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The Basics

Season: Season 28 (New Series 2)
Story Number: -
Production Code: -
Number of Episodes: 1
Production Dates: 2005
Studio: BBC Wales
Writer: Gareth Roberts
Director: Ashley Way
Executive Producers: Russell T Davies & Julie Gardner
Producers: Sophie Fante, Jo Pearce & Andrew Whitehouse
Editor: Jamie Marsh
Script Editor: Simon Winstone
Costume Designer: Brian Malam
Make-Up Designer: Marie Doris
Incidental Music: Murray Gold
Regular Cast: David Tennant (Tenth Doctor)
Additional Cast: Lisa Palfrey (Mum), Nicholas Beveney (Dad), Mollie Kabia (Girl), James Harris (Boy), Robin Meredeith (Grandad), Gweneth Petty (Grandma), Jimmy Vee (Graske), Roger Nott (Older Man), Ben Oliver (Urchin) and Catherine Olding (Young Woman)
Villain: Graske

The Episodes

Episodes Broadcast
Duration Viewers
In Archive
Episode One 25th December 2005 14'06"

Total Duration 14'06"
Average Viewers (millions) -


 This story is an interactive adventure, allowing viewers to become The Doctor’s companion, that was released on Christmas Day 2005 and was only accessible to BBC digital subscribers.

 "Attack of the Graske" is simply a challenge of several multiple-choice obstacles, with each having one right and several wrong answers. All lead in the same direction... except for the very last choice which decides if the viewer wins or loses.

 Being interactive the story repeated itself allowing viewers to try again as many times as they liked.

 Despite receiving a credit in the opening titles David Tennant surprisingly does not at the end.

Actor Jimmy Vee (who previously appeared as the Moxx of Balhoon) appears as the Graske.


 All episodes exist and are held in the BBC's Film and Videotape Library.

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The Plot

A Deadly Santa
Fancy a trip in the TARDIS?
 Fancy a trip in the TARDIS?

The Doctor has dropped off Rose at an ABBA concert so he’s going to need your help. After he has connected your digital remote control to his sonic screwdriver you can help him find out what’s gone awry with an ordinary family on Christmas Day.

Mum, Dad, grandma, grandad, and a little boy and girl are all in the living and dining room, going through their presents and enjoying Christmas.

Harriet Jones, The Prime Minister
The Graske
But not everything is at it seems. While eveyone is milling about the mother’s eyes briefly glow yellow and moments later an alien materialises on the dining-room table and zaps the dad with a hand-held control, replacing him with an exact duplicate whose eyes also briefly glow yellow.

You and The Doctor monitor all this on the TARDIS scanner and The Doctor identifies the alien as a Graske, one of a species that takes over planets by replacing their populations with duplicates.

It is therefore up to The Doctor, with the assistance of the viewer, to follow the Graske’s trail. This trial at first leads the TARDIS to a street in London on Christmas, 1883, where the Graske zaps another victim, and then onto Gryffoth, the Graske’s home planet.

The Doctor
There you find yourself in the chamber where the Graske stores their victim’s bodies. It seems they need to keep the originals alive in order to sustain the copies. As the Graske transfers his two latest victims into the cubicles, he spots you and opens fire but misses and the ricochet blasts open one of the cubicles and releases an angry Slitheen. This is your chance to reach the controls. But you only have time to do one of two things: reverse the settings, which will destroy the duplicates and teleport the originals back home; or use the stasis controls to freeze everything except you in place.

One leads to a happy ending where everyone is transported back home and so, back in the family house, the proper dad and mum snap back to normal and start having fun with their family. Or, if you choose to operate the stasis field, you freeze time and so everyone stays right where they are... including all of the Graske’s victims which leads to a very unhappy Christmas for our family.

Don't worry if you get it wrong. The Doctor is not angry - it is your first trip - and you can always try again... and again... and again...

The Quote of the Story

  'Fancy a trip in the TARDIS?'

The Doctor

Release Information

Format Title Release Date (UK) Code Number Cover Art Remarks

No DVD release.

In Print

Format Title Release Date (UK) Publisher Author Cover Art Remarks
No Book release.
Doctor Who Magazine Archive:  
Doctor Who In-Vision Magazine: No In-Vision release.

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The Photo Gallery

David Tennant
The Tenth Doctor

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