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Audio - The Ratings War

The Ratings War
(Steve Lyons)

 Like "Last of the Titans", which was specially written and recorded for the release of the first Eighth Doctor audio adventure from Big Finish Productions "Storm Warning", Big Finish Productions and The Doctor Who Magazine have joined forces again to release this second special free CD with Doctor Who Magazine Issue 313, which was released on 10th January 2002.

Sixth Doctor
Sixth Doctor
 This second cover-mounted unique CD features the first episode of "Invaders from Mars" and an exclusive new story titled "The Ratings War" written by Steve Lyons.

 Starring Colin Baker, as the Sixth Doctor, this specially commissioned 34 minute story also sees the Big Finish debut of Beep the Meep. Beep first appeared in the comic strip "The Star Beast" in issue 19 of The Doctor Who Weekly. He returned to plague The Doctor in the 1996 Doctor Who Year book and again in The Doctor Who Magazine's 20th anniversary strip "TV Action!"

 "The Ratings War" also stars Toby Longworth as Beep the Meep, Robert Jezek as Roger Lowell, Alistair Lock as Robbie McHale and Jane Goddard as Lucy.

Beep the Meep
Beep the Meep
 The Sixth Doctor is very concerned about what is happening when a television station's new policy to attract viewers. While visiting the Controller of Programmes unannounced, to complain about the downturn in the quality of the station's output The Doctor at first mistakes one of his oldest enemy as a beanbag. But he soon realises that the Controller of Programmes is infact in a hypnotic trance, caused by Black Star radiation, and under the influence of non-other than Beep the Meep!

Doctor Who Magazine - Issue 313
Doctor Who Magazine
(Issue 313)
 But why is a psychotic, sadistic war criminal about to have the premiere of a new children's show called "Beep and Friends"? What is Beep's evil scheme that will reach 80 percent of the viewing population that involves the 'fluffy-wuffy animals'? and why is he so keen to transmit subliminal pictures that will enslave the population and turn those watching his programme into killing machines?

 The Doctor has an up hill battle to convince the station's authorities that Beep is not to be trusted especially when Beep's sweet and innocent character can be so appealing. As The Doctor in desperation announces: 'You don't understand! That sweet furry little creature is a sadistic maniac!'

 The Doctor is in a race against time to stop an old enemy with his very sadistic transmission ideas for its viewers. The Doctor though has a few tricks up his sleeve to defeat Beep's plans. But even The Doctor may not be in time to stop the transmission even with the use of Beep's own laser pistol to destroy the transmission console.

 Will the battle for the Ratings War be even too much for he Doctor to deal with despite The Doctor's subterfuge?

Important Information
 After listening to the first episode of "Invaders from Mars" carry on listening because 4 minutes after this episode you will find an outtake from the recording of this story, some rantings from Beep and also "Beep's Song" which despite the gruesome lyrics is rather infectious.

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  • Featuring the Sixth Doctor.
  • Serial Number: None
  • Number of Episodes: 1
  • Cover Length: 62 minutes
  • Episode Length: 1 = 34'08"
  • This story takes place after "The Trial of a Time Lord".
  • Cover illustration is a photo montage
  • Recorded: Unknown
  • Released: January 2002

On the Back Cover:

 Beep the Meep is back - and he's found a new channel for his aggression! A brand new series is about to make television history but can The Doctor prevent his furry foe from turning a docu-drama into a crisis, or will the fluffy-wuffy animals get it in the neck? The first shots in the ratings war have been fired and the next one is aimed at your head...

Full Cast List:

Part One
The Doctor Colin Baker
Beep the Meep Toby Longworth
Roger Lowell Robert Jezek
Robbie McHale Alistair Lock
Lucy Jane Goddard

The Production Team:

Writer Steve Lyons
Director Gary Russell
Sound/Music David Darlington
Beep's Song Alistair Lock
Theme Music Unknown
Producers Jason Haigh-Ellery and
Gary Russell
Executive Producer for the BBC Jaqueline Rayner
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