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General Details

Issue Number: Issue 371
Magazine Type: Doctor Who Magazine
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Editor: Clayton Hickman
Cover Date: July 2006
Number of Covers: 1
Doctor Who Magazine: Issue 371 - Cover 1
Doctor Who Magazine: Issue 371

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Magazine Contents

Editor's Letter Damn the comprehensiveness of this magazine!
NewsGallifrey GuardianNews Items:-
  • DWM Exclusive 2|entertain Announces a Host of New Releases fpr the Doctor Who DVD Range… The DVD Invasion! (Video)
  • Torchwood Continues Filming, as Doctor Who Series Two Nears Completion… The Hub of Activity (Production)
  • Craft Work (Awards)
  • Adventures 6 & 7 (Magazines)
  • Classic BBC SF on DVD (Video)
  • The Classic 1970s Card Game Returns for 2006… Trump That! (Merchandise)
  • Three New Tenth Doctor Novels Confirmed - But What of the PDA Range? Past Doctors Future? (Books)
  • Katy Manning Joins BBC Audiobooks for The Monsters on Earth Release… The Sea Devil Inside! (Audio)
  • Doctor Who Confidential (Production)
  • Cast and CrewBeyond the TARDIS
    Public ImagePublic Image
    MerchandiseComing Up (June - July 2006 and don't forget...)
    Mini Comic StripDoctor Whoah! by Baxter Colour
    ArticleDoctor Who Access All Areas: Episode 10 Love Actually
    InterviewPeter Kay That Peter Thing!
    PreviewTV Preview Episode 11: Fear Her
    ArticleScript To Screen: The Idiot's Lantern Don't Touch That Dial!
    PreviewTV Preview Episode 12 & 13: Army of Ghosts Doomsday
    Comic StripF.A.Q. - Part 3 Colour, Story: Tony Lee, Art: Mike Collins, David A. Roach and James Offredi, Editor: Clayton Hickman and Scott Gray, Featuring: The Tenth Doctor, Rose
    ArticleDoctor Who II Director's Diary Part One Welcome to Hell
    The Time TeamEpisodes 538 to 545
    After ImageNever Can Say Goodbye Episode 3: School Reunion
    After ImageFrench Kissing Episode 4: The Girl in the Fireplace
    FactsMatrix Data Bank
    SurveyOff the Shelf Award Results
    MerchandiseOff the Shelf
    MerchandiseAudio Adventures The Nowhere Place
    Production NotesGoing For Gold

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