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General Details

Issue Number: Movie Special
Magazine Type: Doctor Who Magazine Special
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Editor: Gary Gillatt
Cover Date: 1996
Number of Covers: 1
Free Gift: Massive Poster (The Eighth Doctor)
Doctor Who Magazine Special: Movie Special - Cover 1
Doctor Who Magazine Special: Movie Special

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Magazine Contents

ArticleDoctor Who The Story So Far…
ArticleBattling Daleks
ArticleThe Second Doctor
FactsThe Regeneration Game! Six Doctors - and How They Met Their End!
ArticleTime of Change
ArticleBack to the Future
Photo FeatureMonster Mash!
ArticleStreet War!
ArticleThe New Doctor Meet The Doctor… Paul McGann
ArticleIdentity Crisis
ArticleThe Master Meet The Master… Eric Roberts
ArticleEnter the TARDIS!
ArticleThe Main Control Room
ArticleThe Race Against Time!
ArticleDr Grace Holloway Meet Dr Grace… Daphne Ashbrook
FactsThe Time-Traveller's Guide to the Galaxy
ArticleWhat's Next for The Doctor..?

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