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No Future
by Paul Cornell
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Book - No Future
No Future
(Paul Cornell)
On the Back Cover:

 'This time, anarchy's real. There are power cuts and Wilson's resignation, a great upheaval of unease. But now there's real fear too. Real panic. and that's not how it's supposed to be.'

 Somebody has been toying with The Doctor's past, testing him, threatening him, leading him on a chase that has brought the TARDIS to London in 1976 - where reality has been altered once again.

 Black Star terrorists foment riots in the streets. The Queen barely escapes assassination. A fearful tension is rising. Something is going to happen. Something bad.

 Meanwhile, Benny's the lead singer in a punk band. Ace can't talk to her or The Doctor without an argument starting, so she's made murderous plans of her own. The Doctor's alone - he doesn't know who his enemy is, and even the Brigadier has disowned him.

 As usual, it's up to The Doctor to protect the world. And he can't even protect himself.

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