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The Colony of Lies
by Colin Brake
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Book - The Colony of Lies
The Colony of Lies
(Colin Brake)
On the Back Cover:

 According to popular legend, the great humanitarian Stewart Ransom founded the Independent Earth Colony on Axista Four in the year 2439, but the truth is not as neat and simple as the legend would suggest...

 The year is 2539. Arriving on Axista Four The Doctor, Zoe and Jamie find the colony in a state of chaos. A breakaway group of colonists - the 'realists' - has abandoned Ransome's Back to Basics ideals and is creating a new high-tech settlement. The 'Loyalists' who remain are dwindling in number and face total extinction. But the Realists are staging raids on the wreck of the colony ship; and in a secret underground bunker mysterious aliens who claim to be the planet's first colonists are beginning to awake.

 The Doctor is asked to help revive Ransom's daughter, Kirann, from cryogenic suspension in the hope that she will reunite the colony. But Kirann is more interested in other questions. Who are the dog-like aliens who call themselves Tyrenians? What is the secret agenda of the sinister Federation Administraor Greene? And what really happened when the Colony Ship crash-landed on Axista Four one hundred years earlier?

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