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The Great Intelligence/Yeti
The Abominable Snowmen
The Abominable Snowmen
 Name: Yog-Sothoth, AKA the Great Intelligence; was briefly merged with Saraquazel into an unnamed third entity; came to Earth in a form based on the intelligence of Walter Simeon.

 Format: Television show and Book.

 Time of Origin: Originally a Time Lord - or the equivalent - from the universe prior to this one; now billions of years old, apparently existing somewhere near Earth; attacked Earth in the 1930s, the 1960s, the 1980s (No specific dates were provided), 1999/2000 and 2013.

 Appearances: "The Abominable Snowmen", "The Web of Fear", "The Five Doctors", "Millennial Rites", "Downtime", "The Snowmen", "The Bells of Saint John" and "The Name of The Doctor".

 Doctors: Second Doctor, Sixth Doctor and Eleventh Doctor; attacked the other eighth Doctors ‘behind the scenes’, but its influence was negated and The Doctor’s timeline was thus unaffected by its infleunce.

 Companions: Jamie McCrimmon, Victoria Waterfield, The Brigadier, Melanie Bush and Clara Oswald (Sarah Jane Smith also encountered the Great Intelligence with Victoria and The Brigadier without The Doctor)

The Abominable Snowmen
The Abominable Snowmen
 History: As one of the Great Old Ones - beings who existed in the universe prior to this one before its destruction and the creation of the current universe, escaping its destruction by temporarily ‘hiding’ in another universe that ended a few seconds later before returning to this one, other examples of this ‘species’ including the Animus and Fenric -, the Great Intelligence possessed significant powers. As the military strategist of the Great Old Ones, the Great Intelligence was capable of possessing living creatures and creating elaborate control spheres that could help it to extend and exert its influence over others, experimenting with various stratagems that he had developed considered to see if they would work as he mounted millions of campaigns against inhabited planets. However, he appeared to be vulnerable to outside influence; when he initially arrived on Earth, he was stripped of much of his previous power and knowledge after he initially made contact with the mind of a child, requiring regular exposure to other sentient minds to regain full awareness of what he once was.

 During his time in this universe, the Great Intelligence often used robot versions of various animals to secretly mount his campaigns until he was ready to launch his attacks on a large scale. When attacking the planet Hiskith, he used the Hisk version of Koala Bears, while on Danos he used domestic animals equivalent to dogs. Eventually arriving on Earth, the Great Intelligence was initially powerless and mindless, latching on to the mind of bitter orphan Simeon, shaping itself according to Simeon’s twisted Victorian desires. To this end, it created a unique ‘memory snow’ that Simeon could control, allowing him to assemble an army of semi-sentient snowmen that could be shaped by a telepathic net to attack others and assemble at will. However, recognising that snow would be useless as a weapon later on, Simeon sought to create a new breed of soldier by using the body of the former governess of the Latimer family; the governess having drowned in a lake in Christmas 1891, Simeon waited for a year while the frozen lake studied her DNA and learned how to mimic her body.

The Snowmen
The Snowmen
 Although Simeon’s patience met with results in 1892, when the pond had finished its analysis and he had created an army of snowmen ready for his bidding, he was opposed by both Clara, the Latimers’ new governess, and the Eleventh Doctor, currently ‘retired’ on Earth after the loss of his old companions ("The Angels Take Manhattan"). Having been inspired back into action after Clara was killed while trying to help him, The Doctor was able to contain and damage the ice-governess created by the Intelligence before returning to Simeon’s base to confront the Intelligence directly. Although he initially assumed that the Intelligence was merely a telepathic mirror of Simeon’s childish resentment, when The Doctor infected Simeon with a parasitic worm that drained his memory, the Intelligence revealed its true self, attempting to attack The Doctor by animating Simeon’s body with ice. Just as it was about to attack, the telepathic network controlling the snowmen attacking the Latimer house was overwhelmed by the Latimer family’s grief over Clara’s death, dispelling the snowmen and depriving the Intelligence of the power it needed to manifest. Although The Doctor was unaware of the precise nature of his foe due to the length of time that had passed since he had encountered it in his past and its future, certain clues - such as Simeon’s business being known as the ‘Great Intelligence Institute’, the creature’s use of snowmen to conquer the world, and The Doctor informing it as a joke that the 1967 London Underground would be a key strategic point - make it clear that this entity was the Great Intelligence ("The Snowmen").

 Once again a discorporate entity, the Great Intelligence drifted for a time until it managed to possess the Tibetan lama Padmasambhava while he was travelling on astral plane. With a corporeal host once more, the Intelligence subsequently using his control spheres to create robotic duplicates of the Yeti - most likely reasoning that their mythological power would make it harder for people to fight them while also considering them sturdier than its previous snowmen - to begin his invasion, controlling them by moving pieces on a chess-like board. In 1935, the Second Doctor, a friend of the lama's, as well as Edward Travers, a westerner determined to find the Yeti, intervened in the Intelligence’s attempt at world conquest, The Doctor having come to visit his old friend while Travers searched for the original Yeti. Despite the Intelligence’s attempt to influence Padmasambhava’s monastery to drive The Doctor away, a subsequent attack on the monastery gave The Doctor the chance to examine the body of a defeated Yeti and deduce its true nature.

