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Book - Father Time
Father Time
(Lance Parkin)
 Name: Miranda

 Format: Book.

 Time of Origin: Distant future; met The Doctor in 1980s Earth

 Appearances: "Father Time", "Sometime Never...", flashback sequence in "The Gallifrey Chronicles".

 Doctor: Eighth Doctor, technically an alternate First Doctor.

 Companions: Fitz Kreiner, Trix MacMillan, and technically an alternate Susan.

 History: In many ways, Miranda does not qualify as a companion of The Doctor, as she never even entered the TARDIS , much less travel in time in his company. However, she has a connection to him that possibly could only be surpassed by Susan, The Doctor's very first companion, so in that regard, she definitely merits a place on this web site.

 Originally, Miranda comes from the far, far, far future, and was the daughter of the rulers of that time - who, incidentally, are rumoured to be connected to the surviving Time Lords from after the events of 'The Ancestor Cell' and the Eighth Doctor's fatal encounter with Faction Paradox. At this point in history, the surviving Time Lords had somehow triggered a cataclysm that left whole galaxies uninhabitable, then establishing a tyrannical empire ruled by an Imperial Family, until an uprising killed the entire Family baring their baby daughter, who was taken back to the twentieth century by her bodyguard and nurse. Zevron, the leader of a group called Faction Klade in this time (Is the anagram a coincidence?) became Prefect of this order, and began a search across all of Time and Space to find the last survivors, eventually tracking Miranda to the early 1980s.

Book - The Gallifrey Chronicles
The Gallifrey Chronicles
(Lance Parkin)
However, what Zevron wasn't bargaining on was encountering The Doctor, currently nearing the end of his century-long amnesic exile on Earth, who met Miranda after he attended a meeting of her school's chess club following a meeting with her teacher, Debbie Castle. With her aid, The Doctor tracked a couple of hunters dispatched to catch Miranda, and confronted Zevron, refusing to let him kill an innocent child, despite Zevron's belief that Miranda was genetically predisposed to be a monster. Although Zevron managed to kill Miranda's 'parents', The Doctor was able to keep him occupied long enough for Debbie's husband Barry to take Zevron's gun and shoot him in the head, although Barry's mind was then destroyed by a mind-eater. Adpoting Miranda, The Doctor made a living as a freelance business consultant to give her the best chances possible in life, managing to give her a normal life for six years after the accident (Despite a brief encounter with an artifical alien Network that was trying to turn Earth into part of its system via hi-tech mobile phones at Miranda's school (Flashback in "The Gallifrey Chronicles")).

 Then, of course, Zevron's younger brother Ferran showed up when Miranda was sixteen, and things went from bad to worse. At first Ferran tried to kill her, but then he fell in love with her and wanted her to marry him. However, she was unable to accept everything Ferran told her, giving The Doctor time to send him back to his own time via a recall bracelet, but Miranda then shot Ferran's second-in-command after he told her she was evil through and through, and only his death would stop him hunting her. Shaken, Miranda fled, and wandered the globe for a few years until Ferran tracked her down thanks to a film made by a man she slept with of odd events in his life (Including his night with her), taking her on board his ship, the Supremacy, and introducing her to his second, Cate - an android clone of Miranda.

 However, Ferran no longer loved Miranda; he needed her genetic codes to access the databanks in the future, and regarded her as merely property. He tried to convince Miranda that the strong always conquered the weak, but The Doctor's teachings had convinced Miranda that the Universe didn't work that way, and managed to convince Cate to help her while Ferran confronted The Doctor over a monitor, The Doctor having hitched a lift on a space shuttle, the Atlantis, to get to Miranda. Ferran thought the ship was impregnable - even if it rammed the Supremacy, the Atlantis wouldn't even scratch it - but The Doctor mimicked Ferran's voice over the intercom and had the ship's computer shut down all security systems until they could board. While The Doctor confronted Ferran, Miranda freed the ship's slaves and triggered a revolution against the guards, many of whom joined her side anyway; barely ten minutes passed before the revolution was well underway, proving that Miranda was The Doctor's daughter.

Having repaired damage done to the ship's engines in the fighting, Miranda and Ferran came to an understanding. Miranda was the supreme ruler of the Universe, and thus she had the power to declare that there would be no more rulers. There would be anarchy, and everyone will be free. No-one would be forced to fight beside them, but if they chose to do so, they could stand united against the evils of their own time, and make a better future together. With this done, Miranda asked The Doctor to come with her, but he declined, knowing she could handle the job on her own; besides, he was so close to his appointment with Fitz in the year 2001 that it would feel like cheating to just leave like that. Besides, he was sure Miranda could cope...

Book - Sometime Never...
Sometime Never...
(Justin Richards)
And she did. In her time in the future, Miranda brought peace and stability to the universe, even finding time to have a daughter, Zezanne, although Zezanne's father died. Miranda eventually met The Doctor again as he battled the mysterious Council of Eight, with the aid of their ex-agent Sabbath. While The Doctor and his current companions, Fitz Krienier and Trix MacMillan, were fleeing a time agent, The Doctor having accidentally dragged Miranda and Zezanne into the British Museum while tackling a strange glass skeleton. Their odd little group was then captured by one of the Council, Octan, the leader, and taken to the Council's station. As Octan took Sabbath's ship, the Jonah, to the station, Miranda told The Doctor that she had lived a full life and had successfully united the factions of the far future, ensuring peace in her time. She insisted that if The Doctor was forced to choose between her life and the safety of the Universe, he must choose the Universe - as The Doctor himself would have done if the situations were reversed. In a confrontation with Octan, The Doctor nearly broke his word to Miranda, but, refusing to let him break his word, grabbed her hourglass (The Council's space station created hourglasses to provide artificial Time for the inhabitants of the station to survive in the Vortex) and smashed it, causing her to age to death instantly, her last words being 'I love you too, Father'.

In the resulting chaos as Sabbath shot himself, Zezanne fled the station with Soul, one of the Council, in the shape-shifting Jonah, unaware that their hourglasses had become slightly cracked before their departure. As a result, neither could recall quite what happened to them; however, having taken on some of The Doctor's life essence to gain strength to restore the multiverse, Soul was reasonably certain that he was The Doctor - albeit a very elderly Doctor - and Zezanne thus regarded him as her grandfather. The Jonah materialised, blending in with its surroundings for the first and last time, as a Metropolitan police box in a London junkyard in the year 1963. In one of the newly-restored countless alternate universes, waiting at the end of a lane at the start of a long journey, Soul and Zezanne created, for the universe that was now their new home, the legend that would begin with the First Doctor and Susan...
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