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General Details

Issue Number: Issue 358
Magazine Type: Doctor Who Magazine
Publisher: Marvel Comics
Editor: Clayton Hickman
Cover Date: July 2005
Number of Covers: 1
Doctor Who Magazine: Issue 358 - Cover 1
Doctor Who Magazine: Issue 358

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Magazine Contents

Editor's Letter It's been a busier time than usual for us a Panini Towers over the last few months
NewsGallifrey GuardianNews Items:-
  • Billie Piper, Camille Coduri and Noel Clarke Sign Up for the Next Series… Back For Series Two! (Production)
  • David Tennant Prepares to Take Over the TARDIS Controls Doctor Ten Arrives! (Production)
  • Exclusive! Two of First Series Directors to Return! Directors Sign Up… (Production)
  • New Script Editor Joins Show, as Elwen Rowlands Departs Comings & Goings (Cast and Crew)
  • Rumours of Cuts, While DVDs Receive '12' Certificates Too Scary For Kids? (Broadcast)
  • Exclusive! Bonus Confidential Episode Set for DVD… DVD Box Set Details (Video)
  • New Books Reprinted (Books)
  • Getting Away With the Brig (Books)
  • Regenerations in Swansea (Events and Shows)
  • Shearman's Latest Comedy (General)
  • The Faceless! (Magazines)
  • Special Report The South Coast's Doctor Who Exhibition Brighton Up Your Day! (Events and Shows)
  • Story/Episode GuideDoctor Who 2006 Series
    MerchandiseComing Up (June - July 2005)
    Public ImagePublic Image
    ArticleTalking the Mickey
    ArticleDoctor Who Location Report Shaun of the Dad
    The Time TeamEpisodes 468 to 475
    ArticlePixel Perfect
    Comic StripArt Attack - Part 1 Colour, Story: Mike Collins, Art: Mike Collins, Kris Justice and Dylan Teague, Editor: Clayton Hickman and Scott Gray, Featuring: The Ninth Doctor, Rose
    ArticleDoctor Who Location Report Who's the Mummy?
    After ImageThe Long Game
    After ImageFathers Day
    SurveyDoctor Who The 2005 Season Survey
    MerchandiseFurther Adventures
    MerchandiseOff the Shelf
    Production NotesThey Know Who

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