The Web of Fear
The Web of Fear
 Thanks to Travers spying on the Yeti assembling large numbers of spheres in a cave, The Doctor learned that the Great Intelligence was attempting to physically manifest itself on Earth, as well as learning about his old friend’s connection with it. While The Doctor distracted the Intelligence in Padmasambhava’s body, Jamie McCrimmon and one of the monks destroyed the equipment he was using to control the Yeti from the monastery. Following this victory, The Doctor destroyed the pyramid of spheres that had been assembled, ending the threat of invasion, although Padmasambhava's physical body died when the Intelligence was deprived of its opportunity to manifest ("The Abominable Snowmen").

Approximately thirty-five years later, the robot Yeti re-activated, allowing the Intelligence the chance to manifest once again, thus time focusing its attack on London (Although the Yeti remained its main agents despite their impractical nature due to the Intelligence lacking the time to assemble a new invasion force if it wanted to ‘keep up’ with the conquests of its fellow Old Ones). Manifesting as a massive web in space, the Intelligence ensnared The Doctor’s TARDIS in space and forced it to land in the London Underground. Reunited with Travers - who had unintentionally reactivated the Yeti when he turned on a control sphere that he had kept as a souvenir -, The Doctor assisted the British military in their battles with the Yeti - resulting in his first meeting with his future ally Colonel Lethbridge-Stewart -, but the Intelligence reanimated and possessed the corpse of Staff Sergeant Arnold. Using Arnold to track The Doctor's actions, despite their success in weakening the fungal web that it was using the spheres to generate, the Intelligence eventually captured The Doctor, intending to use a conversion headset to take over and possess his body. The Doctor attempted to reverse the process, allowing him to absorb the Intelligence and destroy it, but the control spheres that formed the focus of the Intelligence were smashed by Jamie McCrimmon - using a Yeti that The Doctor had reprogrammed earlier - due to his ignorance of The Doctor’s real plan, resulting in the Intelligence being expelled back into space, weakened but not destroyed ("The Web of Fear").

During the Game of Rassilon - when The Doctor's first five incarnations were taken out of time and planted in the Death Zone, an area of Gallifrey where the ancient Time Lords had pitted various races against each other for their amusement -, the Second Doctor and The Brigadier encountered a single Yeti that had been left over from the Games while they were exploring the catacombs underneath the Dark Tower, the tomb of Rassilon in the heart of the Death Zone. Without the controlling influence of the Great Intelligence, however, this Yeti was nothing but a rampaging beast, The Doctor managing to drive it back with a firecracker in his pocket. Although this 'attack' merely sent the Yeti into a rampage, it triggered a rock slide that brought down the roof of the cave in the immediate area, separating The Doctor and The Brigadier from the Yeti and allowing them to proceed with their search to reach the heart of the Tower ("The Five Doctors").

The Web of Fear
The Web of Fear
The Intelligence later contacted The Doctor's former companion Victoria Waterfield and manipulated her into locating the ‘Locus’, a central processing crystal that it could use to restore its physical form, by posing as the ‘spirit’ of her father. However, Victoria rebelled against the Intelligence’s manipulation of her when she realised the truth of what she had done, working with The Brigadier and fellow former companion Sarah Jane Smith - who she had coincidentally hired to help her find the Locus while under the Intelligence’s influence - to disable her university’s computers after they realised that the Intelligence had downloaded itself into them ("Downtime").

At the turn of the Millennium, Anne Travers, left traumatized by the Intelligence’s first attempts to enter the current universe, became convinced that millionaire Ashley Chapel would try to use a special program, the Millennium Codex, written in quantum mnemonics - the language of the Old Ones -, to summon the Intelligence to Earth, and prepared a counter spell designed to force it back into its own reality. However, despite the attempted aid of the Sixth Doctor, Anne’s efforts had destructive effects when it turned out that Chapel had actually been attempting to summon Saraqueazel, a being from the next universe, to serve him. Due to the competing laws of physics generated by Chapel’s attempt to summon Saraquazel, Anne’s attempt to banish the Intelligence, and the natural laws of the present universe, the Intelligence and Saraquazel were merged into a single entity, reality around London being altered into a semi-mystical Kingdom obeying the laws of all three universes, the three resulting ‘kingdoms’ being ruled by the altered versions of Anne, Chapel, and The Doctor’s current companion Mel.

 Although The Doctor was briefly mutated into The Valeyard - his dark possible future self ("The Trial of a Time Lord") by the unstable nature of reality in this realm, the TARDIS helped him resist The Valeyard’s influence long enough for him to convince Anne and Mel’s new selves to remember their pasts. Using Mel’s experience in deciphering the original mnemonics, they were able to prepare a ‘spell’ that disrupted reality and restored the Intelligence and Saraquazel to normal by linking the three key structures of the Kingdom, although the effort resulted in Anne sacrificing herself to atone for her mistake in causing this crisis. Restored to normal, Saraquazel - really a benevolent entity that just wanted to go home -, undid the worst of the damage done by the ‘spells’ so that only a few people remained dead, leaving the Intelligence trapped in its prison once again while Saraquazel departed for its home universe ("Millennial Rites").

