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The Borad
Video - Timelash - DVD
Timelash - DVD
 Name: The Borad, original name Megelen

 Format: Television show and Book

 Time of Origin: Karfel, apparently in the far future; died in Scotland in the twelfth century.

 Appearances: "Timelash" and appeared briefly in "The Taking of Planet 5"

 Doctors: Sixth Doctor, unreleased encounter with the Third Doctor

 Companions: Peri Brown, unreleased encounter with Jo Grant and (The evidence suggests) Captain Mike Yates

 History: The Borad is unique among The Doctor’s villains in that, although he encountered The Doctor twice, we have only witnessed the second encounter The Doctor had with him. While the precise details of The Doctor’s first encounter with the Borad have never been seen, it is known that The Doctor originally encountered the Borad in his third incarnation - apparently while travelling with Jo Grant and Captain Mike Yates, due to reference being made to The Doctor having more than one companion on his first visit during his second one and The Doctor’s original plan to take Jo and Mike to Karfel in "Speed of Flight" - when the Borad was a scientist named Magellan. Although The Doctor initially befriended Magellan - the two becoming so close that The Doctor actually told Magellan about his ability to regenerate - he eventually betrayed Magellan to Karfel’s ‘Inner Sanctum’ - presumably a ruling body of some kind - after discovering that Magellan was carrying out unethical experiments on the dinosaur-like creatures known as the Morlox, who dwelt in Karfel’s underground tunnels.

Video - Timelash - VHS
Timelash - VHS
 Somehow escaping the Sanctum’s judgement - it was never revealed whether he simply served his sentence or somehow managed to escape punishment - Magellan continued his experiments with the Morlox, only for things to go drastically wrong when an experiment involving Mustakozene-80 and a Morlox resulted in Magellan and Morlox undergoing spontaneous tissue amalgamation, combining Magellan and the Morlox into a single being. Although this combination granted Magellan enhanced strength, longevity and intellect - the extent of this last was never made clear as we have never seen how intelligent he was before the amalgamation occurred - Magellan grew to loath his new, mangled appearance, hiding away from the people of Karfel and ordering all reflective surfaces to be covered up as he established himself as the ruler of the planet. He even had an image of The Doctor concealed, banning all official record of The Doctor’s visit from public access, with only some rumours and the occasional relic - such as a picture of Jo Grant in a locket that had been given to a Karfelian - remaining as mementos of The Doctor’s presence.

 Using the image of a dignified old man to communicate with his subjects, the now-renamed Borad established a subtle yet significant wave of terror across Karfel, using various androids to enforce his orders, with rebels either being executed or sentenced via Timelash - a time corridor - to banishment on Earth in twelfth-century Scotland (Where Karfel was in relation to Earth’s history at this time was never specified). On a more long-term note, the Borad also manipulated events to cause a breakdown in relations between Karfel and the planet’s former allies the Bandrils, the Borad rescinding the grain supply treaty which had underpinned the relationship between the two civilizations to provoke war, knowing that the Bandrils’ use of bendalypse warheads would wipe out all the Karfelons but leave the Morloxes and the Borad alive, allowing him to rebuild his planet’s civilisation.

The Borad’s schemes eventually drew The Doctor back to Karfel when the Sixth Doctor and Peri accidentally ‘ran into’ the Timelash just as Vena, a young woman whose father had just been executed by the Borad and whose lover was about to be sent to the Timelash, fell into the Timelash by accident, the presence of the TARDIS in the time corridor deflecting the Timelash from its usual destination so that Vena arrived in Scotland in the late 1800s. Tracking the corridor to Karfel to investigate, The Doctor was horrified to learn what had happened to the planet that he had last visited, but was forced to help the Maylin Tekker - the Borad’s ‘official’ second in command, although in the end he was more of a figurehead than anything else - recover Vena when Peri was threatened, Vena having stolen an amulet that the Borad required for his plan to succeed.

Book - The Taking Of Planet 5
The Taking Of Planet 5
(Simon Bucher-Jones & Mark Clapham)
 While The Doctor travelled to Earth to recover Vena, the Borad, observing Peri, concluded that she possessed the necessary strength of spirit to serve as his mate, abducting her and attempting to expose her to the same conditions that had triggered his own mutation. Fortunately, having returned to Karfel, The Doctor was able to use the Kontron Crystals that served as the Timelash’s power source as a weapon, using them to absorb energy fired at them and subsequently deflect it back at its source. Thus armed, The Doctor confronted the Borad, recognising his old acquaintance and learning of his plans before deflecting a beam back at the Borad that aged him to death.

 Although The Doctor was able to negotiate peace with the Bandrils by using his current status as President of Gallifrey - having been officially appointed to the role in "The Five Doctors" - the Borad, still alive - The Doctor having killed a clone earlier - attempted to threaten The Doctor and the rebels into abducting the Bandril delegation when they came to Karfel by threatening Peri, still determined to mutate her into his bride. However, The Doctor mocked the Borad’s actions, taunting him with his fear of rejection; not only had he hidden away from the people of Karfel for decades, but even as he threatened to mutate Peri he refused to allow her to see him before she had transformed herself, knowing that she would always find him repulsive even if she physically resembled him. Breaking a picture of his third incarnation to reveal a mirror to the Borad, The Doctor mocked his enemy’s rejection by society as the Borad screamed in rage and pain at the sight of himself, subsequently hurling the Borad into the Timelash.

 Although The Doctor presumed that the Borad would become the inspiration for some of the tales of the Loch Ness Monster, it was revealed in the later novel "The Taking of Planet 5" that the Borad, upon his arrival, was immediately killed by agents of the Celestis - Time Lords who had literally ‘cut’ themselves out of the entire universe to escape the Future War between the Time Lords and an initially unrevealed Enemy - eliminating temporal anomalies on Earth while investigating recent Time Lord activity on the planet.
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