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Protector Glavis Judd
Book - Palace of the Red Sun
Palace of the Red Sun
(Christopher Bulis)
 Name: Protector Glavis Judd

 Format: Audio

 Time of Origin: Originated on Earth colony Zalcrossar around the 30th century; was imprisoned in an asylum on Esselven five centuries afterwards.

 Appearances: "Palace of the Red Sun"

 Doctors: Sixth Doctor

 Companions: Peri Brown

 History: Although it could be argued that Glavis Judd was not actually The Doctor’s enemy as the two men never even met, reports of his past actions left The Doctor resolved to defeat him, Judd operating in a highly ruthless manner on a scale that would make The Doctor automatically opposed to him.

 Possessing a high opinion of himself from his youth - to the point that he sometimes wondered how his parents had him -, Judd’s intellect earned him a place in the accelerated learning scheme in junior school. Although physically short, an encounter with a bully inspired Judd to train in hand-to-hand combat, his later victory over the bully in a rematch increasing his high opinion of himself. By the time he graduated, Judd was already convinced that Zalcassor’s rulers were his intellectual inferiors, and, certain that he would never achieve his ‘destiny’ by working up the corporate ladder, he enrolled in the military after studying past leaders despite the current period of peace. Quickly making an impression on his training instructor when he defeated the other man in a long fight, Judd passed basic training at the top of his muster, gaining rapid promotion due to the comparatively laid-back military officers currently active while subtly blackmailing upper-class soldiers serving because it was expected of them as he gathered the more capable officers to him.

 Judd eventually gained the opportunity to make himself a public figure when a colony on Deltor 5, a habitable moon on a gas giant in Zalcassor’s system, deposed its ruler and declared independence. With Judd having made a significant impression due to his habit of leading from the front and retaining his control in combat, he was the obvious choice to lead the army to regain control, simultaneously falsifying documents to suggest that the rebels had been more dangerous than they were. Winning the subsequent election to the post of World President by standing as the Military Party candidate, Judd set up a highly efficient anti-crime campaign that allowed him to divert more funding into the military, dismissing the multi-party system as inefficient after his second election while modifying the educational system to encourage his own views on the universe around him. With their lives slightly lacking in some freedoms but otherwise more secure than they had been, the people were increasingly willing to accept Judd, his reputation increasing when he provided himself with an enemy by manipulating the present social situation so that the rebellious elements on Gadron - a nearby planet with no strong ties to anyone else - appeared to be gaining strength while the general population suffered, beginning Judd’s efforts to bring the universe together under his ‘Protectorate’.

Perceiving his Protectorate as a means to bring justice where there had been misrule, Judd continued his expansionist efforts to subtly create problems in other worlds that he could ‘solve’ over the next few years. Judd gained a particularly interesting ‘ally’ when he made contact with Dexel Dynes, a tabloid journalist whose reputation was ruined during a treasure hunt where he briefly met the Fifth Doctor and Peri ("The Ultimate Treasure"), Dynes being unconcerned about Judd’s true motives so long as he got a good story with a charismatic central character. For Judd’s part, Dynes provided Judd with an unaffiliated press officer he could use to gain insight into how others perceived him - as well as obviously shaping the public perception of the Protectorate - while also giving him valuable insight into Dynes’s corner of the galaxy when the time came for him to conquer them as well. While observed by Dynes, Judd’s expansion was forcibly put on hold when he attempted to 'liberate' the planet of Esselven and the rulers departed before he could capture them, leaving him facing the problem of a safe containing all of the information necessary to successfully run the planet, such as computer codes and trading agreements; the safe was genetically encoded so that it would only open to members of the royal family, and would explode if subjected to any attempts to force it open.

