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The Monoids
Video - The Ark
The Ark (DVD)
 Name: The Monoids

 Format: Television show

 Time of Origin:The Ark, far future.

 Appearances: "The Ark"

 Doctors: First Doctor

 Companions: Steven Taylor and Dodo Chaplet

 History: While the Monoids first appeared as humanity’s apparently willing servants after Earth was rendered virtually uninhabitable, they went on to become a significant threat to mankind. Unable to communicate on their own, the one-eyed, green-skinned Monoids, who had come to Earth after their own planet had died, relied on hand signals and specially-designed collars to communicate with humans, serving humanity as the survivors of Earth’s apparent destruction travelled on through space on the Ark, a vast spaceship containing various examples of plant and animal life from Earth that could be used to develop their new world of Refusis II at the end of their journey.

Video - The Ark
The Ark (VHS)
 During his first encounter with the Monoids, The Doctor was actually the accidental instigator of the threat they faced; having arrived on the Ark, the First Doctor, Steven Taylor and Dodo Chaplet accidentally contaminated the locals with Dodo’s cold, a disease that the future humans had long ago wiped out and therefore had no defence against. Although The Doctor and his companions were put on trial when some of the crew believed that the infection was deliberate after the death of the first Monoid infected, the Ark’s Commander was able to convince his crew to stand down and give The Doctor and his companions a chance to find a cure for the illness, the TARDIS crew subsequently departing.

 However, for reasons unknown, the TARDIS’s next destination after it departed from the Ark was the other end of the Ark’s journey, seven hundred years in the future, at which point the Monoids had taken control of the ship, exploiting a genetic weakness that they had inserted into the human genome while releasing the cure for the cold virus. With most of the humans lacking any real belief that things would change, Steven’s initial attempt to mount a revolution was unsuccessful, but the TARDIS crew gained a new chance when The Doctor and Dodo were forced to accompany the Monoids on an expedition down to Refusis.

 Learning that the Refusians were naturally invisible after a solar flare had occurred some time ago, The Doctor was able to gain valuable allies against the Monoids when it was revealed that the Refusians would only share their planet with a peaceful race and the Monoids had no intention of letting humanity join them on this new world. With the destruction of the first landing pod serving as a catalyst to ignite dissent among the Monoids between those who wanted to settle instantly and those who wanted to take their time and confirm the planet’s safety, The Doctor, Dodo and a Refusian were able to return to the Ark and reveal the truth about the situation to the humans. Having disposed of the bomb that would have destroyed the Ark, the humans agreed to work with the Refusians to begin a new life for themselves on Earth, both races agreeing to let the Monoids who had survived the recent civil war live with them if they agreed to live in peace.
The Ark
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