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General Details

Issue Number: Issue 103
Magazine Type: Doctor Who Magazine
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Editor: Cefn Ridout
Cover Date: August 1985
Number of Covers: 1
Doctor Who Magazine: Issue 103 - Cover 1
Doctor Who Magazine: Issue 103

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Magazine Contents

PhotoThe Sixth Doctor and Peri
LettersDoctor Who Letters
Mini Comic StripDoctor Who? by Tim Quinn & Dicky Howett Colour
Photo FeatureArt in Space
NewsGallifrey GuardianNews Items:-
  • No Headline - Australian News (Broadcast)
  • Radio Doctor (Audio)
  • Mini Comic StripWhat If Doctor Who Was Produced By…? Colour, Story: Tim Quinn and Dicky Howett
    FactsMatrix Data Bank
    MerchandiseOn Target
    InterviewInterview Paul Terise - Set Designer
    InterviewInterview Dinah Collin - Costume Designer
    InterviewInterview Cathy Davies - Make-up Designer
    PhotoThe Mark of the Rani
    InterviewInterview Pip and Jane Baker
    InterviewInterview Sarah Hellings
    PhotoThe Sixth Doctor
    Comic StripFun House - Part 2 B&W, Story: Max Stockbridge, Art: John Ridgeway, Editor: Cefn Ridout, Featuring: The Sixth Doctor, Frobisher

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