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Blood Harvest
by Terrance Dicks
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Book - Blood Harvest
Blood Harvest
(Terrance Dicks)
On the Back Cover:

 'Doc's peddling bootleg liquor in an illegal speakeasy. You're carrying a gun for him, Ace - which makes you no better than any other gun-moll.'

 Dekker is a private eye; an honest one. But when Al Capone hires him to investigate a new joint called 'Doc's', he knows this is one job he can't refuse. And just why are The Doctor and Ace selling illegal booze in a town full of murderous gangsters?

 Meanwhile, Bernice has been abandoned on a vampire-infested planet outside normal space. There she meets a mysterious stranger called Romanadvoratrelundar - and discovers an ancient and malevolent power, linking 1929 Chicago with a lair of immortal evil.

 The consequences of this story are inextricably linked to events in The Doctor's past.

  • An original novel featuring the Seventh Doctor, Ace, Bernice Summerfield and 2nd Romana.
  • This storyline is concluded in the Missing Adventures story "Goth Opera" by Paul Cornell.
  • Cover illustration by Bill Donohoe
  • Released: July 1994
  • Publisher: Doctor Who Books an imprint of Virgin Publishing Ltd
  • ISBN: 0-426-20417-4
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