 The Intelligence returned again in 2013, using its agent Miss Kizmet - implied to have fallen under its control when she was a child - to hack the Wi-Fi of the world from a business based in the Shard building in London ("The Bells of Saint John"). Having introduced a new Wi-Fi network, the Intelligence was able to 'hack' anyone who accessed this Wi-Fi network, altering their personality and skills as it saw fit, keeping a select few as its agents while downloading the souls and minds of the rest into the datacloud via its artificial agents - nicknamed 'spoonheads', they assumed a humanoid appearance based on the subconscious of those who witnessed them, with open empty heads that looked like spoons - so that they could serve as 'sustenance' for the Intelligence as it 'fed' on their intellect (Some of the downloads involved its minions providing the subjects with enhanced computer skills, suggesting that certain kinds of knowledge 'tasted' better than others). The Doctor was alerted to the Intelligence's presence when the modern Clara Oswald called for help with her Wi-Fi and ended up reaching the TARDIS phone, The Doctor tracking the call back just as Clara was attacked by a spoonhead. Although the spoonhead managed to start 'downloading' Clara while providing her with enhanced computer skills, The Doctor interrupted the download before it could be completed, leaving Clara free but retaining the enhanced computer skills provided by the download. Using Clara's enhanced skills, The Doctor was able to track down the source of the Wi-Fi's agents, just as they made contact with him, Miss Kizmet mockingly informing The Doctor that her 'employer' was only the shepherd to the cattle that the human race had become. Although they managed to download Clara using a spoonhead in the shape of The Doctor, The Doctor was able to hack the spoonhead and use it to attack the Shard, downloading Miss Kizmet into the datacloud so that she would be forced to release all of her captured minds to release herself. As UNIT entered the Shard to capture the Intelligence's minions, the Intelligence briefly appeared to inform Miss Kizmet that it would now move on, having absorbed enough from its victims, before it departed, leaving Miss Kizmet and her various employees reverted to 'factory settings' and the personalities and skills they'd possessed before they fell under its control.

The Name of The Doctor
The Name of The Doctor
 The Intelligence attacked once again with the aid of the mysterious ‘Whispermen’ - ghost-like figures that couldn’t be hurt and spoke in whispers -, tracking The Doctor’s old friends by having the Whispermen tell them that The Doctor’s greatest secret would be revealed at Trenzalore ("The Name of The Doctor"). By this point, the Intelligence claimed that it had learned virtually everything about The Doctor over the centuries, ranging from his victories over his enemies to his secret, darker names such as The Valeyard ("The Trial of a Time Lord"), regarding The Doctor as the  slaughterer of billions across the universe, the Intelligence itself now a mere mind without a body that ‘disguised’ himself in clothes and a mask resembling Simeon’s appearance. Having trapped Vastra, Jenny and Strax at Trenzalore after allowing them to make telepathic contact with Clara to pass on the warning to her, The Doctor travelled to Trenzalore, revealing that it was the location of his grave, manifested as an enormous TARDIS grown to giant size after his demise as the dimensional rift separating the interior from the exterior broke down, amid the scattered graves of the other soldiers who died in the battle. After gaining access to The Doctor’s grave by forcing The Doctor to reveal the password - The Doctor’s name, spoken by the virtual ‘ghost’ of River Song while everyone else was distracted - to enter the tomb, The Doctor, his companions and the Intelligence witnessed The Doctor’s true grave; an energy spiral located where the control console had once been, representing the scar tissue The Doctor had created in the timeline on his trips backwards and forwards through time, from the moment he left Gallifrey to his death on Trenzalore. With access to The Doctor’s grave, the Great Intelligence could enter The Doctor’s timeline through the scar and destroy it, undoing all of The Doctor's victories and poisoning his friendships. Although they were unable to stop the Intelligence entering the scar - starting the collapse of the universe as stars began to die without The Doctor to save them, along with Jenny dying and Strax reverting to a typical Sontaran mindset -, Clara realised that she could still save The Doctor by entering the scar herself, fracturing her existence across all of time and space, ‘copies’ of her from across the universe acting to counter the Intelligence’s influence on The Doctor’s life, ranging from helping him survive the Dalek Asylum ("Asylum of the Daleks") to recommending a particular TARDIS to the First Doctor. Although this action resulted in the Intelligence being dispersed throughout history and eradicated, Clara was rescued when The Doctor entered the scar tissue himself, tracking Clara to the heart of his timestream where she was surrounded by his past selves and drawing her back to him in the present.

Book- The Abominable Snowmen
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Book- The Web of Fear
Original Target Cover
Book - Millennial Rites
Millennial Rites
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Book - Downtime
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