The Best Big Finish Audio For 2001

Which was your Favourite Big Finish Audio For 2001?

Storm Warning7 votes7.69%
Sword of Orion8 votes8.79%
The Stones of Venice9 votes9.89%
Minuet in Hell10 votes10.99%
Loups-Garoux15 votes16.48%Top Story
Dust Breeding5 votes5.49%
Bloodtide15 votes16.48%Top Story
Project: Twilight5 votes5.49%
The Eye of the Scorpion3 votes3.30%
Colditz4 votes4.40%
Pimeval5 votes5.49%
The One Doctor5 votes5.49%

Total number of votes: 91

Date of Last Vote: 29 December 2003

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