The Best Big Finish Audio For 2012

Which was your Favourite Big Finish Audio For 2012?

The Curse of Davros5 votes16.67%
The Fourth Wall3 votes10.00%
Wirrn Isle1 vote3.33%
The Emerald Tiger3 votes10.00%
The Jupiter Conjunction0 votes0.00%
The Butcher of Brisbane4 votes13.33%
Protect and Survive10 votes33.33%Top Story
Black and White0 votes0.00%
Gods and Monsters3 votes10.00%
The Burning Prince1 vote3.33%
The Acheron Pulse0 votes0.00%
The Shadow Heart0 votes0.00%
1001 Nights0 votes0.00%

Total number of votes: 30

Date of Last Vote: 30 September 2014

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