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The Collector
The Collector
The Collector
 Name: The Collector

 Format: Television show

 Time of Origin: Originally from Usurius, but encountered The Doctor on Pluto, apparently far future.

 Appearances: "The Sun Makers"

 Doctors: Fourth Doctor

 Companions: Leela and K9

 History: The Collector is easily one of the most self-centred, sadistic individuals The Doctor has ever encountered. Originating from the planet Usurius, the Collector’s natural state resembled a ‘lump of seaweed with eyes’, but use of particle radiation allows them to assume human form for long periods of time, suggesting at some basic shape-shifting ability. Full details of Usurian physiology are otherwise unknown, but the Collector stated on one occasion that he didn’t breathe air, suggesting that he drew energy from the container in his chair or some other form of sustenance.

Video - The Sun Makers
The Sun Makers
 Regarding economic power as more effective than military conquest, the Usurians operated a vast Company, establishing a work force in various areas of the galaxy to earn a profit for future property expansion; they are apparently even aware of Gallifrey and the Time Lords, but Gallifrey has long been ruled as economically non-viable and has been ignored by them. This policy eventually brought them to Earth in the distant future - most likely after one of Earth’s Empires had collapsed, given humanity’s implied lack of effective space flight - where they offered to relocate the population of the currently-dying Earth to Mars in exchange for humanity becoming a labour force, taxing the population to recover the losses caused by the original relocation. After Mars had been drained of all its potential material value, humanity was once again relocated to Pluto - the intervening four planets not being regarded as viable for the Company’s purposes - subsequently creating six artificial suns to supply Pluto with constant light and warmth, making it environmentally similar to Earth.

 By this point the Company’s business deals on Pluto were controlled by the Collector, who assumed the physical form of a small bald man in a grey suit, constantly remaining in a chair that generated the particle radiation he required to maintain human form and guarded by his Inner Retinue of soldiers (It is unclear whether he had been in charge of this branch since the beginning or had replaced a previous Collecter; no reference was made to the Usurian life span), with various Gatherers collecting taxes from the people in other parts of the city. In order to insure his control, the Collector introduced a gas known as Pintho Cylimic Mentholhydrate - known as PCM for short - into the planet’s atmosphere via the oxygen production plants, inducing a low level of fear into the general population which prevented them from rebelling against the Company, although a small amount of the population retreated underground after they were unable to keep up with demand where the PCM contamination was relatively low.

On a personal level, the Collector was very sadistic individual, enjoying the ‘Steaming’ executions - which featured the people being executed being steamed to death - because of the wide range of screams and pain that resulted, and displaying little regard even for his own Inner Retinue; during the revolution triggered by The Doctor, he decided to return to his headquarters on the grounds that he would be shielded by the bodies of the Inner Retinue. As was to be expected from an economically-minded being like a Usurian, the Collector was constantly consumed by thought of profit; he regarded a 0.047% drop in production as ‘acceptable’ when he believed that he would witness Leela’s tortured demise, but after Leela was rescued by The Doctor he immediately ordered all work-units to work double shifts to make up for the decline (The Collector was also regularly addressed by titles such as ‘Hugeness’ and ‘Enormity’ by Gatherer Hade despite his small size, but it was never clear whether this was because he himself desire to be addressed as such or was simply Hade attempting to flatter him).

Video - The Sun Makers
The Sun Makers
(VHS Release)
 The Collector’s control of humanity situation continued until the Fourth Doctor, Leela and K9 arrived on Pluto, the TARDIS crew swiftly befriending a young man called Cordo who had recently discovered himself unable to pay the necessary taxes for his father’s funeral. Forcibly recruited into the underground rebels, The Doctor was sent to acquire some money with a stolen cash card, only to be taken to the ‘Correction Centre’, where he befriended a fellow prisoner called Bisham, a former Executive worker in chemical distribution who told him about the PCM. Fortunately, due to Gatherer Hade believing that The Doctor was part of a conspiracy amongst the local miners and trying to identify his co-conspirators, The Doctor and Bisham were able to escape the centre.

 Resolving to bring down the Company, The Doctor led Leela, K9, Bisham, Cordo and Mandrell - the leader of the underground group - to the central control chamber for the PCM, intending to shut down the PCM production while the rest of the underground rallied the people of the city in revolution. With the Collector otherwise occupied, The Doctor and Leela subsequently broke into the Collector’s headquarters, The Doctor delivering a public broadcast stating that there had been a successful revolution to gain more support for the people before he confronted the Collector to learn the true nature of his species... as well as establishing that the Company intended to abandon humanity to die after Pluto had run out of resources, humans having proven to be a more troublesome labour force than they were worth.

The Collector Reverts To His Natural Form
The Collector Reverts To His Natural Form
 As Leela quickly disarmed the last of the Collector’s guards, the Collector, unable to cope with the way events had increasingly spiralled out of his control, turned his attention back to the tax rates fed out by his computer, unaware that The Doctor had fed a two percent growth tax into the computers prior to his arrival, triggering the economic collapse of the entire Company. Unable to cope with the loss of profit that would result from this catastrophe, the Collecter reverted back to his natural form and retreated into his chair, Cordo subsequently blocking it with a cork that The Doctor provided. The Company defeated, The Doctor, Leela and K9 departed, The Doctor encouraging humanity to return to the Earth that would have assuredly regenerated during the centuries humanity had been away.

 To date the Usurians have yet to return for a full-time adventure; although a brief reference was made to the Sixth Doctor having just defeated a Usurian attempt to destabilise the world economy with the aid of The Master at the beginning of "Business Unusual", their intention being to defraud Dow-Jones of $68 million and reduce the contents of Fort Knox to dust, the full details of this encounter are unknown.
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