 While Judd searched for the Esselven royals - although he attempted to transfer the blame for the social situation on Esselven on to them -, they retreated to a pleasure planet that had been created several years back, and began attempts to reinforce the shielding that surrounded the world. Unfortunately, the planet was already an unusually dense planet orbiting a white dwarf star, the intense gravity already significant distorting time and space in the area, and their attempts to enhance the shield resulted in time being the shield flowing five hundred times faster than it did outside. The strain of this power caused the nuclear reactor in the Winter Palace to melt down, and although the engineers shut down the Summer Palace’s reactor in time they were all exposed to massive doses of radiation in the process. The family retreated to the woods until the radiation decayed to a safe level, but the damage to the systems had corrupted their robot servants’ programming, causing them to drive their masters away when they tried to return. The resulting glitches in the computer network caused an interactive drama called The Princess of Aldemaar - a historic romance where characters were portrayed by holograms - to begin playing in an infinite loop, perpetually repeating once the story had concluded. Despite the fact that the characters never even registered the robots - or, indeed, anything that didn’t connect directly with the story - the robots still loyally served the illusionary Lords as the real things, while the actual descendents of Esselven’s royal family eked out a miserable existence in the woods as ‘Scavengers’.

Eventually, around five hundred years after the original accident - which translated as being only a year outside the shield - the Sixth Doctor and Peri materialised on the planet in one of the gardens, deciding to take advantage of the opportunity to relax while the TARDIS tried to figure out their location (The temporal distortion of the field made getting an accurate lock on the planet’s coordinates difficult). While exploring their surroundings, the two of them were subsequently separated, Peri being mistaken for a scavenger while The Doctor had a narrow escape from the robot gardeners. Having each discovered allies in their attempts to learn the mystery of the world - Peri rallying a group of scavengers in an escape while The Doctor befriended a robot called Green-8 who had evolved sentience due to a malfunctioning self-repair subroutine - The Doctor and Green-8 travelled to the palace to shut down the projection system while Peri retreated to the scavengers’ village to plan her next move.

When Judd’s fleet arrived after finally tracking the Esselven royals to their final destination, he had his ships launch an all-out assault on the shield, opening a brief hole in the shield that Dynes managed to slip through in his ship, Dynes gathering some information about the current situation both through his own research and an encounter with Peri, Peri exchanging her tale of the scavengers’ oppression in exchange for Dynes’s information on Judd. With this new information, Peri subsequently headed off to the palace after disposing of Dynes’ camera, where she met up with The Doctor and Green-8, who had deactivated the holodrama and begun to coordinate the robotic defence of the palace. Researching Judd in the databanks, The Doctor vowed to end his reign of terror, and, aided by Green-8 and Oralissa - the title character in The Princess of Aldemaar who had also developed sentience over the centuries -, The Doctor managed to trick Judd and Dynes into thinking that the scavengers were also holograms before he apparently departed. When Judd attempted to analyse the palace computers to learn how to duplicate the temporal shield they had created, Oralissa transmitted a false self-destruct message, forcing Judd’s forces to depart while The Doctor, Peri, Green-8 and the scavengers returned (The Doctor having merely taken a short hop forward in the TARDIS).

 As Judd and Dynes left the shield, The Doctor quickly manipulated the shield to bring time back into sync with the rest of the galaxy, apparently resetting Esselven Minor so that time would now flow normally for it from then on, leaving Oralissa and Green-8 to help the scavengers re-educate themselves to return home. Judd and Dynes, on the other hand, found themselves transferred over five hundred years into the future, where Dynes was shocked to learn that his reporting style was hopelessly out of date and he was only potentially useful for his unique insight into the world gone by. Judd, on the other hand, returned to Esselven only to learn that it was now ruled by the apparent descendants of the Scavengers - Oralissa serving as the nanny to the royal family while Green-8 now serving as the king’s advisor -, and was informed that his Protectorate had collapsed centuries ago. Although Judd protested that the Protectorate was an efficient, productive system, King Kell 3rd noted that it still allowed some authority over others, dismissing it as a cold, heartless system, and that people needed such idiosyncrasies as royal authority in their lives even if Judd had never understood that. As a result, Judd was taken away to a mental asylum to be treated for his ‘delusions’ that he was Glavis Judd - although Greeneight and Kel implied that they were aware of his real identity and simply thought this the easiest way to deal with him -, the novel ending with Judd beginning to doubt his own identity as he was locked away. While his fate was harsh, Judd’s arrogance and self-centred belief that he alone knew what was best for everyone made his final fate as an anonymous lunatic a fitting punishment for his actions in life.
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