The Best Doctor - 2023 Poll

Who is your favourite Doctor?

Doctor Votes Percentage

William Hartnell323 votes19.41%
Patrick Troughton352 votes21.15%
Jon Pertwee416 votes25.00%Top Doctor
Tom Baker223 votes13.40%
Peter Davison45 votes2.70%
Colin Baker52 votes3.13%
Sylvester McCoy50 votes3.00%
Paul McGann47 votes2.82%
Christopher Eccleston33 votes1.98%
David Tennant31 votes1.86%
Matt Smith53 votes3.19%
Peter Capaldi2 votes0.12%
Jodie Whittaker37 votes2.22%

Total number of votes: 1,664

Date of Last Vote: 10 December 2023

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