The Best Big Finish Audio For 2016

Which was your Favourite Big Finish Audio For 2016?

The Waters of Amsterdam0 votes0.00%
Aquitane0 votes0.00%
The Peterloo Massacre0 votes0.00%
And You Will Obey Me0 votes0.00%
Vampire of the Mind0 votes0.00%
The Two Masters0 votes0.00%
A Life of Crime0 votes0.00%
Fiesta of the Damned0 votes0.00%
Maker of Demons0 votes0.00%
The Memory Bank and Other Stories0 votes0.00%
Order of the Daleks0 votes0.00%
Absolute Power0 votes0.00%
Quicksilver1 vote100.00%Top Story

Total number of votes: 1

Date of Last Vote: 29 October 2017

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