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  "Many have tried to kill The Doctor. All have failed. You are attempting that which many reasonably consider to be impossible."  

Audio - Her Final Flight
Her Final Flight
(Lloyd Rose)
 In December 2004 Big Finish Productions released another exclusive story for subscribers to their Doctor Who audio range. Titled "Her Final Flight" this two part story has been written by Julian Shortman and features Colin Baker, as the Sixth Doctor, and Nicola Bryant, as his companion Peri.

 This story is the first to be commissioned from the Big Finish’s open submissions policy and is a single CD release that was given free of charge only to subscribers along with the release of "The Next Life". It has been directed by Gary Russell and was recorded on the 16th September 2004.

 Also starring are: Steven Bugdale, Jonathan Owen, Heather Tracy and Conrad Westmaas (who recently is better known for his role as C’rizz in the Eighth Doctor audio stories).

 Look out for an unusual addition to the post-production of this story - in the form of a choir!

Audio - The Next Life
The Next Life
(Alan Barnes and Gary Russell)
 Big Finish Productions realised that early versions of the script suggested that scene 9 could be enhanced with four-part unaccompanied chants, but these were cut with the realisation that they would be difficult to record. That was until Julian Harris kindly offered the services of his highly acclaimed choir, the St. James’s Singers, to record the chants for this production.

 Thanks to the generosity of Julian Harris, the St. James’s Singers, and Bob Burnell (with SNP Productions), the chants were recorded on Wednesday, 6th October. The chants were especially composed by Julian Shortman, and were passed on to David Darlington, to integrate them with his post-production work for the story.

 When The Doctor lands on Refiloe, with intention of staying no more than just a few minutes, he is far from impressed with the religious based sub-Medieval society. But someone, whose future depends on The Doctor's death, has decided that the TARDIS has made her very last flight.

 At first The Doctor is travelling alone - until that is he wakes up to find that Peri is with him. But how can this be as the last time he saw Peri was on Thoros-Beta? Also the Peri who is with him now on Refiloe is an older and wiser person than the one he was forced to leave behind so that she could marry King Ycarnos.



 So what is going on and how can Peri really be so blasé about meeting the man who was responsible, even though indirectly, for the course her life has taken since they parted twenty years previously? And what has happened to the TARDIS? A shock awaits The Doctor when he and Peri finally manage to enter the Refiloe’s temple where the TARDIS is being held.

 Caught up in the religious devotion to their goddess leads the citizens of Refiloe unwittingly to their demise and in doing so ultimately lures The Doctor and Peri into danger. But out of the two of them it is The Doctor who is in the gravest danger due to those who wish to see him dead.

 With the TARDIS damaged and leaking deadly Cromon radiation it is not only the villages who are becoming ill and dying. The Doctor is in a race against time to find a cure to save not only all the citizens of Refiloe but also the life of Peri, who he has sworn to protect to make amends for his previous mistake on Thoros-Beta, and to recover the use of his TARDIS.

 But a trap awaits The Doctor. One that could ultimately lead to his own demise as he eventually realises that he is the target of a paid assassin out to kill him using some kind of device that induces hallucinogenic visions. But who is the mysterious Agent who has set everything up? But neither the TARDIS or The Doctor are in any fit state to find out.
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  • Featuring the Sixth Doctor and Peri.
  • Number of Episodes: 2
  • Cover Length: 75 minutes
  • Episode Lengths: 1 = 37'43", 2 = 36'03
  • Total Story Length: 73'46"
  • This story takes place between "The Trial of a Time Lord" and "Time and the Rani".
  • Cover Illustration by Stuart Manning
  • Recorded: 16th September and 6th October 2004
  • Recording Location: The Moat Studios
  • Released: December 2004
  • ISBN: 1-84435-113-0

On the Back Cover:

 When The Doctor lands on Refiloe, he's not impressed.

 In fact, he doesn't intend to stay for more than just a few minutes.

 But someone has decided that the TARDIS has made her final flight.

 Someone whose future depends on The Doctor's death.

Full Cast List:

The Doctor Colin Baker
Peri Nicola Bryant
The Agent Steven Bugdale
Hamiyun Jonathan Owen
Rashaa Heather Tracy
Damus Conrad Westmaas
Choir Chants St James's Singers
conducted by Julian Harris

The Production Team:

Writer Robert Shearman
Director Gary Russell
Sound/Music David Darlington
Theme Music Mark Ayres
Producers Gary Russell and
Jason Haigh-Ellery
Executive Producer for the BBC Jaqueline Rayner
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