The Best Big Finish Audio For 2019

Which is your Favourite Big Finish Audio For 2019?

Devil in the Mist0 votes0.00%
Black Thursday/Power Game0 votes0.00%
The Kamelion Empire1 vote50.00%Top Story
The Monsters of Gokroth0 votes0.00%
The Moons of Vulpana0 votes0.00%
An Alien Werewolf in London0 votes0.00%
Memories of a Tyrant0 votes0.00%
Emissary of the Daleks1 vote50.00%Top Story
Harry Houdini's War0 votes0.00%
Tartarus0 votes0.00%
Interstitial/Feast of Fear0 votes0.00%
Warzone/Conversion0 votes0.00%
Blood on Santa's Claw and Other Stories0 votes0.00%

Total number of votes: 2

Date of Last Vote: 01 January 2021

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