The Best Big Finish Audio For 2004

Which was your Favourite Big Finish Audio For 2004?

The Creed of the Kromon5 votes5.15%
The Natural History of Fear 4 votes4.12%
The Twilight Kingdom14 votes14.43%Top Story
The Axis of Insanity4 votes4.12%
Arrangements for War10 votes10.31%
The Harvest 14 votes14.43%Top Story
The Roof of the World5 votes5.15%
Medicinal Purposes14 votes14.43%Top Story
Faith Stealer11 votes11.34%
The Last 6 votes6.19%
Caerdroia4 votes4.12%
The Next Life6 votes6.19%

Total number of votes: 97

Date of Last Vote: 09 December 2006

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