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General Details

Issue Number: 1993 Summer Special
Magazine Type: Doctor Who Magazine Special
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Editor: Gary Russell
Cover Date: 1993
Number of Covers: 1
Free Gift: Poster (Remembrance of the Daleks)
Doctor Who Magazine Special: 1993 Summer Special - Cover 1
Doctor Who Magazine Special: 1993 Summer Special

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Magazine Contents

DrawingA Dalek and a Monoid
IntroductionZ Insli!
ArticleThey Can't See Red - and Other Fascinating Facts About The Daleks!
ArticleWhat the Papers Said
ArchivesArchive Feature Serial 7H Rememberance of the Daleks
Fact FileRememberance of the Daleks
Comic StripBringer of Darkness - Part 1 B&W, Story: Warwick Gray, Art: Martin Geraghty, Editor: Gary Russell, Featuring: The Second Doctor, Jamie McCrimmon and Victoria Waterfield, The Daleks
ArticleWriting Who Ben Aaronvitch
ArchivesArchive Feature Serial R The Chase

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