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Daphne Ashbrook was born in Long Beach, California, United States of America.

Television roles include an episode of Knight Rider (1984), an episode of The A-Team (1985), 4 episodes of Falcon Crest (1983 – 1988). She is best known, though for her appearance in Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (playing the part of Ensign Melora Pazlar in the 1993 episode "Melora").

Since appearing Doctor Who Daphne Ashbrook has appeared in 5 episodes of JAG (1995 – 2008), 5 episodes of The O.C. playing the pivotal recurring role of Dawn Atwood (2003 - 2006), CSI (2005), Crossing Jordan (2005), an episode of Cold Case (2007) and the 2009 film The Lodger.

She returned to Doctor Who in 2004 playing the part of Perfection in the Big Finish Productions audio play "The Next Life" with Paul McGann.
 Grave Hollaway is widely remembered among fans as The Doctor’s first recorded kiss, marking the first companion whom it was ever even hinted that The Doctor was more than just friends with, although their initial meeting left it unlikely that they would ever have that kind of relationship with each other.

The TV Movie
The TV Movie
  When The Doctor first encountered Grace, she was a heart surgeon at a San Francisco hospital, being brought in to examine the Seventh Doctor after he was shot by a gang when the TARDIS materialised in the middle of their attempts to shoot a young man called Chang Lee. Although the bullets themselves hadn’t been fatal - one hitting his shoulder and another two hitting his leg - The Doctor’s erratic heartbeat caused The Doctors operating on him to assume that there was something wrong with him, only for Grace to end up killing him during her attempt to examine him due to her unfamiliarity with Gallifreyian physiology, the anaesthetic she’d been using delaying The Doctor’s regeneration for several hours.

As Grace left the hospital the next morning, outraged by her boss’s attempts to dismiss the previous night’s events - with the Seventh Doctor’s body having ‘vanished’ her supervisor had decided to destroy the evidence - she was met by the newly-regenerated and amnesic Eighth Doctor, who attempted to ask for her assistance. Although she initially dismissed him as a madman, when The Doctor pulled out the probe that she’d been using to examine his heart the previous night Grace proved more willing to listen to him, taking him home - learning that her now-ex-boyfriend Brian had left after she vanished in the middle of a date to operate on The Doctor, taking most of his stuff - and examining his hearts and blood.

The TV Movie
The TV Movie
 Generally a warm and compassionate person, Grace had become frustrated with her life due to her inability to hold back death - the reason she became a doctor in the first place - often putting on a cold front to protect herself. However, although sceptical of The Doctor’s claims to be an alien during her time with him, she came to appreciate his eighth self’s enthusiasm for life as he recalled watching a meteor storm with his father - possibly a reference to Quences ("Lungbarrow") - as a child, even responding to his kiss when he recalled his true identity. While she resumed her original diagnosis of insanity when The Doctor realised that The Master - having stolen the body of a paramedic - had opened the Eye of Harmony with the intention of destroying Earth and stealing The Doctor’s body, dismissing him as a madman until she saw The Master in action.

Although Grace aided The Doctor in stealing a vital piece of technology needed to repair the TARDIS, subsequently helping him prepare to program the ship to undo the damage caused by opening the Eye, she was hypnotised by The Master and used against The Doctor, only throwing off The Master’s control at the last minute in time to put the TARDIS into a temporal orbit - essentially ‘freezing’ time in the moment before Earth was destroyed - allowing The Doctor to defeat his enemy, The Master falling into the Eye during the struggle. After materialising back on Earth, The Doctor offered Grace the chance to travel with him, but she declined, the two parting ways after sharing one last kiss.

The TV Movie
The TV Movie
Although Grace has never made an official return to the series, she made a brief appearance in the short story anthology "Perfect Timing" in the story "Doctor Patient Relationship: Vampire Science - Second Draft Chapter 1", the original first chapter for the novel "Vampire Science", where, after taking a trip to an alien planet with The Doctor only to be unable to help an injured alien, Grace decided to remain on Earth as she felt she could more easily make a difference there. On another occasion, The Doctor invited her for a more peaceful trip to see the sights on various worlds ("Prisoners of Time"), but despite Grace helping him deal with an alien race who had brought peace to a warring planet simply to use the local population as organ donors, she still felt that the highs and lows of The Doctor’s life were too much for her (Particularly when she was subsequently abducted by future ex-companion Adam Mitchell as part of his revenge against The Doctor). However, it was implied in "So Vile a Sin" that The Doctor’s relationship with Grace progressed significantly further in an alternate timeline, the novel featuring a reference to an alternate Doctor - created by a Nexus into alternate realities created by multiple human psis in one place - who lived in San Francisco with his wife; although neither was expressly identified, the implication that The Doctor’s wife was Grace seems obvious.

Memorable Moment
The TV Movie
The TV Movie
Although some fans would most likely remember her for causing the Seventh Doctor’s death - albeit indirectly - she is mainly remembered for the kiss she shared with the Eighth Doctor after he regained his memories, Grace even commenting during their time together ‘I finally meet the right guy and he’s from another planet!’ (Although we never expressly learned what the kiss meant for The Doctor himself)
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