked initiative due to the conditioning having completely deprived them of all free will. As the SS departed, The Doctor set the base's nuclear reactors to overload, wiping out the War Lord's technology and ending their schemes for good, The Doctor then driving the Timewyrm out of Hitler by claiming that it wasn't helping Hitler in the least. Whether or not the War Chief survived the explosion is unknown, although the scale of the explosion, coupled with his already-poor physical condition, makes it extremely likely that he is now deceased.
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