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General Details

Issue Number: 1992 Winter Special
Magazine Type: Doctor Who Magazine Special
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Editor: Gary Russell
Cover Date: 1992
Number of Covers: 1
Free Gift: Poster (First Doctor and Seventh Doctor Gallifrey)
Doctor Who Magazine Special: 1992 Winter Special - Cover 1
Doctor Who Magazine Special: 1992 Winter Special

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Magazine Contents

DrawingThe Sontarans
ArticleEverything You Wanted to Know About Gallifrey…
ArticleThe Master
PhotoThe Three Doctors
ArticleThe Rani
PhotoFour Doctors From The Five Doctors
FactsThe Gallifreyans
Story/Episode GuideThe Time Lord and Gallifrey Serials
ArchivesArchive Feature Serial 4Z The Invasion of Time
Fact FileThe Invasion of Time
Comic StripFlashback - Part 1 B&W, Story: Warwick Gray, Art: John Ridgeway, Editor: Gary Russell, Featuring: The First and Seventh Doctor, Bernice Summerfield
ArticleWriting Who Terrance Dicks, Anthony Read and Johnny Bryne
ArchivesArchive Feature Serial 7C The Ultimate Foe
Fact FileThe Ultimate Foe
FactsQuotes From The Doctor

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