The Best Big Finish Audio For 2007

Which was your Favourite Big Finish Audio For 2007?

Circular Time4 votes10.53%
Nocturne0 votes0.00%
Renaissance of the Daleks5 votes13.16%
I.D. and Urgent Calls2 votes5.26%
Exotron and Urban Myths0 votes0.00%
Valhalla1 vote2.63%
The Wishing Beast and The Vanity Box0 votes0.00%
Frozen Time10 votes26.32%Top Story
Son of the Dragon2 votes5.26%
1002 votes5.26%
Absolution0 votes0.00%
The Mindís Eye and Mission of the Viyrans2 votes5.26%
The Girl Who Never Was10 votes26.32%Top Story

Total number of votes: 38

Date of Last Vote: 30 October 2009

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